Photo Report: The cars of Chongqing – Central China

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3. Chongqing street sceneChongqing street scene

Now that you know the secrets of Beijing hutongs and the most impressive Chinese carmakers at the Beijing Auto Show, we go on a bit of adventure inside China. First stop is Chongqing, one of the fastest-growing cities on earth, 1.500km South West of Beijing on the Yangtze river. Chongqing is sometimes mistakenly referred to as the biggest city in the world with 30 million inhabitants, however this is for the entire municipality and the city of Chongqing itself has “only” 7 million. Not bad for a city that most of us (me included before organising this trip) have never heard of.

So why Chongqing? Firstly because it is right in the middle of the Chinese hinterland, the region that will absorb most of the Chinese car sales growth within the next decade to bring it above 30 million vehicles per year. I have detailed this assumptions in my articles China: Light Vehicle Market to reach 30 million units by 2030China: How local brands may finally find their mojo at home and China: return to explosive growth expected. Secondly because it’s home to one of the biggest Chinese carmakers: ChangAn. And my visit answered a lot of questions I had…

1. Chana TaurusChana Taurustar

1. Are Chinese carmakers more successful in the Chinese hinterland?

The answer is yes. As discussed in China: How local brands may finally find their mojo at home, the part of China where Chongqing is located was assumed to be a more fertile playing ground for cheaper Chinese carmakers as the average revenue is still much lower than on the Eastern Coast. Yes the Chongqing traffic held many more locals than in Beijing where local manufacturers hold a minimalistic 10-15% market share. But not that many. A survey of a thousand vehicles passing me by over a couple hours in Chonqing’s busiest intersections (no taxis, no buses) showed that only 1 in 3 was Chinese. This is in line with the national average, so a little disappointing. It would appear that the biggest cities of the Eastern Coast (starting with Beijing and Shanghai) are the exception but that doesn’t mean Chinese carmakers dominate in the hinterland. For now.

2. Chana MinivanChana Minibus

2. Is there a regional preference at play?

By this I mean: do Chongqing car buyers prefer manufacturers based locally, namely ChangAn and its joint-ventures with Ford, Suzuki and Mazda. The answer is yes. And this is a fascinating find because it sheds a massive light beam onto regional sales in the entire country (as you know detailed sales by region are unavailable for China). ChangAn and its LCV brand Chana are absolutely everywhere as I will detail further. The entire Ford range is very present in the streets, including the Focus, among the top sellers here, the new Ecosport already frequent, new Mondeo and Kuga. Virtually all taxis are Suzuki SX4 sedan and I already spotted a couple of S-Cross.

4. Wuling HongguangWuling Hongguang

This trend is a little less true for Mazda, even though I spotted 3 all-new Mazda6 which are supposed to only have started production a few weeks ago but through Mazda’s joint-venture with… FAW. Based on this marked regional preference and assuming it is similar in most parts of the country.  I will endeavour to create a map of China detailing which brands should be dominant where. Fascinating times indeed!

5. Chana HonorChana Honor

3. What are the most popular vehicles in Chongqing?

Reliable estimates are always very hard to produce based on only a few days in town, but 3 vehicles seem to stand out from the crowd in Chongqing – all minivans – in the following order: the Chana Taurustar (aka Taurus), although only launched a couple of years ago, has invested each and every tiny alley and huge motorway of Chongqing, always in the same light brown colour. I literally spotted hundreds of them in only 3 days in town. If all Chana minivans are grouped together like they are in Chinese LCV data, then its the #1 spot guaranteed in Chongqing.

6. Suzuki SX4 Taxi x 3The Suzuki SX4 sedan is the taxi of choice in Chongqing.

The Wuling Hongguang is another very successful vehicle in Chongqing and could climb to the 2nd spot here. We may hold the key to its national pole position here. In ChangAn/Chana country, the Hongguang still manages to convince buyers by the truckload. This performance ‘away from home’, if repeated enough times across the country, would suffice to top the sales charts nationally. The Chana Honor broke the 20,000 monthly sales-mark China-wide for the first time last month, and based on my experience in Chongqing a lot of them are sold here! It could be rounding up the podium ‘at home’.

7. ChangAn CS35ChangAn CS35

As far as Passenger Cars are concerned, Volkswagen produces a regular flow of a variety of its models starting with the Lavida (including a few Gran Lavida spotted), Santana and Bora. The Sagitar, Passat and Jetta are less frequent. Still, the Ford Focus should lead the charge here with the new generation seemingly doing much better than the old one. One model that could potentially beat them all however is the ChangAn CS35, extremely frequent at home, way more than the Eado for example although I sighted quite a few shining-new Eado XT hatchbacks.

