Ireland November 2015: Land Rover Discovery Sport tops market under 1.000 units

Land Rover Discovery Sport Ireland November 2015Land Rover Discovery Sport

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It is the time of the year when new car sales in Ireland are down to a soft whisper: namely 950 deliveries in the whole of November, up 21% year-on-year. This edges the year-to-date total to 124.605 units, still up by a spectacular 30% on 2014. The brands and, even more so, models ranking aren’t significant yet entertaining: Ford leads the pack with 12% share above Volkswagen down 17%, Skoda up 108%, BMW up 515%, Audi up 171% and Land Rover up… 2700%! That’s because the Land Rover Discovery Sport scores its very first country win in Ireland this month – even though only 46 sales were enough to achieve this feat. The Skoda Octavia, Ford Fiesta, Focus and Mondeo round up the Top 5.

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Spain November 2015: Dacia Sandero doubles sales to #1

Dacia Sandero Spain November 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frDacia Sandero sales are up by a round 100% year-on-year this month. Picture

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After gaining just 6% in October, the Spanish new car market is back to extravagant growth rates with November sales up 26% year-on-year to 82.332 units, the largest November volume since 2009 (86.941), lifting the year-to-date total up 21.5% to 952.060 deliveries, highest since 2008 (1.089.112). If Peugeot managed to outsell traditional market leader Volkswagen last month, this time Opel has the honour of topping the Spanish brands ranking despite simply evolving like the market at +25% to 8% share, toppling Peugeot (+44%), while Volkswagen (+19%) ranks third but is still #1 year-to-date by almost 10.000 units. Renault (+3%), Ford (+9%) and Citroen (+40%) follow, and Land Rover (+51%), Kia (+63%), Dacia (+72%), Smart (+76%), Jeep (+81%), Mazda (+89%) and Suzuki (+255%) all post spectacular gains.

Ford Ecosport Spain November 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Ford Ecosport hits its best-ever ranking in Spain this month at #66. Picture

Model-wise, the Dacia Sandero exactly doubles its sales year-on-year to 2.383 and 2.9%, enough to snap the top spot for the first time since September 2014 and the 6th time ever along with JanuaryAugustDecember 2013 and August 2014. Apart from the Seat Leon stable in 2nd place and now almost certain to score an annual win at home for the 2nd consecutive year, all nameplates in the Top 5 frankly outpace the market: the Nissan Qashqai is up 50% to #3, the Seat Ibiza up 52% to #4 and the Opel Astra up 46% to #5, overtaking the Corsa year-to-date to rank 9th. The Peugeot 308 (+39%) and 208 (+58%) also shine at #7 and #8 respectively.

Jaguar XE Spain November 2015. Picture courtesy XE

Among recent launches, the Hyundai Tucson gains a further three spots on October to get even closer to a formidable Top 10 ranking: #12 for now with 1.368 sales and 2nd best-selling SUV in the country below the Nissan Qashqai. On that note, the Renault Kadjar, based on the same platform and assembled locally, is down 19 ranks and struggles to really make a mark for now at #44, while the Ford Ecosport, labelled a flop in most parts of Europe, is slowly but surely making its way to the top: up 7 spots to a best-ever #66 this month. If most nameplates launched in the past few months mark a pause in November (Mazda CX-3, Fiat 500X, Mercedes GLC, Honda HR-V…), the Land Rover Discovery Sport (#91), Ssangyong Tivoli (#118) and Jaguar XE (#129) continue to progress.

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China: Discover the best-selling models by province (BSCB Exclusive)

1. Changchun street scene 5The VW Jetta is #1 in six Chinese provinces in 2014, including Jilin (above).

Today and for the first time on BSCB we are able to share with you the five best-selling nameplates for each and every one of China’s 31 provinces. As detailed during my various travels across the country, the most popular models vary wildly based on where you are located in China. Now we have the official data behind these observations. Note these rankings excludes commercial vehicles and vehicles assimilated as such like, unfortunately, the Wuling Hongguang. Passenger MPVs, SUVs and sedans are however included, covering the vast majority of the market.

Nissan Sylphy Yanji China September 2015The Nissan Sylphy tops four provinces. 

