France July 2014: Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 neck-to-neck

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Renault Captur Peugeot 2008 France July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008 are back to within hundreds of sales of each other…

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The French new car market is definitely not out of recession: down 4% year-on-year in July to a paltry 143,777 registrations, the worst July score in over 20 years. This brings the year-to-date total to 1,102,529 units, up a shy 3% on 2013 which was the worst year-end result since 1997. Peugeot overtakes Renault to grab the lead of the brands ranking for the third time in the past 12 months thanks to 24,887 sales and 17.3% share (-2%) vs. 24,382 and 17% (-3%) for Renault. Below, Citroen does worse than the market at -5%, Volkswagen does better at -1% and Dacia lodges a very unusual -15% year-on-year evolution at 8,254 sales and 5.7%. Notice also Nissan up one spot on June to #6, Audi back up 4 to #7, Toyota down 19%, Mercedes up 32%, Skoda up 18% and Hyundai down 46%.

Citroën C4 Picasso VS Renault Scénic…while the Renault Scénic is only 12 sales above the Citroen C4 Picasso.

As usual the Renault Clio IV and Peugeot 208 dominate the models ranking albeit with lower share than year-to-date this month at 5.2% and 4.4% respectively. The Citroen C3 is back up 4 spots to #3 and 3.7% and the Peugeot 308 confirms it is back to its blockbuster status thanks to the new generation and the station wagon model, up one rank on June to #4 and 3.7% share also vs. 3.1% year-to-date.

VOLVO XC60 France July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frVolvo XC60

Feeling the counter-effect of a record month of June (2nd place and 4.9% share), the Renault Captur falls down to #5 with just 3% share and 4,366 sales in July. This means it is just 171 units above its archenemy the Peugeot 2008 this month, back up 4 spots to #6 with 4,195 sales and 2.9% of the market. To take stock of the success of the two SUVs at home, let’s notice that Captur sales represent 58% of Clio IV sales in July (60% year-to-date) and the 2008 is at 66% of the 208 (65% year-to-date). There is another tight battle just below: the Renault Scénic is only 12 units above its competitor the Citroen C4 Picasso at #7 and #8 respectively, enabling the latter to overtake the Dacia Sandero and go up one spot in the 2014 ranking to #8 also.

The analysis continues below.

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Full analysis, July 2014 Top 80 models and Top 20 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Ireland July 2014: VW Golf and Ford Focus on top

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VW Golf Ireland July 2014VW Golf

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It is now the 2nd year of bi-annual licence plate change in Ireland, modelled on the UK, and it looks like Irish consumers are fast getting into it: July 2014 is up a massive 61% on July 2013 at 18,776 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 84,478 units, up a beautiful 30% on 2013. Brand-wise, Volkswagen confirms its domination with a 12% market share while Ford overtakes Toyota to rank #2 at 11% vs. 10.3% with Toyota keeping the year-to-date #2 spot at 10.8% vs. 10.1%. Notice also Hyundai back up to #4 with a strong 9.2% share and Opel up to 7.4% in 5th place.

Hyundai ix35 Ireland July 2014The Hyundai ix35 is up to #6 in Ireland this month.

In the models ranking, the VW Golf is back to its traditional pole position thanks to 804 sales and 4.3%, ahead of the Ford Focus at 4.2% and the Nissan Qashqai at 4.1%. The Ford Fiesta and Toyota Corolla follow at #4 and #5 which are also their 2014 rankings. Excellent operation of the Hyundai ix35 in 6th position, the Renault Clio is back up 31 spots on June to #9, the Opel Astra back up 18 to #11, the Dacia Duster stable at #15 vs. #19 year-to-date, the Renault Captur up to #20 vs. #29, Opel Mokka up to #22 vs. #32 and the Hyundai Santa Fe up to #32 vs. #51.

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Full July 2014 Top 50 models and Top 32 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Spain July 2014: Seat Leon dominates ahead of VW Polo

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Seat Leon Spain July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frCan the Seat Leon beat the Ibiza to finish the year in pole position at home?