8. VW Gran LavidaVW Gran Lavida

Apart from ChangAn, one Chinese brand that kept turning up at every corner is Great Wall with lots and lots of various generation H5, and the Steed by far the most popular large pick-up. Logically the new Haval brand is doing extremely well here as well with the H6 already well established and the H6 Sport starting to pop up here and there. It was striking to see that many Great Wall SUVs and only a few Chery Tiggo including one Tiggo 5 (pictured below). More analysis will follow shortly.

10. Chery Tiggo 5Chery Tiggo 5

11. Bentley MulsanneBentley Mulsanne

12. Chongqing street sceneChongqing street scene

Full Photo Report (25 Photos) below.

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Beijing 2014: The most impressive Chinese carmaker: Haval

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Haval H8Haval H8

And the winner is… Haval, Great Wall’s SUV brand. This is Part 9 of my coverage of the Beijing Auto Show, check out also Part 1- First impressionsPart 2 – Most impressive Chinese carmakers #30 to #26Part 3: Most impressive #25 to #21Part 4: Most impressive #20 to #16Part 5: Most impressive #15 to #11Part 6: A Voyage through Beijing hutongsPart 7: Most impressive #10 to #6 and Part 8: Most impressive #5 to #2.

Haval standPart of the Haval stand at the Beijing Auto Show 2014

One of the main questions I hoped to answer by coming to the Beijing Auto Show was why on earth did Great Wall, steadily improving its brand recognition worldwide, decided to make Haval a stand-alone brand in China last year. One look at their stand and I knew why: Haval has developed a cachet and SUV single-mindedness that Great Wall can never hope to achieve at home. So perhaps it was a good decision after all, at least for China. It may be harder to impose the Haval brand worldwide however.

Haval brochuresHaval brochures

Haval ranks #1 in my most impressive list because it did everything right at the Show, starting with the huge stance Great Wall took by NOT exhibiting any Great Wall models at the Show. Keeping the company’s presence to Haval with one big, beautiful, kick-arse stand, black colour scheme and hidden projectors so your photos look amazing from any angle. It would be a bit like Citroen only exhibiting DS models at the Paris Auto Show! It makes sense when your aim is to establish an up-market brand, but the amount of internal politics that must have had to be overcome to arrive at this decision is dizzying. This already makes Great Wall the Show’s ballsiest Chinese carmaker.

Haval H6 SportAttentive Haval staff

Every time I stepped out of a Haval model, staff would thank me and close the door behind me. Yep, that’s the kind of treatment NO other manufacturer offered at any Auto Show I went to – even the most premium German or Italian brands. The brochures gladly dispensed by the discreetly smiley staff are the best in the entire Show: thick, sharp, playing with a mix of matte and shiny colours and keeping the Haval logo small everywhere with the apt slogan “The No.1 SUV brand in China”.

Haval Dakar Rally Racecar Haval Dakar Rally Racecar

There is even a 30-page catalogue detailing Haval’s Dakar Rally prowess across the 5 years it has been participating in it. Along with it came the Dakar Rally Racecar exhibited in a devoted section of the Haval stand next to a Rally paraphernalia window display, adding another dynamic, reliable and premium feel to the SUV brand. A strong presence (I was unaware of until the Show) in the world’s toughest Rally for China’s No.1 SUV brand: it all makes perfect sense.

Haval Coupe ConceptHaval Coupe Concept

Stepping onto the Haval stand, I was looking forward to discovering the recently launched H6 Sport and the new H8 now on-track for an upcoming China launch in the next few months. What I got was an unexpected avalanche of very good-looking all-new models and concepts, all linked by a very recognisable family air without falling into the cloning trap. The Coupe Concept took centre stage and was bloody impressive indeed…

Haval H2Haval H2

…but I was most impressed by the two production-ready all-new models. The H2 looked great from every angle which is a challenge for a small SUV, and added a touch of sport with the Haval logo inserted next to the back side windows. The new flagship H9 looked reassuringly imposing and solid, with just enough chrome to make it look like a premium SUV but not a delirious over-designed attempt at playing with the big boys. The only negative aspect to point out is the cars’ interiors, better than most Chinese brands but not as impressive as the rest of the stand.

