Vietnam Full Year 2015: Toyota Vios stays #1, Mazda3 up 3-fold to #6

Toyota Vios Vietnam 2015. Picture courtesy of livelifedrive.comThe Toyota Vios is up 50% to keep the Vietnamese top spot in 2015.

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After shooting up 43% in 2014, the Vietnamese new car market accelerates even further in 2015, gaining  an incredible 55% to a record 244.914 registrations. Thanks to particularly strong sales of heavy vehicles that it sells in joint-venture with local company Thaco, Kia is up 81% to take the lead of the brands ranking at 59.518 sales vs. 50.285 (+23%) for Toyota. Ford (+48%), Mazda (+116%), Honda (+28%) and Chevrolet (+43%) show diverse fortunes but all hold onto their ranking year-on-year.

Mazda3 Vietnam 2015. Picture courtesy thanhniennews.comThe Mazda3 is up a fantastic 171% year-on-year in Vietnam.

Model-wise, the Toyota Vios gains 50% to remain in the top spot for the second consecutive year with 13.761 sales, losing only scraps of market share at 5.6%, whereas immediate followers Toyota Innova (+26%) and Fortuner (+14%) lose significant share. Just below, the Ford Ranger (+81%), Kia Morning (+87%) and, most impressively, the Mazda3 (+171%) display spectacular year-on-year gains in 2015 to leap up the ladder to #4, #5 and #6 respectively. The Mazda CX-5 (+63%), Ford Ecosport (+145%), Kia Rio (+482%), Mazda6 (+153%) and Mazda2 (+191%) also shine.

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Thailand Full Year 2015: Hilux holds onto #1 in market down 10%

Toyota Hilux Revo Thailand May 2015. Picture courtesy autodeft.comThe Toyota Hilux remains #1 despite sales down 17%.

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2015 is the third consecutive year of recession of the Thai new light vehicle market, with a further 10% dropped after -8% in 2013 and -33% in 2014, pulling annual sales from 1.32 million units to just under 800.000 in the space of two years. Thai sales have now bottomed out, with November (+5%) and December (+12%) the first year-on-year gains in 29 months. Despite its first overahaul in a decade, the Toyota Hilux sheds a worrying 17% off its 2014 score to 120.112 deliveries, only 1.390 more than the Isuzu D-Max (-8%). In December, the D-Max even slaughtered the Hilux at 16.841 sales vs. 9.902.

Isuzu D-Max Thailand 2015The Isuzu D-Max improves its market share to 14.9%.

The Toyota Yaris remains the best-selling passenger car in the country despite freefalling (-31%) at a similar rate as its two pursuants, the Toyota Vios (-26%) and Honda City (-25%). The Thai market structure is moving towards a lot more SUVs – in line with a worldwide trend: the Toyota Fortuner is boosted up 54% by the new generation launched in July, reaching a best-ever 6.671 sales in December when it ranked #3 overall and the Honda HR-V lands at a spectacular 7th place for its first full year in market, peaking at #4 in June.

Toyota Fortuner Thailand August 2015. Picture courtesy bangkokpost.comThe Toyota Fortuner ranked #3 in August, September, October and December…

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Thailand November 2015…while its archenemy the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport was #3 in November with 7% share.

But the most impressive result is without a doubt delivered by the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport, whose previous generation was never a hit, but suddenly surged to third place overall and 7% market share in November, the highest share hit by a passenger car since Thailand became the pickup factory of the world. Far from being a fluke, the Pajero Sport confirmed this exceptional score in December with a record 5.465 sales and 5.5% share. Other great performers this year include the Mazda2 up 3-fold to #13 thanks to the launch of the sedan variant, the Nissan X-Trail up to #24 and Ford Everest up to #28.

MG5 Thailand 2015. Picture courtesy headlightmag.comMG5 – China’s MG is slowly starting to make its mark in Thailand. 

The Suzuki Ciaz is the best-selling all-new nameplate for the year but fails to really make a mark at #34 and 3.683 sales. The brand event of the year in Thailand is the settling in of Chinese carmaker MG, now assembling locally. Its MG3 lands at #37 with 3.204 sales, the MG6 remains discreet at #76 and 335 units but the MG5 launchd in November is already knocking on the Top 40’s door in December.

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Egypt Full Year 2015: Chevrolet TFR #1 again, Renault Logan up 90%

Renault Logan Egypt 2015. Picture courtesy Logan sales almost double year-on-year in Egypt. 