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Spanish new car sales hit a new high in July, confirming they are definitely on the mend: up 11% year-on-year to 83,435 registrations, the strongest month of July since 2009 (108,961). Granted, it is still only less than half the all-time high of 176,980 units reached exactly ten years ago in 2004, but with a market up a splendid 17% so far in 2014, the perspectives are good for car dealers across the country. In the brands ranking, after a month of June dominated by an unusually strong Renault (12% share!), Volkswagen (9.5%) and Seat (7.5%) reclaim the top 2 spots they also hold year-to-date in July. Renault is down to #3 at 7% share which is still better than its #5 spot year-to-date, above Opel (6.7%) and Peugeot (6.2%). Notice also Dacia up 66% to #8, Fiat up 42% to #9, Kia up 38% to #14, Mercedes up 31% to #15 and Mazda up 97% to #18.

Kia Sportage Spain July 2014The Kia Sportage stops just short off a Top 10 ranking at #11.

The Seat Leon is the most popular model at home in Spain for only the third time in history (the 2nd for this generation) after June 2011 and February 2014 thanks to 2,945 sales and 3.5% share. The Leon is now only 612 units (18,571 vs. 19,183) below its little sister the Seat Ibiza in the 2014 year-to-date ranking, with the last 5 months of the year decisive for the attribution of Spain’s best-selling car crown. Needless to say the Leon has never before topped the annual ranking in Spain (or any other country in the world for that matter) whereas the Ibiza has done so 10 times already, including the past 5 consecutive years. The VW Polo is up two spots on June to land at a beautiful 2nd place ahead of the Ibiza.

Fiat 500L Spain July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frThe Fiat 500L hits its best-ever ranking in Spain so far this month.

Another outstanding score for the Dacia Sandero up 4 ranks on last month to 4th position, with other great performers in Spain in July including the Kia Sportage up 8 to #11, the Renault Captur at #13 vs. #22 year-to-date, the Fiat 500L up 5 to a best-ever #17, Hyundai ix35 up 6 to #19, Citroen C4 Catus up a further 6 to a record #35 and Mercedes GLA up to #61. Finally, notice the Mercedes V-Class up 21 to #118, the BMW X4 up 9 to #139, the Porsche Macan down 7 to #149 but still the brand’s best-seller in Spain and the BMW i3 breaking into the Top 200 at #186.

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Full July 2014 Top 230 models and Top 50 brands Ranking Tables below.

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France LCV July 2014: Renault Trafic starts to go up

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Renault Trafic France July 2014Renault Trafic

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With one less working day than July 2013, the French Light Commercial Vehicle market is down 5% year-on-year (but stable in annually adjusted figures) to 29,705 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 220,524 units, now up only 0.4% on 2013. The Top 8 best-selling models all lodge market shares on par or below their 2014 levels, except one: potentially already boosted by the new model, the Renault Trafic is at 5.4% share thanks to 1,594 sales and overtakes the Peugeot Partner year-to-date to rank #6. On top, the Renault Kangoo leads above the Fiat Ducato, Citroen Berlingo and Renault Clio IV. There is only one foreigner in the Top 10 with the Citroen Jumper and Peugeot Boxer passing the Mercedes Sprinter to rank #9 and #10 respectively. Notice also the Peugeot 308 II up one further spot to #18, the VW Crafter up 7 to #22, Mercedes Citan up 10 to #31 and the Peugeot 2008 confirming its advantage over the Renault Captur at #57 vs. #63.

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Full July 2014 Top 80 models and Top 12 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Finland July 2014: Skoda Octavia back to #1, Volvo V60 shines

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Skoda Octavia Finland July 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruSkoda Octavia

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New car sales in Finland are down 5% year-on-year in July to 7,902 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 66,528 units, still up 4% on 2013. In the brands ranking, Volkswagen lodges another outstanding month at 14.8% share vs. 12.7% year-to-date, cementing its advantage over Toyota, weak again at 10.2% in July vs. 11.5% so far in 2014. Below Skoda at 9%, Ford is strong again in 4th place and 8.3% above Volvo, Nissan and Kia. Opel shines at #9 as do Dacia at #15 (40% above its year-to-date level) and Porsche at #23.

Volvo V60 Finland July 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frVolvo V60

After two months dominated by the VW Golf, the Skoda Octavia reclaims the pole position it holds year-to-date in spite of sales down 7% on July 2013 to 453 units and 5.7% share, adding up to 3,910 and 5.9% (+64%) so far in 2014. The VW Golf is knocked down to 2nd place at 400 sales and 5.1% (+24%) and 3,819 and 5.7% year-to-date (+27%). The Nissan Qashqai is back up one spot to #3, the Toyota Yaris back up 6 to #5, the VW Polo is up 118% year-on-year to #7, the Volvo V60 up 90% to #10, the Opel Insignia up 8 ranks on June to #14 and the Opel Mokka up 8 to #21.