Haval H9

Haval H9

All-in-all I think what stoke me the most with Haval was the quietly enthusiastic, understated confidence that the brand gave off. Haval was miles ahead of any other Chinese brand at the Beijing Auto Show in this regard, and in fact in every other aspect except interiors where it was just (but still) ahead. Everything they did sounded and looked right: not too keen, not too serious, not too aloof. Haval, don’t change anything because you are doing it right.

More photos below.

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World 2013: One in every 2.5 Rolls Royce sold in China

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Rolls Royce Phantom Pinnacle Travel Collection Beijing 2014. Picture courtesy of driving.caRolls-Royce presented the $1.6m Phantom Pinnacle Travel Collection in Beijing this week.

* Click on title to see the Global, China and US sales of 6 luxury manufacturers! *

Global, China and US sales of luxury manufacturers are a rare find so I trust you’ll enjoy this…

According to an April 22 China Daily article, China accounted for a staggering 39% of Rolls Royce global sales in 2013. The British manufacturer, who presented the Phantom Pinnacle Travel Collection at the Beijing Auto Show – rumoured to go for at least $1.6 million, delivered a 4th consecutive year of record Global sales at 3,630 units, up 1.5% on 2013. China sales however were up 11% over the period to reach an all-time high 1,400 units, or 1 in every 2.5 Rolls-Royce sold worldwide! Rolls-Royce added 7 new dealerships in China last year, extending its coverage to 20 cities across the country.

2014 Maserati Quattroporte2013 Maserati sales were up a huge 334% in China to represent 25% of the brand’s Global sales.

Whereas the overall Chinese market grew 14% in 2013, paradoxically most luxury brands lost ground due to more restrictive government measures on luxury buying. Bentley dropped 2.8% to 2,191 sales (22% of Global sales), Ferrari was at -5.5% to 554 units and Lamborghini down a harsh 16.7% to 267 sales due to a delivery shortage of Gallardos, the most popular Lamborghini model in China. Only Porsche (+19.9%) and most spectacularly Maserati, up a whopping 334% year-on-year, saw their results improved last year in China.

Lamborghini Aventador China 2013. Picture courtesy of Lamborghini sales were down 16.7% in 2013. Temporary set-back?

This doesn’t deter Andrea Baldi, Lamborghini China head: “Super sports cars currently only hold about 0.1% of the passenger car segment in China, whereas this figure is 1 to 2% in Western countries. So the potential is there.” As for Ferrari, the Chinese decline is in line with Global sales (-5.4%) and the manufacturer’s aim to reduce sales to maintain the brand’s luxury status and increase the cars’ value. Bentley’s Chinese decline can be attributed to the Flying Spur model change: zero delivers for the first 9 months but 927 during Q4, while the Continental GT improved by 46% year-on-year. China loves luxury, and is set to become the world’s largest market in this segment as well within the next 5 years. Source: China Daily

Full Year 2013 Global, China and US sales for 6 luxury manufacturers below.

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Uruguay (brands) March 2014: Fiat up to second place

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Fiat Siena Uruguay March 2014The Siena was Fiat’s best-seller in Uruguay in 2013.

* See the Top 45 All-brands ranking by clicking on the title! Thanks Leandro *

New car sales in Uruguay are stable in March to an estimated 4,151 registrations, bringing the First Quarter total to 12,977 units, up 5% on 2013 which was already a record year. Chevrolet remains the most popular carmaker in the country with 502 sales and 12.1% share, but this month Fiat is only 11 units below at 491 and 11.8%. Volkswagen remains #3 at 8.7% but #2 year-to-date at 9.3% while Suzuki is up one spot on February to #4. Up to a record 2nd place last month, Chinese carmaker Chery is back down to #8 in March but still ranks at an excellent 5th place so far in 2014. FAW (#10), BYD (#11), Geely (#13) and Dongfeng (#15) are the other Chinese brands inside the Uruguayan Top 15 this month.

Previous post: Uruguay Full Year 2013: Now with Top 10 best-selling models!

Previous month: Uruguay February 2014: Chery up to 2nd place and 9.3% share!

Full March 2014 Top 45 All-brands Ranking Table below.

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Beijing 2014: The most impressive Chinese carmakers #5 to #2

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Dongfeng Number 1 conceptDongfeng Number 1 Concept

This is it: the top of the crop, the utmost impressive Chinese carmakers at the Beijing Auto Show. It doesn’t get better than this. Would you have guessed them? This is Part 8 of my Beijing Auto Show coverage, check out also Part 1- First impressionsPart 2 – Most impressive Chinese carmakers #30 to #26 and Part 3 – #25 to #21Part 4 – #20 to #16Part 5 – #15 to #11Part 6: A Voyage through Beijing hutongs and Part 7: Most impressive #10 to #6.

