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China June 2012: Ford Focus in pole position for the first time

Ford Focus

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The year 2012 is the year of firsts in China: after the VW Passat in January and the Chevrolet Sail in May, a third model holds the pole position for the very first time this month: the Ford Focus with a brilliant 27,160 sales, up from #2 in May and #3 in April. It now ranks #7 year-to-date with 109,700 units. The Chevrolet Sail is down one spot to #2 with 25,380 sales, followed by 2012 year-to-date's leader the Buick Excelle at 24,009 units. Very good hold of the Chevrolet Cruze at #4, making the Top 4 models 100% American brands for the first time ever...

The Emgrand EC7 is the best-selling Chinese model for the first time

The VW Sagitar hits its highest ranking ever in China at #7 with 19,037 sales, up 8 spots on last month. Notice also the Buick Excelle XT/GT up 6 ranks to #14. As far as Chinese models are concerned, there are 6 in the Top 40 this month, led for the first time by the Emgrand EC7 at a record #20 with a best-ever 13,946 sales. It is followed by the Great Wall Haval H6 at #29, the Chery QQ at #30, the BYD F3 at #34, the FAW Xiali N3/N5 at #37 and the Chery Tiggo at #40.

Venucia D50

The low-cost battle takes a new direction this month with Nissan's Venucia D50 taking the advantage over General Motors' Baojun 630 for the first time, up 10 spots to #67 with 5,062 sales vs. #89 and 4,015. The Linian S1 is back up 15 ranks to #125 while the Ciimo Si Ming is down 28 to #163. Other good performers this month include the ChangAn Yuexiang up 51 to #57, the Honda Crosstour up 15 to #68 and the VW Touran up  55 to #71.

Shanghai Englon SC3

Further down, the ChangAn Eado breaks into the Top 100 for the very first time this month, up 32 spots to #100 with 3,650 sales, the Great Wall Haval M4 is up 10 to #102, the BMW X1 up 44 to #106, the Mercedes GLK up 28 to #119, the GAC Trumpchi GS5 up 44 to #144 and the Zotye Z300 up 19 to #179.

Chery Eastar

There are 2 newcomers in the ranking this month: the Shangai Englon SC3 lands directly #156 with 1,687 sales while the Honda Elysion ranks 189th with 740 units sold. The Chery Eastar for its part is up 66 ranks to #197 thanks to the new generation of the model now available.

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Full June 2012 Top 269 Ranking Table below.

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  1. Nick
    July 29th, 2012 at 15:30 | #1

    In china , Audi A6 L is chosen as official cars by Chinese government.Many of these 12,000 drove to china’s governments’ yards. Thanks to limited car-buying-fees, Chinese government didn’t choose Audi A8 L as their sedans. Or we may see an Audi A8 L monthly sales larger than 10,000!

    Besides, Chinese people are very much likely to buy an government car.
    these twos reasons covers much for Audi A6L’s monthly 12,000 sales.

  2. JimC
    July 14th, 2012 at 14:12 | #2

    Can anyone tell me which is the best selling Asian car brand or Japanese car brand in China?

  3. Nick
    July 14th, 2012 at 00:00 | #3

    Focus on it’s way to becoming (if not already there) the world’s best selling car. Hopefully the margin’s are strong enough on these Chinese sales to help counter Ford’s losses in Europe. The company is still on fire and making all the right moves, which is not reflected in their stock price.

    Blows my mind that top 4 selling cars in China are all American marques…Ford, Chevy, Buick, Chevy. We haven’t seen that in the US in the past 30 years. Seems the American brands marketing and products resonate more in the middle kingdom today than they do at home, and it doesn’t seem to be a statistical fluke or temporary situation, either.

  4. Rick
    July 13th, 2012 at 21:26 | #4

    Ford Focus was set to be a ‘true’ worldcar – seems it works well this time.

    Audi A6 L: who’s gonna stop that brutal, fully-loaded, high margin monster?
    Another 12.000 buyers in just 4 weeks: I am stunned!!

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