Provinces are ranked by sales volume over the Full Year 2014: Shandong (Capital Jinan) is the largest market in China with 1.48 million sales, followed by Guangdong (Capital Guangzhou) at 1.44m and Jiangsu (Capital Nanjing) at 1.4m. Being municipality-provinces, Beijing (#15 at 410.000 sales), Chongqing (#16 at 370k), Shanghai (#24 at 250k) and Tianjin (#27 at 160k) actually rank relatively low and weigh surprisingly light in the national rankings. Chongqing (+38%), Hubei (+28%), Guangdong (+26%), Sichuan (+25%) and Qinghai (+25%) are the most dynamic provinces, whereas Tianjin (-51%), Jiangxi (-17%), Inner Mongolia (-6%), Beijing (-5%) and Shanghai (-2%) are the only five provinces showing a negative year-on-year evolution in 2014.

The detail for each province shows total 2014 sales, year-on-year evolution, total population capital and geographic location, plus the five best-selling nameplates and year-on-year evolution as follows, for example in Jiangxi:

Jiangxi example

5. FAW Besturn X80 ChangchunThe FAW Besturn X80 is #3 in Ningxia

Volkswagen is the obvious winner at the province game with 15 wins, followed by Ford with five province wins, Nissan with four, Haval with two and Chevrolet, Hyundai, Citroen, Audi and Changfeng with one each. Only six nameplates manage to win more than one province: interestingly, the most crowned nameplate is the VW Jetta with six province wins, ahead of the VW Lavida and Ford Focus (five each), Nissan Sylphy (four), VW Santana (three) and Haval H6 (two). Note the Nissan Sylphy posts the highest single-province volume by far at 73.000 sales in Guangdong, followed by the Ford Focus (57.000 in Jiangsu) and VW Lavida (49.000 in Jiangsu where it ranks #2).

Audi A6L China 2014. Picture courtesy bitauto.comThe Audi A6 is the outright best-seller in Shanghai. Picture

The single province winners tell a fascinating story: the Chevrolet Sail leads the largest market of the entire country in Shandong, the Hyundai Verna is the favourite choice in Hebei near its production hub in Beijing, the Citroen C-Elysée is No.1 “at home” in Hubei where it is assembled, the Audi A6 stuns with a Beijing win – overtaking the VW Magotan there, and last but not least, the Changfeng Leopaard Black Edition – a rebadged Mitsubishi Pajero assembled under license – tops a completely atypical Tibetan market where the five best-sellers are all SUVs.

Changfeng Leopaard Black Edition Tibet 2014. Picture courtesy cheshi.comThe Changfeng Leopaard Black Edition is the best-selling vehicle in Tibet. Picture

Chinese nameplates are relatively rare in these rankings: in addition to the models mentioned above, the BYD F3 ranks third in Shaanxi, the Chongqing market is faithful to its homeland fare, putting both the ChangAn Eado and CS35 inside its Top 5, the FAW Besturn B50 is 4th at home in Jilin as I detailed in my local Photo Report earlier this year,  the FAW Besturn X80 is third in Ningxia and the FAW Xiali N3 #4 in Qinghai. Finally, another observation finding root in official sales: the Buick GL8 arriving in 2nd place in Shanghai. All the rankings are below.

Full Year 2014 Top 5 best-sellers for each 31 Chinese Province below.

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Photo Report: The cars of Guangzhou, Guangdong province – China

Soueast V5 Plus GuangzhouSoueast V5 Plus and Guangzhou Opera House.

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After covering the highlights of the Guangzhou Auto Show, we are now going in the streets of one of the largest cities in China. Guangzhou is located in the Guangdong province in southern China, only 174 km (108 miles) north of Hong Kong. Guangdong is the most populated province in China and the only one to house more than 100 million inhabitants at 106.4m. However these are long-term residents only and it is estimated than an additional 100 million migrant workers currently live in the province temporarily to some degree. This region of the world is one of the most densely populated with Guangzhou (also known as Canton in the West) totalling 12 million inhabitants, its close neighbour Foshan counting 6 million, Shenzhen just half an hour south at 14 million and Hong Kong at 7 million!