#5 Dongfeng

PSA Peugeot Citroen’s new shareholder, Dongfeng is involved in some of the most successful joint-ventures in the country but had never surprised by its own branded cars. Until now. This brand was one of my biggest surprises at the Show, firstly by the size and the playful vibe in its stand, the amount of novelties they presented and (a pet fave of mine) the streamlining of a multitude of sub-brands into very clear Dongfeng Motors signage.

Dont mess with my Dongfeng Beijing 2014Dongfeng EQ2040H Brave Soldier Concept

Two all-new models: the Honda CR-V-inspired Fengshen AX7 and the surprisingly good-looking Fengxing S50, and three impressive concepts: the L60 sedan looking rather aggressive at the front, a Hummer-inspired totally insane EQ2040H Brave Soldier Concept knowing full-well how ludicrously pleasurable it is. The flagship Number 1 for its part has the potential to change everyone’s mind about DongFeng. Yes the technology is not new (Citroen C6) but damn it looks badass and imposingly slick. To top it off, the two starlets promoting it genuinely looked like they were having the time of their lives. It’s fun to be Dongfeng! Now that’s a surprise.

Haima S5Chinese Popstar Wu Mochou talking the Haima S5 up

#4 Haima

Haima does old-fashioned Mazdas no more. The Chinese carmaker has grown up and is decidedly having fun doing it. By far the most enthusiastic Chinese brand at the Show, Haima unveiled its S5 SUV with a live performance from local popstar Wu Mochou. No boring Haima official ever came on stage, instead the unveiling was MC’ed by a young hipstery presenter that gave the brand a serious image refresh. When it becomes interesting is that the video clip played alongside Wu Mochou’s performance featured her driving the car and interacting with it the entire time. Those of you who work in advertising know how hard it is to achieve this without looking too contrived. In my opinion and in a Chinese context Haima did a great job.

Haima M5Haima M5

Also, the singer didn’t leave the stage after the song was over but joined the presenter to talk the car up. Perhaps a little cheesy by Western standards but it worked very well here, giving the show a welcome casual ambiance. China’s ban on Youtube prevents me from publishing the video now but I will do so as soon as I return to Australia. The other reason why Haima ranks so high here is that according to Chinese car expert Tycho de Feijter from, Haima’s image in China so far has been bland at the best of times. So they were way out of their comfort zone with the S5 launch and pulled it off. I have never agreed with Haima designs and the Show confirmed this, but huge kudos to the brand for this launch mise-en-scène.

GAC Trumpchi GA6 ConceptGimme gimme, gimme a GAC Trumpchi GA6.

#3 GAC Trumpchi

While GAC Gonow was one of the worst Chinese offenders (ranking #28), sister company GAC Trumpchi triumphed. First massive surprise: GAC Trumpchi is involved in a very official tie-up with the upcoming Transformers movie, making it the first Chinese carmakers to step inside a Hollywood movie, ever. Lots of Transformers references on the stand and Transformers robot characters wandering around already make GAC Trumpchi earn their high ranking. But they went further by presenting some kick-arse looking cars. The All-new GA3S would have been a better Infiniti Q50 and the GA6 Concept is what a truly exciting Toyota Camry should look like.

Hongqi L5Retro-cool: Hongqi L5

#2 Hongqi

Chinese car luxury exists and it’s called Hongqi (Red flag). Thanks FAW for making it completely separate from your other brands, for giving it its own logo and its own very sophisticated red, black and wood stand. I loved the red ‘diamond’ on all bonnets, I loved the powerful interior and the serene confidence that exudes from your stand.

Hongqi H7 interior with future buyerDreaming of a Hongqi

I love that Chinese kids can dream over a Chinese brand. The H7 design still looks a little American 90s, so wouldn’t it be great if you had a truly cool car. And now you have. The L5 unveiled at the Show is a retro-cool reinvention of the original Hongqi model launched in 1958 in the same way Mini did. Now to convince these Chinese businessmen to choose you over Audi. After all, with a $50.000 starting price for the H7, it’s a full normal Chinese car ($10,000) less than an equivalent A6L. The L5, rumoured to start at $800.000, is another story…

Hongqi H7 bonnetHongqi H7 bonnet

If you have been reading this ranking very closely you will have guessed the #1 already… Unveiling coming soon…

More photos below.

