Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 9 months 2015: Pickups and SUVs dominate

Mitsubishi Triton Ivory Coast September 2015. Picture courtesy carshowroom.com.auThe Mitsubishi L200 is #2 overall in Ivory Coast (2015 model pictured).

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Today we can share with you the first Côte d’Ivoire update in over a year. New light vehicle sales in Ivory Coast are up a very satisfying 19% year-on-year over the first nine month of 2015 to 5.810 units. Toyota reclaims the brands pole position off Hyundai thanks to sales almost doubling year-on-yea to 1.297 and 22.3% share vs. 791 and 13.6% for the Korean manufacturer (+14%). Mitsubishi (+55%) overtakes Renault (-3%) and Ford (-1%) while Chinese carmaker Great Wall maintains itself inside the Top 10 at #9. Model-wise, the Top 12 best-sellers are all either pickup trucks or SUVs, with the #1 passenger car (the Hyundai Accent) arriving at #13. The Toyota Hilux is by far the most popular with 11.3% share, distancing the Mitsubishi L200 (5.3%), Mazda BT-50 (4.3%) and Ford Ranger (4.1%) with the Renault Duster rounding up the Top 5.

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Uganda 9 months 2015: Toyota, Tata and Nissan dominate

Tata Xenon Uganda 2015The Tata Xenon breaks into the Uganda Top 10 models over the period.

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New light vehicle sales in Uganda are down 8% year-on-year over the first 9 months to 1.794 units, after the market peaked at 2.034 in 2011. Toyota is the most popular carmaker with over 35% of the market, followed by Indian manufacturer Tata, holding 16.3% of Ugandan sales mainly due to its heavy commercial vehicle range (not included in the overall 1.794 figure above). Nissan (12%), Mitsubishi (11.2%) and Ford (9.9%) follow. Model-wise, the Toyota Hilux remains sovereign at 18.3% share above the Nissan Hardbody, Ford Ranger and Mitsubishi L200. Notice the Tata Xenon pickup elbowing its way to 7th place overall.

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Malawi 9 months 2015: Toyota jumps to 51.4% market share

Toyota Hilux Malawi September 2015. Picture courtesy of caradvice.com.auThe previous generation Toyota Hilux is still on sale in Malawi.

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1.250 new vehicles found a home in Malawi over the first 9 months of 2015, and Toyota tightens its stranglehold on the market even further, crossing the symbolic 50% market share milestone to reach 51.4% over the period thanks to 642 sales. Almost half of these go to the Hilux which improves its share to 21.8% even though the new generation hasn’t hit local dealerships yet. Ford loses ground in 2nd place at 13.7% share with the Ranger Pickup accounting for 92% of this total at 157 units and 12.6% at #2 in the models ranking. Nissan, Tata and Kia are the next most popular brands, while the Toyota Land Cruiser edges past the Nissan Hardbody to snap the final spot on the models ranking podium.

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Serbia October 2015: Locally-assembled Fiat 500L ultra-dominant

Fiat 500L Serbia September 2015The Fiat 500L once again dominate its “home” market, Serbia.

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Based on data shared by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, the Serbian new car market is up by a very impressive 35% year-on-year in October to 2.055 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total to 18.555 units, up 8% on 2014. Locally-assembled, the Fiat 500L continues to dominate the sales charts head and shoulders with almost 10% market share in October vs. less than 5% for the #2, the Skoda Octavia. The Skoda Fabia rounds up the podium ahead of the Opel Astra and Fiat Doblo.

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Bosnia & Herzegovina October 2015: Renault Clio triumphs

Renault Clio Bosnia October 2015. Picture courtesy largus.frThe Renault Clio holds 15% of the Bosnian new car market in October.