Guangzhou Radio TowerGuangzhou marketCanton Tower, Guangzhou market.

Guangzhou is the country’s No. 1 business transport and trade hub, having mixed with foreign traders for centuries – and it shows. Shamian Island, an lush oasis in the middle of the bustling city, houses numerous 19th century houses built by the British and French as they were permitted to set up their warehouses here. Enning Road is a vertigo-inducing pedestrian avenue lined up with hundreds of clothing stores ranging from bargain basement to posh European brands. The spectacular Guangzhou Opera House, designed by Zaha Hadid and inaugurated in 2010, is already ageing with its facade already challenged by the natural elements. The Canton Tower adds a futuristic edge to this fast-evolving city.

Hyundai Sonata MoInca Taxi Guangzhou 1Hyundai Sonata MoInca Taxi Guangzhou 2Hyundai Sonata MoInca taxis at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

What about the cars in the street? The first shock when hitting the street once customs are cleared in Guangzhou Airport is the prevalence of old generation Hyundai Sonata taxis. Similarly to Beijing where taxi companies have encouraged Hyundai to keep producing the Elantra from three generations ago, in Guangzhou the 1998 Sonata, renamed Sonata MoInca, is enjoying an extended life as a new model – almost exclusively as a taxi.

Nissan Sylphy Guangzhou 4The locally-produced Nissan Sylphy is the most popular nameplate in Guangzhou and Guangdong.

The second striking element in the Guangzhou car park is the weakness all around of the Volkswagen brand. Completely flooding the north-east of the country I visited earlier this year, the German manufacturer gets noticed by its absence in Guangzhou. Instead, Japanese manufacturers are feasting on the market, with Nissan, Honda and Toyota all tremendously successful here.

Nissan Sylphy Guangzhou 1Nissan Sylphy in Guangzhou

In fact, according to data that published on BSCB, four of the five best-selling models in the Guangdong province in 2014 were Japanese. The #1 sold 16.000 more units in Guangdong than any other nameplate in any other single province last year, and it’s the Nissan Sylphy – produced locally in Guangzhou by the Dongfeng-Nissan joint-venture. I also noticed in Guangzhou the (discreet) appearance of the previous generation Sylphy still on the Nissan catalogue as the Sylphy Classic.

Honda CRider Guangzhou 2The Honda CRider is exceptionally successful in Guangzhou.

The second best-seller in the province is the Toyota Corolla – and I didn’t really need official figures to have guessed it, judging by the endless flow of new generation models streaming through town, along with its twin the Toyota Levin. More surprising is the third place of the Honda CRider, a total blockbuster hit in Guangzhou meaning it scores its only Top 5 province ranking in the entire country here.

Honda Odyssey GuangzhouHonda Odyssey in Shamian Island – Guangzhou.

In fact, a lot Japanese nameplates ranking high in the national sales charts but eerily absent from the northern Chinese streets I have visited so far such as the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord are all to be reassuringly found here. Most Hondas are popular in Guangzhou: the Fit, Crosstour, Jade, City and Odyssey can be spotted in healthy amounts, and the twin crossovers XR-V and Vezel are instant smash hits in town. In the Toyota aisle, the Vios, Yaris-L and Corolla EX are also very frequent as is the Prado SUV.

Toyota Yaris L Guangzhou 1Toyota Yaris-L in Guangzhou

Ford Escort GuangzhouFord Escort and Focus in Guangzhou

The Ford Focus ranked 4th overall in 2014 but judging by the amount of new Escorts in Guangzhou streets it should be overtaken by its younger and smaller sibling this year. The Fiat Viaggio and Ottimo are selling dramatically better than their national rankings indicate – respectively #202 and #248 in October – simply because they are produced locally through the GAC-Fiat joint-venture. Subaru is also a lot more successful in Guangzhou that I have found it to be in all other parts of China I have visited so far, with the Outback in great shape here.

Fiat advertising GuangzhouFiat advertising in Guangzhou Metro.

Subaru Outback GuangzhouSubaru Outback in Guangzhou.