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World Q1 2014: Toyota ahead of VW and GM again

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Toyota Tundra. Picture courtesy of motortrend.comToyota Tundra. Global Toyota sales are up 6% year-on-year so far in 2014.

Toyota announced yesterday they sold 2.583 million vehicles worldwide over the First Quarter of 2014, enabling the Group to keep the world leadership for the third Quarter in a row. General Motors comes second with 2.42 million vehicles and Volkswagen is in third position at 2.4 million units. Year-on-year, Toyota is up 6% vs. just +2% for General Motors, #1 a year ago. At this rate, all 3 carmakers could pass the 10 million units by the end of the year at this rate! Source:

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Serbia March 2014: Fiat 500L leads, Doblo up to #2

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Fiat Doblo Serbia March 2014Fiat Doblo

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

According to data from Central European market data specialists, Serbian new car sales are up a splendid 23% year-on-year in March to 2,402 registrations, bringing the First Quarter total to 4,955 units, now up 9% on 2013. Serbian consumers confirm their patriotism, keeping the locally-produced The Fiat 500L in pole position thanks to 133 sales and 5.5%, adding up to 315 units and 6.4% year-to-date. Fiat even manages a 1-2 this month with the Doblo shooting up to 2nd place with 110 sales and 4.6% while the Skoda Octavia rounds up the podium like last month at 97 units and 4%. The VW Golf is up 5 spots to #4, the Skoda Fabia down 3 to #5 and the Dacia Sandero up one to #6. Hyundai places the i20 at #7 and the i30 at #8.

Previous month: Serbia February 2014: Fiat 500L just under 11% market share

One year ago: Serbia March 2013: Skoda Fabia catches up on Fiat Punto Classic

Full March 2014 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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Beijing 2014: The most impressive Chinese carmakers #10 to #6

April 24th, 2014 4 comments

Venucia e30Who would have thought Venucia could glam up the Nissan Leaf?

We are now getting serious and entering the Top 10 most impressive Chinese carmakers at the Beijing Auto Show. This is Part 7 of my Beijing Auto Show coverage, check out also Part 1- First impressionsPart 2 – Most impressive Chinese carmakers #30 to #26 and Part 3 – #25 to #21Part 4 – #20 to #16, Part 5 – #15 to #11 and Part 6: A Voyage through Beijing hutongs.

#10 Venucia

Similarly to Baojun, Venucia is a low-cost brand only available in China. It was created by the Dongfeng-Nissan joint-venture and to this day only consisted of a regurgitated version of the previous generation Tiida, called D50 (sedan) and R50 (hatch). In spite of this Venucia sales have been progressing regularly, to break the 10,000 monthly unit-mark 5 times so far and peaking at 13,731 last December. So I was intrigued. And I was right to be. Miles away from Baojun’s bland stand, Venucia stood out from all other Chinese carmakers with a youthful and very colourful vibe, topped up by very glamorous starlets. “New” models were up en masse too: the all-new D30 (based on the Nissan March), the e30 plug-in (based on the Nissan Leaf) and the Viwa concept finished to convince me that Venucia is here to stay. Only negative: impossible to step inside any of the cars, which is always a bad sign.

JAC S3Now look at the car.

#9 JAC

Better known for its trucks, JAC definitely amped the sexiness at the Beijing Auto Show, turning around the rather bland image I had of them. Impressively, JAC presented 3 concepts including the spectacular CV-9 SUV and 3 production-ready all-new models: it took risks by unveiling the all-new Refine S3 SUV in a bright orange robe, adorned with a very sultry starlet in sizzling black and pink outfit. Who would have thought JAC could be capable of such glamour?

JAC iEV5Surprisingly both cool and production-ready: the JAC iEV5

And the glamour wasn’t just skin-deep: the iEV5 plug-in sported a very fun grille and the coolest interior of any Chinese car at the show! (click on Read more at the end of the article to see it) Unfortunately it’s JAC’s last new entrant that prevents the brand from ranking higher in my ‘most impressive’ list: the Heyue A20, the ‘normal’ version of the iEV5, disappointed with VERY shiny interior plastics. And sadly JAC still thinks it’s ok to blatantly copy Western cars: the Refine A6 Concept looks like a rushed Audi A4.