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Thanks to Central European market data specialists www.ceauto.co.hu, we can share with you today the latest available data for Bosnia & Herzegovina, a market up a very dynamic 19% year-on-year in October to 686 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total to 5.776 units, up 4% on 2014. Coming from outside the September Top 10 but now ranking 5th year-to-date, the Renault Clio shoots up to the Bosnian pole position this month thanks to 103 sales for a whopping 15% market share. That’s more than double the #2, the Skoda Octavia at 7.4% and still leader year-to-date at 6.5% share. The VW Golf, Toyota Yaris and VW Passat follow while the Hyundai Tucson breaks into the Top 10 for the first time at #8.

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Moldova October 2015: Hyundai Tucson and VW Passat tie for #1

Hyundai Tucson Moldova October 2015The Hyundai Tucson is the best-selling vehicle in Moldova in October.

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Based on data published by Central European market data specialists CE Auto, new car sales in Moldova are down a harsh 59% year-on-year to 292, due to an October 2014 figure artificially boosted by fleet sales. The year-to-date total is down 28% to 2.843 units. Big surprise atop the models ranking this month: it’s not the perennial leader the Dacia Logan, down to #6 with just 11 sales, but the Hyundai Tucson and VW Passat holding the top spot, albeit only 18 units were enough to achieve this feat. The Suzuki Vitara remains 4th and the BMW X5 reappears at #10.

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Rep of Macedonia September 2015: Dacia Duster takes charge

Dacia Duster Czech Republic 2014. Picture courtesy of autobild.deThe Dacia Duster holds over 10% market share in the Republic of Macedonia in September.

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Thanks to Central European market data specialists www.ceauto.co.hu, we can share with you September data for the Republic of Macedonia. 484 new cars found a buyer this month, adding up to 3.863 year-to-date. The Dacia Duster takes charge with almost double the sales of any other nameplate and 10.5% market share. The Ford Fiesta follows at 5.4% while the Hyundai ix35 rounds up the podium but remains in the lead so far in 2015. Notice also Peugeot placing both the 308 (#5) and 301 (#8) inside the Macedonian Top 10 and the Seat Leon making a rare appearance at #9.

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Thailand October 2015: New Mitsubishi Pajero Sport jumps to 4th place

Mitsubishi Pajero Sport Thailand October 2015Dealership deliveries of the new generation lift the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport to #4.

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October new car sales in Thailand are up 10% on September to 67.910 registrations, the second largest monthly volume in 2015 below March (74.117), but still down 4% on October 2014. The year-to-date total now stands at 624.682 units, down 13% on the same period in 2014. Toyota and Isuzu still dominate the brands ranking as usual but drop faster than the market –  both at -14% – to stand at 33.9% and 15.8% share respectively vs. 34% and 18% so far in 2015. Honda is unaffected with sales up 10% year-on-year to 14.3% share thanks to very strong performances of the HR-V (#8) and Jazz (#10). Mitsubishi is the winner of the month with sales up a whopping 26% to 6.341 and 9.3% share, mainly due to dealership deliveries of the all-new Pajero Sport shooting up from outside the September Top 50 directly to 4th place overall with 3.289 sales. November data will show the normalised sales potential for this new strikingly designed and locally-produced SUV that goes full-frontal against the Toyota Fortuner.

Ford Everest Thailand October 2015Ford Everest

Other manufacturers to shine this month in Thailand include Ford (+21%), Mazda (+10%), Chevrolet (+8%), Suzuki (+11%) and Subaru (+58%). Over on the models ranking, the Toyota Hilux (-19%) and Isuzu D-Max (-13%) are muted, the Toyota Fortuner drops from a record 7.4% share in September to 6.3% this month, now threatened by the all-new Mitsubishi Pajero Sport (4.8%). The Toyota Vios is the most popular of only four passenger cars in the Top 10 at 2.967 units (-33%) above the Toyota Yaris (-35%), Honda City (-16%) and Jazz (+7%). The Ford Everest reaches a new volume high at 936 units in 17th place, the Honda CR-V is up 63% year-on-year to #22, the MG 3 drops two spots but remains inside the Thai Top 30 for the 2nd month running at #29 while the MG 6 breaks into the Top 50 at #50.