Venucia R30 GuangzhouVenucia R30 in Guangzhou

Lastly and before we turn to Chinese carmakers, Venucia – a low-cost brand stemming out of the Dongfeng-Nissan joint-venture – is doing great business in Guangzhou with numerous T70 SUV spotted, the R50 hatch is surpisingly a lot more successful than the D50 sedan and the R30 is often proudly sporting its tiny Nissan March-inspired bonnet.

Wuling Mini Truck Guangzhou 2Wuling Mini Truck in Xilang

Wuling Rongguang Journey GuangzhouOld and new: Wuling Rongguang and Journey in Guangzhou.

Wuling Hongguang V GuangzhouWuling Hongguang V

On to the Chinese. The Chinese-to-foreign ratio varies wildly depending on the area of town studied, but never do Chinese manufacturers hold more than one-third of the car park. Their ratio goes from less than 10% in Zhujiang New Town to 17% in neighbour city Foshan, 25% near Shamian Island and almost 30% in the commercial part of town in Xilang. Given Guangzhou’s central trade and business role in the country, it’s not surprising that the large majority of Chinese fare on the streets are still Wuling, Chana and Dongfeng microvans. On top of the bruised and battered Rongguang, Sunshine and Hongguang vans, I spotted a dozen new Hongguang V, a handful of Journey MPVs and the ubiquitous Mini Truck in market areas.

GAC Trumpchi GS4 Guangzhou 1GAC Trumpchi GS4 in Guangzhou

The two local Chinese manufacturers are also logically making themselves noticed. The GAC Group is injecting a healthy flow of Trumpchi GS4 SUVs in the Guangzhou traffic, with the older GS5 also doing well, while BYD sports the G5 and Qin sedans, S6 and S7 SUVs and M6 MPV in large numbers but, surprisingly, very few F3 sedans. Haval is here in force: I spotted a dozen new generation H6 including the shortened H6 Coupe.

Geely GC9 Vision GuangzhouGeely GC9 and Vision in Guangzhou

There are traces of a once-upon-a-time Brilliance domination in the Guangzhou park, yet it seems to have gone for good looking at the small amount of shiny new models, with only one V3 SUV spotted. Baojun justifies its astounding success in the national rankings by showcasing numerous 730 MPVs and 560 SUVs in Guangzhou streets. Two brand-new Geely GC9 also made their appearance before my eyes, as impressive in real life as they are in Auto Shows.

Wuling Hongguang FoshanWuling Hongguang in Foshan

A thirty minute ride on the Guangzhou Metro takes you to neighbour city Foshan, and already the car park is slightly different: coming out of the big metropolis that Guangzhou is, the Wuling Hongguang reclaims its stranglehold on the new car market in Foshan while the Nissan Tiida seemingly shoots up to #1 passenger car…

Nissan Tiida FoshanNissan Tiida in Foshan

That’s all for the Guangzhou car park, I hope you have enjoyed exploring this town through these lines as much as I have over the past week. Next Chinese stop is Beijing for Auto China 2016 in April, so stay tuned!

Laos 9 months 2015: Toyota Hilux and local Daehan trucks dominate

Almost one in every three vehicles sold in Laos so far in 2015 is a Toyota Hilux.

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Second ever appearance with official sales figures of Laos on BSCB. This year shows a completely different picture than the last time we updated this country, so much so that I would invite you to ignore the 2014 Report as it was incomplete. Over the first 9 months of 2015, 41.095 new vehicles found a buyer in Laos, with Toyota more dominant than ever at 42% market share. We have a surprise in second place…

Daehan Super-1 Laos 2015. Picture courtesy hellodd.comDaehan Super-1

A Hyundai/Kia dealership called Kolao Holdings, the biggest non state company in Laos according to According to the Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, founded by a Korean and listed on Korea’s main stock market but registered as a Lao company has started assembling 1 tonne CKD pickup trucks under their own brand: Daehan. Their first model, the Super-1 pickup, launched in September 2013 and the D-100, D-150, D-200 and D-T1 have followed since with great success: Daehan is the 2nd best-selling brand in Laos this year with over 10% market share!

DongFeng Mini Pick-up Laos 2015Dongfeng is the most popular Chinese carmaker in Laos this year.