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After gaining a spectacular 50% in 2014, the Egyptian new vehicle market “consolidates” in 2015 at -5% to 278.406 registrations. The Chevrolet TFR is the best-selling vehicle in the country for the 2nd straight year thanks to sales up 1% to 25.191 and 9% share, increasing the gap with its follower the antediluvian Hyundai Verna – mostly popular with taxi companies – down 12% to 21.260. Below the Nissan Sunny down 16% to 14.064 units, the best performance of the year is posted by the Renault Logan up 90% and 8 spots on a year ago to 10.665 units and 3.8% share. The new generation launched in June, and since then  the Logan hasn’t left the monthly Top 4, even peaking at #2 and 8% share in December. Renault enjoys a fantastic year with the Sandero up 126% to #14.

Chevrolet TFR Dabbabah Egypt 2015The Chevrolet TFR is #1 in Egypt for the 2nd year running. 

Other great performers in the Egyptian models ranking include the Mitsubishi Lancer EX up 70% to #7, the Chevrolet New Optra (aka Baojun 630) up to #24 and the Suzuki Ciaz up to #27 for their first full year of sales. Among newcomers for 2015, the Toyota Prado (#55), Ford Kuga (#61) and Fiat Punto (#63) are the best-sellers, while the Hyundai Tucson lands directly #67 thanks to a very promising December launch when it ranked #7 overall with 690 sales.

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Saudi Arabia Full Year 2015: Toyota Hilux and Hyundai Elantra on top

Toyota Hilux Saudi Arabia 2015The Toyota Hilux remains the best-selling nameplate in Saudi Arabia.

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As opposed to most markets in the region, Saudi Arabia continues to grow in 2015 at +5% to 879.704 registrations. Toyota is still sovereign here of courses but sheds fractions of market share with sales up 3% to 308.492 and 35.1%, followed by Hyundai up a whopping 25% to 184.535 and an outstanding 21% of the market vs. 17.6% a year ago. Isuzu is up 16% to 57.706, bypassing Kia (-8%) and Nissan (-13%) while Ford remains in 6th place despite sales down 2% to 46.715. Mazda delivers the best performance of any Top 20 carmakers with volumes up 85% to land in 8th place. Notice also – in order of sales – Renault up 14%, Mitsubishi up 40%, Jeep up 25%, Cadillac up 29%, Infiniti up 165%, Volkswagen up 44% and Subaru up 111%.

Renault Symbol Saudi Arabia 2015. Picture courtesy arabgt.comSuccessful launch for the Renault Symbol in Saudi Arabia.

In the models ranking, the Toyota Hilux holds onto the pole position, improving its share to 7.9% thanks to sales up 5% to 69.177. However the Hyundai Elantra is catching up fast with volumes up 25% to 61.936 as is the Hyundai Accent up 19% to 55.720, both nameplates overtaking the mighty Toyota Corolla up just 7% to 53.719. The Yaris (-2% and Camry (+10%) make it four Toyotas in the Top 6. The Hyundai Sonata (+44%), Mazda6 (+73%) and Mazda3 (+515%) also shine, and the Renault Symbol (#44) and Captur (#87) lodge very satisfying scores for their first full year in market. The Renault Dokker (#110) is the best-selling newcomer followed by the Hyundai Creta (#120).

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United Arab Emirates Full Year 2015: Mitsubishi Lancer EX up to #1

Mitsubishi Lancer EX UAE 2015The Mitsubishi Lancer EX is the best-selling car in the UAE in 2015.

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New car sales in the United Arab Emirates are up 4% year-on-year in 2015 to 401.922 units, and Toyota remains ultra-dominant here despite sales down 1% that bring back its market share to 31.4% vs. 33.1% a year ago. Below Nissan up 2% to 15.7% share, the most spectacular evolution is delivered by Mitsubishi up a fantastic 62% to 55.413 units and 13.8% share vs. 8.9% in 2014. Even more impressive: Mitsubishi manages to place the Lancer EX above all Toyotas in 2015 thanks to sales up a whopping 173% to 27.553. An extraordinary performance by the Japanese manufacturer. BMW is up an equally impressive 24% to gain two spot and establish itself as the #4 brand in the country, bypassing Hyundai (-18%) and Ford (+1%). Further down, Land Rover is up 11%, Infiniti up 12%, GMC up 15%, Renault and Cadillac up 22% and Subaru up 54%.

BMW X5 UAE 2015. Picture courtesy carbonoctane.comExceptional year for the BMW X5: sales up 114% to #12 overall.

Over in the models sales charts, the Toyota Hilux gets knocked down to #2 below the Mitsubishi Lancer EX despite sales up 3% and an unchanged market share at 5.3%, the Toyota Land Cruiser is up 15% to #3, the Mitsubishi Pajero up a fantastic 40% and 3 spots to #4 and the Nissan Patrol up 9% to #5. This means the Toyota Prado (-20%) and Corolla (-10%), once leaders in their segments, get pushed down the ranking to #6 and #7 respectively. The other impressive surge in the Top 20 is delivered by the BMW X5 more than doubling its sales (+114%) thanks to the new generation to land at #12 with 8.191 units.