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Media post: Avoid a car breakdown this winter

8641983-Winter-car-breakdown-woman-try-to-repair-motor-Stock-Photo-snow. Picture courtesy 123rf.comjpg

With winter here, conditions on the roads will worsen, making journeys more difficult and putting increased wear and tear on your car. Particularly for you daily commuters, driving in a winter wonderland doesn’t have to be driving in a winter ‘worryland’ as there’s much you can do to avoid a winter car breakdown, whatever your car’s age. So, it’s time to get proactive, before the weather beats you to it, and stay one step ahead by following advice from the experts.

There’s some sound recommendations on GEM Motoring Assistand the article outlines 5 simple steps to avoid the winter driving blues. It’s easy to follow and will be as good for your car’s health as your 5-a-day fruit and vegetables are good for you.

Generally, it’s important to take care of the following:

Top of the list to prevent a winter breakdown has to be getting your battery checked. All batteries go through extra strain in cold, wet weather and probably won’t survive from the daily bashing they’ll receive if they’re not in peak condition. Battery failure is one of the biggest causes of winter breakdowns and you’re likely not to get off the drive in the morning if your battery is below par! Worse still, you might get stranded somewhere away from home when it’s cold and dark and your battery is as flat as a pancake. Yes, you can always call out the breakdown truck but remember that, in winter, they’re probably very busy attending to other unfortunate motorists just like you!

Up there with battery problems is running out of fuel. There’s a good video and follow-up article on Money Supermarketthat talks about the increased likelihood of running out of fuel in the winter, usually miles from a fuel stop. It’s potentially harder to estimate journey times and fuel consumption in the winter with traffic jams and detours caused by accidents and bad weather. So, always keep topped up with fuel way before you really need to.

Servicing and antifreeze
It’s a good idea to get your car serviced regularly and certainly before the winter sets in. When you get this done, make sure that the garage has topped up your antifreeze levels. It may sound like child’s play but inadequate antifreeze can wreak havoc on your engine and cause untold damage.

It’s really important to have good strong gripping tyres in the winter too. There’ll be ice, sludge, mud and grime all over the roads and your tyres need to be able to cope with everything thrown at them, which they won’t if the tread’s not sufficiently deep. You can even get special winter tyres fitted to your vehicle to stay on the road (literally) when the weather turns nasty and your local garage will be able to advise on this.

A potential problem for motorists is main headlights (and other peripheral lights such as brake lights, indicators and fog lights) not working properly either because of faulty bulbs or through an electrical fault. So, get all your lights checked and make sure everything’s working properly – you know it makes sense!

To maximise visibility in poor weather conditions, having a clear windscreen is critical, both inside if the windows are misted up or icy and, of course, outside. Don’t set off until your inside windows are fully clear. When you do move away, you’ll need your wipers to be at their most efficient when driving in heavy rain or when mud and dirty water get thrown up onto your windscreen by vehicles in front of you. Keep your washer bottle filled as nothing’s worse than having a smeary windscreen causing you to struggle to see the road ahead and your washer bottle is empty.

Your wipers need to be at their best so get the blades checked, or even renewed, to reduce the risk of them splitting and becoming inefficient. Also, have the brackets and fixings checked to minimise the risk of mechanical failure.

Being prepared
As the saying goes, forewarned is forearmed and, for those who were in the Guides or Scouts, the motto ‘Be prepared’ has a lot of truth in it when it comes to winter driving. Finally, it could be that, despite all your best efforts, it’s not always possible to avoid a winter breakdown, so ensure that you carry essentials such as drinks, snacks, blankets and extra clothing as well as your mobile phone and car charger. Don’t forget to keep your fuel levels high because, if you get stuck, you’ll be able to warm the car for longer by keeping the engine running while waiting for the mechanic/tow truck.