Daehan even places three nameplates inside the 2015 year-to-date Top 6: below the Toyota Hilux and Hiace sovereign at 28.8% and 10% market share respectively, the Daehan D-100 ranks 3rd, the Super-1 is 4th and the D-T1 is 6th. You can find more info on Kolao Holdings from the Wall Street Journal Asia here and you can check their website here (in Korean only for now).

Hyundai, Chevrolet and Ford round up the brands Top 5 just above Chinese manufacturer Dongfeng which manages to place its pickup at #5 overall in the Lao models ranking so far in 2015. Chery, JAC and BYD are the other Chinese carmakers to make it to the Lao Top 15.

Full 9 months 2015 Top 15 brands and Top 20 models below.

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Myanmar 9 months 2015: Suzuki Super Carry leads, Jinbei Haise #5

Suzuki Super Carry Toyota Hilux YangonThe Suzuki Super Carry and Toyota Hilux are among Myanmar’s best-sellers.

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For only the second time ever on BSCB we are able to share with you official sales data for Myanmar, adding up to 4.726 sales over the first 9 months of 2015. Toyota remains the most popular carmaker with just under 18% share while below, Suzuki, Kia and Hyundai all bypass Ford which drops to 5th overall. Chery (#6) leads the Chinese offensive ahead of Jinbei (#9), Dongfeng (#10) and Lifan (#11).

5. Jinbei Hiace BaganJinbei Hiace in Bagan, Myanmar

Over in the models aisle, the locally-assembled Suzuki Super Carry logically holds onto its throne with 9.3% of the market while the Toyota Hilux overtakes the Ford Ranger to hit 2nd place overall. Fittingly, the Jinbei Haise – a hit with the international hotel chains that are starting to pop up in the country – ranks 5th with 3.6% share, Chery places both the QQ minicar and the Tiggo SUV inside the Top 10 and the Dongfeng Rich makes its debut inside the Top 15.

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Full 9 months 2015 Top 15 brands and models below.

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Media post: Expenses Every Car Owner Has to Consider

Picture courtesy of

You’ve taken the time to thoroughly research cars, you spent afternoons test driving and comparing and then finally, you found the perfect one! But buying your car is only the first step. Now that you have it, there are some more things to consider in order to properly budget your car owner duties and extend the life of your vehicle.

Maintenance for Long Life

  • In order to increase the life of your car, it’s extremely important to maintain it with regular engine, transmission, break, and tire check-ups. Among other things, your car will need its oil changed a few times a year and tires rotated and then replaced every few thousand miles. Paying for each check-up can be costly so, for many, it may be beneficial to buy a maintenance package in advance. Check with your dealer to see what kind of maintenance packages they offer and also research a few from independent companies.
  • One often overlooked way to take care of your car is to protect the body and the cabin. With the simple design of a car cover, you can protect your car during harsh weather and increase the lifetime of paint if garage-keeping is not an option. Additionally, by having the windows blocked, you are also able to keep the sun from shining in and ruining upholstery or cracking the dashboard. Loving car owners will also consider buying seat covers to protect the cloth or leather from normal wear and tear. Not only will these simple investments keep your car looking new, if you plan to sell it later on, it will sell easier and possibly bring you a higher sale amount.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected. If you haven’t thought about those times when your car needs a jump-start or a tire change, then you’re likely to be unprepared when the time comes. Buying or assembling a roadside emergency car kit to keep in the trunk will save you from a big headache later on. You may never need it, but you’ll be happy you have it if the time comes. Packing a survival emergency kit is also a smart idea.

Technology for Fun, Safe Times

  • There are some new fun inventions you can add to your car. One of the most popular additions is a wireless router. These routers leverage 3 or 4G networks and allow you to use your phone, tablet, laptop or any Wi-Fi device while in the car. However, car manufacturers are now are selling cars with built-in routers. Imagine how much easier those cross country trips to grandma’s house will be if passengers can peruse the internet or get much needed work done! For these services, you have the option to go through the cell phone carrier you already use or you can go through a 3rd-party provider such as OnStar.
  • Technology is fun but it is also distracting. Distractions while driving are seriously dangerous. While we love the idea of having a 3 or 4G network traveling with you in the car for passengers, it is also important to limit any distractions for the driver. One way of doing that is with free or paid apps that block the cell phone signal of the driver. These apps will send an auto-text and voice a pre-disposed message to callers informing them that the person they are trying to reach is driving.