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Qatar Full Year 2015: Toyota Land Cruiser sails off to 10.2% share

Toyota Land Cruiser Qatar 2015The Toyota Land Cruiser is boosted to 10.2% share in Qatar by its facelift. 

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The Qatari new car market marks a pause in 2015 with total registrations down 2% to 92.916 units. Toyota dominates the sales charts as usual despite a 5% year-on-year drop to 31.352 sales and 33.7% share It is followed by Nissan at 15.6% (-6%), Mitsubishi at 8.9% (+21%), Hyundai at 7% (-11%) and Ford at 4.5% (+26%). Very different fortunes among the Top 5 brands indeed. Notice also Renault up 25%, Mazda up 29%, Cadillac up 35%, Isuzu up 90%, Lincoln up 238% and Peugeot up 247%.

Nissan Patrol Qatar 2015. Picture courtesy of suvcar.ruThe Nissan Patrol ranks third in Qatar in 2015. 

Boosted up 21% by its facelift, the Toyota Land Cruiser sails off to 10.2% share vs. just 6% for its immediate pursuant, the Toyota Hilux (-14%). The Nissan Patrol is up 14% to climb onto the podium at #3 ahead of the Mitsubishi Lancer EX surging 40% to #4. The Toyota Prado (-24%), Corolla (-12%) and Camry (-1%) make it five Toyotas in the Top Seven. Further down, the Mitsubishi Pajero is up 21% to #8, the Lexus LX is down 9% but remains inside the Top 10 at #9, the Mitsubishi L200 is up 40% to #17, Hyundai Accent up 33% to #18 and Nissan X-Trail up 85% to #26.

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Oman Full Year 2015: Toyota Land Cruiser P/up edges past Hilux

Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up 2012The Toyota Land Cruiser Pick-up takes the lead of Omani sales in 2015.

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Another year of correction for the Omani new car market: after losing 5% in 2014, new light vehicle sales in the country drop another 7% in 2015 to 194.155 units. Toyota once again secures over half of the market with sales down 8% to 106.419 and 54.8% share, above Nissan (9.5%), Hyundai (9.1%) and Kia (4.9%) all seeing volumes drop by 13%. Lexus remains 5th and even improves by 1% to 8.602 deliveries for a 4.4% share. Notice also Mitsubishi up 24%, Chinese carmaker Geely up 98% to #11, BMW up 13%, GMC up 15%, Renault up 16% and Subaru up 32%.

Geely GC7 Oman 2015. Picture courtesy autocosmos.comChinese carmaker Geely is about to enter Oman’s Top 10 brands. 

In the models ranking, the Toyota Land Cruiser Pickup manages to edge past the traditional leader, the Toyota Hilux, by dropping just 3% to 21.300 units and 11% share vs. -11% to 20.638 and 10.6% for the Hilux, while the Land Cruiser is catching up fast just below with volumes up 12% to 20.339 and 10,5% share. The Prado (-15%), Corolla (-10%) and Hiace (-41%) make the Top Six 100% Toyota like in 2014, with the Nissan Patrol (-8%) the best-selling non-Toyota above the Hyundai Elantra (-10%). The Lexus LX holds onto its Top 10 ranking at #9 despite sales down 12%, the Toyota RAV4 is up 18% to #15, the Mitsubishi Pajero is up 32% to #27, the Lancer EX up 105% to #30 and the Toyota FJ Cruiser enjoys a second wind at +85% to #36.

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Kuwait Full Year 2015: Toyota Prado crosses 10% share milestone

Toyota Prado Kuwait 2015. Picture courtesy crankandpiston.comThe Toyota Prado is by far the best-selling vehicle in Kuwait in 2015. 

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The Kuwaiti new car markets declines for the second straight year in 2015 at -1.2% to 150.893 registrations, but market leader Toyota posts stable sales at 55.802 units to improve its already gigantic market share just a little bit further to 37%. Nissan drops 2% to 11.4% in 2nd place, while Mitsubishi surges 38% to bypass Kia (+4%), Hyundai (-22%) and Chevrolet (+0.4%). Nice also Mazda up 25%, Suzuki up 37%, Chrysler up 80%, Renault up 92% and Daihatsu up 141%. On the other hand, BMW falls 22%, Honda is down 28%, Dodge down 31% and Ford down 32%.

Kia Mohave Kuwait 2015Kuwait is the only market in the world where the Kia Mohave manages a Top 20 ranking.