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Full July 2014 Top 30 models and brands Ranking Tables below.

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Sweden July 2014: Audi A6 back inside Top 10

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Audi A6 Sweden June 2014Audi A6

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First cab off the rank for July sales is Sweden, which continues on its impressive run this year: up another 12% year-on-year in July to 20,473 registrations, bringing the year-to-date total to 172,220 units, up 17% on 2013. Brand-wise, below Volvo (+14%) and Volkswagen (+11%) roughly following the market, Audi is up a gigantic 62% on July 2013 to remain #3 like in June thanks to 1,529 sales and 7.5% share vs. #5 and 5.8% year-to-date. The German premium brand places two models inside the Swedish Top 10 this month: the A4 at #8 and the A6 at #10. Notice also Skoda up 25% to #7, Renault up 41% to #9, Nissan up 22% to #11, Mitsubishi up 201% to #16 and Dacia up 86% to #17.

BMW 4 Series Sweden July 2013First Top 50 ranking in Sweden for the BMW 4 Series.

In the models ranking, the Volvo V70 continues to reign supreme with 1,377 sales and 6.7% above the VW Passat (5.3%) and Golf (4.5%), the Renault Clio is up one further spot to #11 vs. #16 year-to-date, the Fiat Ducato is up to #12 vs. #18, the Opel Astra up 37 ranks to #16 vs. #35, the Kia Sportage up 11 to #17, the Dacia Duster stable at #25 vs. #32 so far in 2014, the BMW X3 up to #38 vs. #65, Kia Venga up to #39 vs. #89, Nissan Juke up to #41 vs. #96 and the BMW 4 Series breaks into the Swedish Top 50 for the first time at #49 with 105 sales.

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Full July 2014 Top 55 models and Top 35 brands Ranking Tables below.

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Tunisia July 2014: Djerba Island Photo Report

August 1st, 2014 7 comments

1. Renault Symbol Djerba July 2014Renault Symbol in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014 (Click on any pic to enlarge!)

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I was lucky enough to spend a few days on Djerba Island in Tunisia in the past week. Tunisia being a rather secretive country when it comes to car sales figures (at most two updates a year, the last one being for the Full Year 2013), this is a great opportunity to verify the sales charts in the streets. But most importantly it enables me to share with you a more detailed, deeper and overall better understanding of this Northern African market. Keep in mind Djerba is a small island off the Southern Coast of Tunisia close to the Libyan border and its car landscape does not reflect the entirety of the country given it is a rather touristic spot with lots of rental cars and taxis and in any case the majority of Tunisian car sales occur in the capital Tunis. It is however still a great way to get some very valuable insights about this market.

2. Kia Rio Djerba July 2014Kia Rio in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

The first striking impression when arriving on the island is the blanket of various generations of Renault Symbol both as private cars and taxis, I would guess even more so than in other parts of the country given the high prevalence of taxis within the car landscape. Even though the Symbol has dropped from a staggering 25% market share in 2009 to a more modest 8.4% in 2013, it is still by far the most popular model here. Proof in point: the new generation Symbol, launched less than a year ago and now a rebadged Dacia Logan, is already very frequent on the island: I saw a dozen every day – albeit weirdly not a single taxi.

3. Dacia Sandero Djerba July 2014Dacia Sandero and Renault Symbol in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

While in neighbouring Algeria Renault has chosen to make both new gens Dacia Logan and Renault Symbol (virtually the same car now) cohabit with the Symbol acting as the top end variant of the Logan, in Tunisia the situation is different. The Logan sedan, from what I could see on the island only used as taxi anyway since its original launch in the country in 2008, is not on sale anymore here. Only the MCV version survives, “sandwiching” the Renault Symbol along with the new generation Sandero, already very popular.

4. Hyundai Elantra Djerba July 2014Hyundai Elantra in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

Tunisia is a market of sedans, with the Kia Rio potentially coming in second place in Djerba below the Symbol and only one hatchback out of the dozens of Rio I saw during my stay. Korean brands, very new to the Tunisian market still 100% regimented by annual import quotas, have definitely struck a chord with Djerba buyers. Apart from the Rio, omnipresent on the island, I saw many new generation Picanto and Optima, as well as a constant flow of Hyundai Elantra and a few ix35. If the Rio ranked #7 overall in Tunisia in 2013, these observations clash with the sales figures of the rest of the Korean crew, which could indicate a spike in sales in 2014 as most these models were very new-looking. I also saw a few new gen Hyundai i10 which confirms the latter observation.