Because You Have To

  • Every vehicle owner in every state must register and renew their vehicle registration. No one like to pay these fees and remembering to do so can be annoying but it doesn’t have to be difficult. The fastest way to get your tags renewed is in person at a local DMV office but if you can’t make that trip and can’t wait for the snail mail option, renewing online is the easiest way to get this done. Most states offer an online renewal option and in California and Florida, you have multiple online renewal Companies like can process your renewal faster and with some much needed conveniences.
  • Nobody likes to have to pay for car insurance but since it is the law in every state, look at the bright side. If you get in a car crash, you won’t be on the hook for the property damages and medical bills of any other parties involved. Depending on what level of coverage you choose or are required to have, you may be covered for any damages to your car and have your own medical bills paid. One thing that is very important to remember is that you always have to shop around. Many people think that if they remain with one insurance provider for a long period of time they will get lower rates but the true is actually opposite. Unfortunately, “loyalty” discounts do anything but lower your rate.

Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 9 months 2015: Pickups and SUVs dominate

Mitsubishi Triton Ivory Coast September 2015. Picture courtesy Mitsubishi L200 is #2 overall in Ivory Coast (2015 model pictured).

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Today we can share with you the first Côte d’Ivoire update in over a year. New light vehicle sales in Ivory Coast are up a very satisfying 19% year-on-year over the first nine month of 2015 to 5.810 units. Toyota reclaims the brands pole position off Hyundai thanks to sales almost doubling year-on-yea to 1.297 and 22.3% share vs. 791 and 13.6% for the Korean manufacturer (+14%). Mitsubishi (+55%) overtakes Renault (-3%) and Ford (-1%) while Chinese carmaker Great Wall maintains itself inside the Top 10 at #9. Model-wise, the Top 12 best-sellers are all either pickup trucks or SUVs, with the #1 passenger car (the Hyundai Accent) arriving at #13. The Toyota Hilux is by far the most popular with 11.3% share, distancing the Mitsubishi L200 (5.3%), Mazda BT-50 (4.3%) and Ford Ranger (4.1%) with the Renault Duster rounding up the Top 5.

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Full 9 months 2015 Top 10 brands and Top 15 models below.


Uganda 9 months 2015: Toyota, Tata and Nissan dominate

Tata Xenon Uganda 2015The Tata Xenon breaks into the Uganda Top 10 models over the period.

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New light vehicle sales in Uganda are down 8% year-on-year over the first 9 months to 1.794 units, after the market peaked at 2.034 in 2011. Toyota is the most popular carmaker with over 35% of the market, followed by Indian manufacturer Tata, holding 16.3% of Ugandan sales mainly due to its heavy commercial vehicle range (not included in the overall 1.794 figure above). Nissan (12%), Mitsubishi (11.2%) and Ford (9.9%) follow. Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux remains sovereign at 18.3% share above the Nissan Hardbody, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200. Notice the Tata Xenon pickup elbowing its way to 7th place overall.

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Full 9 months 2015 Top 10 brands and models Ranking Tables below.


Malawi 9 months 2015: Toyota jumps to 51.4% market share

Toyota Hilux Malawi September 2015. Picture courtesy of previous generation Toyota Hilux is still on sale in Malawi.

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1.250 new vehicles found a home in Malawi over the first 9 months of 2015, and Toyota tightens its stranglehold on the market even further, crossing the symbolic 50% market share milestone to reach 51.4% over the period thanks to 642 sales. Almost half of these go to the Hilux which improves its share to 21.8% even though the new generation hasn’t hit local dealerships yet. Ford loses ground in 2nd place at 13.7% share with the Ranger Pickup accounting for 92% of this total at 157 units and 12.6% at #2 in the models ranking. Nissan, Tata and Kia are the next most popular brands, while the Toyota Land Cruiser edges past the Nissan Hardbody to snap the final spot on the models ranking podium.

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Full 9 months 2015 Top 10 brands and models below.