In the models ranking, the Toyota Prado cements its leadership with sales up 1% to cross the 10% share milestone at 10.2%, while its direct follower the Toyota Hilux tumbles down 20% in the midst of a generation changeover. The Toyota Camry is up 17%, the Corolla down 5% and the Land Cruiser up 14%, making the Top Five best-sellers 100% Toyota vs. Top Four in 2014. The Mitsubishi Lancer EX (+182%) and Pajero (+68%) deliver the largest year-on-year gains in the Top 10, while further down the Toyota Yaris (+70%), Kia Mohave (+215%) and Nissan Sunny (+198%) also shine.

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Spain January 2016: Opel soars to #1, Mokka in Top 10

Opel Mokka Spain January 2016. Picture courtesy of autobild.deFirst Top 10 ranking for the Opel Mokka in Spain.

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On paper the Spanish market is up by another flamboyant 12% year-on-year to 76.904 registrations, the best January score since 2008 (101.664), showing signs of being back to pre-recession levels. Looking closer though, the year-on-year gain is almost 100% artificial, with private sales up just 1.5% to 42.651 units and 55.5% share vs. 61.3% a year ago, whereas sales to rental companies are up a whopping 35% to 11.651 and business sales are up 26% to 22.602. Although the detail by channel isn’t available, Opel has been known to load up of tactical sales all across Europe and notably at home in Germany and – coincidence? – lodges a particularly spectacular month in Spain, shooting up 71% on a year ago to #1 brand in the country with 9.4% share vs. #9 in December.

Peugeot 308 Spain January 2016. Picture courtesy of 308 sales are up 42% year-on-year in Spain in January.

If the Seat Leon (+10%) holds onto the pole position it has now snapped for two consecutive years, followed by the VW Golf (-7%) and Peugeot 308 (+42%), it’s a festival of Opel in the Top 20. The Astra is up 60% to #4, the Corsa up 25% to #5, the Mokka breaks into the Spanish Top 10 for the very first time thanks to volumes doubling year-on-year at #10 (previous best: #13 last February) and the Zafira Tourer is up a gigantic 149% to #17. Notice also Peugeot up 31% at #3 in the brands ranking, Citroen up 27%, Audi up 21%, BMW up 18%, Mercedes up 19%, Kia up 50%, Mazda up 94%, Land Rover up 37% and Honda up 82%.

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Full January 2016 Top 42 All-brands and Top 282 All-models below.


Italy January 2016: Fiat 500 back on podium, Punto out of Top 10

Fiat Punto Italy 2015. Picture courtesy of largus.frAbout to be scrapped: never before had the Punto ranked outside the Top 10 at home. 

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A great start of the year for the Italian new car market, up 17% year-on-year to 156.163 registrations, mainly pulled by extensive discounts across the industry that have boosted private sales up 24% to 66% share vs. 63% a year ago. Sales to short-term rentals are also up an equally impressive 29%, in line with a trend we are starting to see spread across Europe. Both Fiat and Volkswagen outpace the market at +20% each to 21% and 7.6% share respectively, and all carmakers in the Top 10 except Toyota posts double-digit gains: Citroen leads them all with a 33% surge, followed by Renault (+23%), Peugeot (+22%) and Ford (+17%). Audi is up 15% at an excellent 8th spot. Further down, notice Kia (+28%), Jeep (+48%), Suzuki (+58%), Mazda (+125%), Ssangyong (+133%) and Jaguar (+558%) all delivering spectacular improvements.

Lancia Ypsilon Italy January 2016The Ypsilon is the last Lancia standing and just received a facelift. 

The Fiat Panda sails off to even higher heights in the models ranking with sales up a whopping 42% to 13.367 vs. 5.558 for the #2, the Lancia Ypsilon (+12%). The Fiat 500 finally comes back onto its home podium thanks to its facelift with sales up 6% while the Fiat 500X remains at an outstanding level in 4th place, with the Renault Clio best-selling foreigner once again at #5. Both the VW Golf and Polo gain 32% at #7 and #8, and the Jeep Renegade (+65%) is only 14 units off breaking into the Top 10 for the 2nd time ever after November 2013.

Audi Q3 Italy January 2016. Picture courtesy largus.frAudi Q3 sales are nearly double their level of a year ago in Italy. 

But the main event this month in Italy is the Fiat Punto continuing on its slow and painful death row: for the first time since the legendary nameplate launched in Italy in September 1993, the Punto falls outside its home Top 10 at #12 with just 3.152 sales and 2% share, down a devastating 39% on a year ago. The Hyundai Tucson is shaping up to become one of the very top best-selling SUVs in Italy, breaking into the Top 20 only a few months after its launch at 1.954 sales. The Citroen C3 is up 52% at #21, the Peugeot 308 up 31% to #22, the Audi A3 up 28% to #25, the Fiat Tipo up a further 14 ranks on December to #31, Audi Q3 up 92% to #32 and the Citroen C4 Cactus up 31 spots on last month to #45.

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Full January 2016 Top 50 models and Top 42 All-brands below.