ChangAn Eado XT Pink frontNow that’s a bit daring from ChangAn…

#8 ChangAn

LCV specialist (with the Chana brand) recently converted to making more than Mazda copies, ChangAn stepped up to the game at the Show. It delivered a mix of very honest models and quirky one-offs like a Boss. No one else dared show one of their newest models in bright pink. ChangAn did with the exciting Eado XT. Lots of bonus points as well for showing a (Very) Grand Raeton extravangant limousine. All this topped off by an impressive CS75 SUV complete with top notch interior made ChangAn one of the most improved Chinese carmakers at the Show.

Zotye T600 interiorImpeccable: Zotye T600 interior

#7 Zotye

If I had to vote with my heart Zotye would be Number 1 in this ranking. I already had followed with interest the blooming of this brand that used to simply sell a rebadged previous gen Daihatsu Terios, so I knew what they were capable of which means they didn’t “impress” me that much if that makes sense. Zotye continues to grow with a very good Z500 unveiled at the show and, I will say it, the T600 SUV delivering one of the Top 3 most sophisticated interiors of all Chinese carmakers present in my view. Yep, no less.

Zotye fun Beijing 2014bWhat car shows should be about: pure fun.

I was preparing for the worst when the super friendly staff opened the T200 (facelifted Terios) for me but it wasn’t that bad. One starlet interacting with a kid taking her picture remains my favourite ‘moment’ of the show, and the salesman so excited at me publishing photos of their cars on my blog made this brand extremely likeable. Little Zotye will become big.

BAIC BJ100 ConceptOutrageously and deliriously pleasurable: BAIC BJ100 Concept


My understanding of BAIC was limited to the very successful E-Series and a Nicolas Cage-endorsed sporty Senova D70. Plus a few Jeeps. So you can imagine my surprise when faced with dozens of models, 2 striking concept cars, 3 production-ready all-new models and a special series looking very sporty indeed. You can’t miss the Senova D60 Aero when approaching the BAIC stand: its aggressive front makes you do a double take as it kind of looks like a Mercedes CLA. Not what I expected from a State-owned Chinese carmaker indeed. But wait there’s much more.

BAIC Concept 900Sharp: BAIC Concept 900

To me the Concept 900 is simply the best looking Chinese concept car of the Show, actually its grille is thanks to a great expansion on the brand’s logo. And the outrageous BJ100 Concept, love it or hate it, does stop you in your tracks. Add to this the new Senova D50, Senova D60 and BJ80 Jeep and you have one of the most dynamic Chinese carmakers at the Show. Negatives: the E-Series disappointingly very beige inside (both literally and not) and the BJ80 Jeep looking like a Mercedes G-Class on a very bad hallucinogenic trip and closed even to the press, probably to spare them an interior equally questionable.

The Top 5 most impressive Chinese carmakers at the Beijing Auto Show will be published shortly.

More pictures below.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina March 2014: Skoda Octavia #1

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Skoda Octavia Europe February 2014. Picture courtesy of automobile-magazine.frSkoda Octavia

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

538 new light vehicles found a buyer in Bosnia in March, down 10% year-on-year and bringing the First Quarter total to 1,610 units according to data published by Central European market data specialists For the first time this year, the Skoda Octavia is Bosnia’s favourite vehicle this month thanks to 35 units sold for a 6.5% market share, kicking the VW Golf down to #2 at 28 sales and 5.2%, ex aequo with the Opel Astra. The Golf remains 2014 leader so far. The VW Caddy, Dacia Duster and Renault Clio are back in the Top 10.

Previous month: Bosnia & Herzegovina February 2014: VW Golf at 15% share

One year ago: Bosnia March 2013: Dacia Logan and Skoda Rapid shine

Full March 2014 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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FYR of Macedonia March 2014: Dacia Duster holds onto top spot

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Dacia Duster Macedonia March 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frDacia Duster

* See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! *

Based on data communicated by Central European market data specialists, 404 new cars were sold in the FYR of Macedonia in March, bringing the First Quarter total to 966 units. The Dacia Duster is the best-selling vehicle in the country for the 2nd month running thanks to 25 sales and 6.2% share, ahead of the Skoda Rapid at 23 units and 5.7%. This makes for an extremely close race year-to-date: the VW Golf still leads (like in 2013) with 53 sales and 5.5%, an estimated two more than the Duster and three more than the Rapid! The Fiat Doblo (#3), Hyundai ix35 (#5), Dacia Sandero (#6) and Citroen C4 (#7) also shine.

Previous month: FYR of Macedonia February 2014: Dacia Duster surprise leader

One year ago: Macedonia March 2013: Skoda Rapid in the lead!

Full March 2014 Top 10 models Ranking Table below.

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