Guangzhou Auto Show 2015: The highlights

Happy Audi fanHappy Audi fan at the Guangzhou Auto Show – November 2015.

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An ever more precise coverage of the Chinese auto market goes hand-in-hand with BSCB’s attendance at the local Auto Shows, a little off the beaten tracks. For the first time I was lucky enough to attend Guangzhou Auto Show. Needless to say I was one of a tiny contingent of Western press present here. Witnessing the behaviour of local carmakers at a Show almost exclusively dedicated to the local press and customers is a great opportunity to find out what they’re up to “when no one is watching” so to speak – on the world stage that is… I’ve summarised the 12 things you need to know about the Show below.

Guangzhou Auto Show 2

1. This is not a small Auto Show

Guangzhou Auto Show may be secondary in China to the Beijing and Shanghai Shows alternating each year in April, yet by Western standards this is a large Auto Show, housed at the China Import and Export Fair in Pazhou. There were a total of thirteen exhibition halls on two levels with Chinese carmakers allocated roughly one third of the entire space, plus numerous outdoor stands, putting Guangzhou almost at the same level as Paris in terms of surface allocated to the Show…

Guangzhou Auto Show

Hyundai Elantra

2. Glamour is back

Banned from the latest Shanghai Auto Show, starlets are back in force in Guangzhou, adding that bit of spice some Chinese carmakers desperately need to make their range look a lot sexier… I was also able to attend the first day open to the public, and it was a song and dance competition between all manufacturers to try and grab the attention of the numerous visitors. Volkswagen had a mildly impressive dance show, BAIC featured a rather naively choreographed dance, but the winner in this contest hands down was, surprisingly, JAC, with a very glamorous catwalk indeed.

JAC fashion showJAC went all out with dozens of models on stage.

BAIC danceBAIC song and dance 

GAC i-Lounge ConceptGAC i-Lounge Concept

3. A chest-beating exercise for local manufacturer GAC Group

As the sole local manufacturer, the Guangzhou Auto Show is a great opportunity for GAC Group to show off. And so it did, booking an entire exhibition hall to itself, including in it its joint-ventures with Honda and Toyota. GAC unveiled two concept cars: the EV Coupe hatch and the lavish i-Lounge luxury MPV with an impressive and finally rather attractive grille. It was also an opportunity for me to check the quality of the manufacturer’s instant blockbuster: the Trumpchi GS4 which sold over 20.000 units in October alone. And the quality is here: the interior is refined with a modern designs and the exterior has nothing to be ashamed of compared to its Japanese and Korean competitors. GAC is ready to export in my eyes.

GAC EV Coupe ConceptGAC EV Coupe Concept

Haval H6 one millionThe Haval H6 no. 1.000.000 was on show at Guangzhou

4. Haval celebrates one million H6 sold

After topping my “most impressive Chinese carmakers” list both in Beijing 2014 and Shanghai 2015, Great Wall’s SUV-exclusive brand Haval is taking a breather in Guangzhou, with no new models exhibited. All is forgiven, after Haval revealed an avalanche of new products just six months ago in Shanghai. The Concept B and R (for Blue and Red) are here again, and the Haval stand is split in two with blue-logo’ed models on the right and red-logo’d ones on the left. On stage, the one millionth Haval H6 sold worldwide is showcased, a stunning achievement for the Chinese manufacturer.

Haval H6 CoupeSuit-and-tie ambiance on the Haval stand.

Haval impresses again with a plush atmosphere and distances itself from all other manufacturers at the Show by deliberately choosing a “smart SUV” positioning: absolutely all models displayed apart the two concepts were brown with suit-and-tie attire all round for the hosts. No starlets to be seen anywhere. Haval wants to be taken seriously, and it managed it today, again.