5. Toyota Avanza Djerba July 2014Toyota Avanza in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

As a whole the Djerba car landscape is roughly in line with the rest of the 2013 top 10 best-sellers: the VW Polo, Fiat Punto, Renault Clio IV, Peugeot 301, Ford Fiesta, Isuzu D-Max, Peugeot Partner and Citroen Berlingo can all be seen rather often on the island. For the latter too, it is important to point out that there seems to be a long heritage of PSA vans, with a lot of the previous generations of these two models, not so much in their latest robe. Based on my observations in Djerba, the Renault Clio IV looks like it could pretend at a podium spot over the Full Year 2014 in Tunisia, as the VW Polo seems to have become rarer and rarer, same goes for the Fiat Punto.

6. Peugeot 203 Djerba July 2014Peugeot 203 in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

A huge part of the car landscape on the island is still branded Peugeot, with a landscape reminiscent of France 20 years ago. I spotted one beautifully conserved Peugeot 203 (originally launched in 1948), amazingly dozens of Peugeot 404 Pick-up (1960), a good amount of Peugeot 504 (1968), 305 (1977) and 106 (1991), one 304 break (1970) but surprisingly not many 205 (1983), although a big seller in Europe. The latter seems to indicate that contrary to most African countries, the flow of used Peugeots coming into Tunisia has been very selective with sedans preferred over hatchbacks most of the time.

8. Peugeot 301 Djerba July 2014Peugeot 301 in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

Closer to us, the Peugeot 508 appeared more frequently than in France, the 206 is still omnipresent but overwhelmingly as a sedan and station wagon (only a couple of hatchbacks spotted) and the new 301, which pretty much holds the entire future of the brand here, is slowly starting to show up here and there, including as taxi. Nowhere near its 5th spot overall in 2013 though, which is concerning. A few 307, 308 and 207 complete the picture but the 208 does not look like it has been launched yet here, or if it has, it definitely hasn’t been met with any success as I didn’t spot any.

10. Renault 4 Djerba July 2014Renault 4 van  in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

Renault also shows a strong heritage on the island, albeit to a much lesser extent than Peugeot. This shows that the Symbol was literally a masterstroke for the French manufacturer as it singlehandedly enabled it to take the lead of the manufacturers ranking in the country, and its success has set the stage for a successful Clio IV launch last year. The surviving Renaults on the island are mainly station wagons and vans. Completely wiped out of the French car landscape, the Renault 12 (1970) and 18 (1979) station wagons can still be seen relatively frequently in Djerba, as can the Renault 4 van in its 1967 robe! A few Supercinq (1985), Express (1985), first gen Clio (1990) and Kangoo (1997) also popped up.

7. Renault Symbol Taxi Djerba July 2014Renault Symbol in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

The third French manufacturer, Citroen, seems to only have come to a reasonable amount of success with the launch of the Berlingo van in 1996, with no older model present in the streets of Djerba bar a few last generation 2CV (1981). Recent models are more frequent, notably the C5 which is over-represented here compared to France in the same way its Peugeot equivalent the 508 is, and of course the C-Elysée mainly as taxi. French-Romanian brand Dacia is very strong on the island with the Sandero and Duster as well as a few new gen Logan MCV already, the only Logan variant appreciated by private buyers.

9. Peugeot 305 Djerba July 2014Peugeot 305 in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

Fiat shows a long history of successful sales on the island with the 1989 Uno still relatively well represented, a good amount of Albea taxis and many Puntos from various generations starting with the 1993 model. The same goes for Ford but with only one model: the Fiesta. The first generation launched in 1976 can still be spotted on the island, all the way up to the 2013 facelift also common. The Fiesta-derived Figo is also pointing its bonnet.

11. Dacia Logan MCV Djerba July 2014Dacia Logan MCV in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

Toyota has come much later here and it shows: only the previous gen Corolla can be seen in good numbers. I spotted a few new gen RAV4 and one new gen Corolla as well as some Avanza though so the future could be bright for the Japanese carmaker (but really – bring on the Yaris sedan already!)… Chevrolet places its Aveo relatively high in the landscape but as the sales charts show, it has plummeted in the past couple of years.

