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Romania February 2011: Dacia Logan & Skoda Octavia up

The Romanian car market is up 22% in February but stays very limited at 3,238 registrations. Only four models sell more than 100 units this month and the Top 4 stays unchanged. The Dacia Logan gains 6 percentage points on January at 21% share but is still way below its 2010 level (26.2%).

The Skoda Octavia is almost 2 percentage points above its 2010 share at an excellent 7.5% and 243 sales. The Dacia Duster seems to have found its place on the podium, 3rd again this month at 4.4%, ahead of the VW Golf at 3.3%. The Skoda Fabia shines in 5th (2.9%).

Full Top 30 Ranking Table below.

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