12. Renault Symbol Chevy Aveo Djerba July 2014Renault Symbol & Chevrolet Aveo  in Djerba, Tunisia – July 2014

In the premium segment, quite a few eighties and nineties BMW and Mercedes, some Audis and Range Rover Evoque. Finally, although technically all new car imports a regimented by quotas, there were a few extravagant specimens on the streets, a sign of ‘grey’ private imports. Among them a spectacularly mat-painted Chevrolet Camaro…

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Full Photo Report (30 pictures) below.

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Egypt June 2014: Hyundai Accent back inside Top 10

August 1st, 2014 1 comment

Hyundai Accent Egypt June 2014Hyundai Accent

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In June the Egyptian new car market is up a whopping 56% year-on-year to 24,964 units, coming off a low base due to the unrest in the country one year ago. The year-to-date total is up 31% halfway through 2014 at 133,770 registrations. The Top 5 best-selling models are identical to the year-to-date ranking with the Hyundai Verna in the lead at 8.9% share followed by the Chevrolet TFR at 8.5%, the Nissan new Sunny at 6.5%, Geely Emgrand 7 at 5% and the Chevrolet Lanos at 3.8%. The Hyundai Accent RB is up a massive 23 spots on May to reclaim a spot inside the Egyptian Top 10 at #7, the Hyundai ix35 is back up 6 ranks to #9, the Mitsubishi Lancer EX up a further one spot to #17 vs. #27 year-to-date and #48 in 2013, the Kia Sportage is up 39 ranks to #20, the Speranza Envy (aka Chery E5) up 9 to #22 and the Mitsubishi Attrage is strong again at #27.

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Full June 2014 Top 160 All-models Ranking Table below.

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China June 2014 – Now updated with Top 10 LCVs!

August 1st, 2014 2 comments

1. Chana TaurusChana Minibus (Taurustar) in Chongxing, China – April 2014

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Thanks to LMC Automotive I can now share with you more detail about the Chinese car market, including the Top 10 best-selling Light Commercial Vehicles which is a new monthly update on BSCB. The decline of minivans is once again blatant this month: even though it ranks #4 overall (vs. #7 in May) the Chana Minibus is down 12% year-on-year to 29,840 units while the Wuling Sunshine is down 29% at #5 and the Foton Forlan down a dismal 48% to #29. The Wuling Rongguang holds itself well however: up 11% to 23,694 sales (on a very weak June 2014 figure though), the Wuling Mini Truck is up 3 spots on last month to #21, the JAC Light Truck up 16 to #32 and the Jinbei Light Bus is back inside the Top 50 at #44 thanks to 10,572 sales.

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Full June 2014 Top 50 models Ranking Table below.

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Belgium June 2014: Renault Mégane #1, Captur on podium

July 31st, 2014 No comments

Renault Captur Belgium June 2014. Picture courtesy of automobile-magazine.frRenault Captur

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Including commercial vehicles, 47,780 new cars found a buyer in Belgium in June, adding up to 318,746 halfway through 2014. The Belgian models ranking is once again rather unique this month: the Renault Mégane confirms the sales surge observed in April when it led the market and after dropping to a still very impressive 2nd spot in May it ranks #1 once again in May thanks to 1,382 sales and 2.9% vs. 1,333 and 2.8% for the VW Golf. The Golf however keeps the lead year-to-date by far at 9,228 units and 2.9% vs. 6,767 and 2.1% for the Mégane. But the big surprise comes in third place: after breaking into the European Top 10 for the first time in May, the Renault Captur brilliantly delivers its first podium ranking in Belgium with 925 sales and 1.9%, outselling the Clio at #4 and 855 units.

Peugeot 308 Belgium June 2014. Picture courtesy of largus.frPeugeot 308

An entire batch of models also lodge outstanding results this month in Belgium: the Peugeot 308, boosted by the new generation and potentially the station wagon variant now spreading in dealerships across the country, is up 13 spots on May to #7, the Opel Corsa is up 10 to #8, the Skoda Octavia up 18 to #9, Renault Kangoo up 21 to #10 and Opel Mokka up 22 to a best-ever #13 vs. #39 year-to-date. Notice also the Peugeot 2008 dropping to #16 (after a record #8 ranking in May) which is still above the 208 at #20, the Mercedes GLA up to #62, the Tesla Model S up 52 to #126 and the Mercedes V-Class landing at #198.

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Full June 2014 Top 320 models and Top 50 All-brands Ranking Tables below.

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