Haval H8Fun outdoor Haval stand

But my favourite part of the Haval display in Guangzhou was outdoors: while nearby BYD was pumping the loudest music but wasn’t doing much on its stand, Haval very generously allowed a constant flow of journalists or public to board either an H8 or H9 and go through a 4WD “skills” circuit, driven around by professionals. It cleverly enhanced the two models’ four-wheel-drive and acrobatic abilities and was in line with the seriousness and professionalism displayed inside the exhibition hall. Once again, well done Haval.

DS 4SThe all-new DS 4S hatch: not what DS needs to lift its sales in China. 

5. DS and Qoros continue to pump money into new launches

At 1.334 deliveries for DS and 1.403 for Qoros in October or 0.07% market share each, these two brands are stuck at minuscule sales levels in China. Yet PSA Peugeot-Citroen and the Chery-Israel Corporation joint-venture both keep pumping millions of dollars into new launches. Just as the Chinese SUV market cannot be hotter and consumers are migrating en masse from sedans to crossovers, DS is launching the 4S hatchback… Exactly the model the DS range needed to see its sales take off. Not! Chery is a little smarter with the Qoros 5 SUV that has a definite air of Range Rover Evoque. Like the previous 3 hatch, sedan and SUV, the Qoros 5 is looking and feeling good, robust and solid, but will sales follow? The answer by mid-2016.

Qoros 5 SUVThe 5 SUV: the key to unlock Qoros?

Chery Arrizo 5Chery Arrizo 5 

6. Chery Arrizo 5, ChangAn CS15, BYD Yuan and Dongfeng AX7 launch

Although much smaller than in Shanghai, the number of new launches in the Chinese manufacturers’ aisle was still significant in Guangzhou. Unsurprisingly, an overwhelming majority were SUVs. A notable exception was Chery, unveiling the surprisingly handsome Arrizo 5 compact sedan. Cleverly, Chery has restricted its models on display to its slightly more upmarket Arrizo range (3, 5 and 7) and Tiggo SUV range (3 and 5). Keep it this way Chery, it somehow is a little clearer now. ChangAn revealed a mini-crossover, the CS15, yet impossible to sit inside so I won’t be able to let you know whether it is closer in quality to the CS35 (low) or the CS75 (good).

Changan CS15ChangAn CS15

Dongfeng is catching on the SUV bandwagon with a station wagon-looking AX7, BYD unveiled the hybrid Yuan, its smallest SUV yet, and Jinbei had the S35 in store for us. Interestingly, Brilliance only had the V3 and V5 SUVs as well as the H330 sedan on its stand, having all but given up on selling sedans at home in China. A good choice. Last but not least, on the SAIC stand we could see the MG brand logo subtitled with “My Glamour”. It’s the first time I see this – it may have appeared before but I had not noticed. Where has “Morris Garages” gone?

Wuling Hongguang S1The all-new Wuling Hongguang S1

7. MPVs are not dead

Even though sales of the MPV segment have lost a bit of steam over the past six months, the segment is as dynamic as ever as evidenced in Guangzhou. SAIC-GM Wuling was proudly showing off the redesigned Hongguang S1, now looking very much similar to its more up-market sibling the Baojun 730. The Wuling stand was capped with a giant screen showing, among other ads, a striking and aspiring Baojun brand video that featured various landscapes and peoples of China. I have yet to find it online but will post it as soon as I do.

Lifan Lotto SLifan Lotto S: I see what you’re doing here…

The other interesting MPV news came from Lifan, presenting a top-spec, brown-coloured Lotto S with a rather appealing interior – at least more appealing than all Lifan models presented bar the 820. Same colour, same “luxury” trim: Lifan is doing a Wuling Hongguang S on us, and it might very well work.

BAIC Senova X55BAIC has decided to push the Senova sub-brand on its SUV range…

8. Chinese branding shenanigans

The adventures in branding of Chinese manufacturers are always entertaining to follow, and this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show is no exception. BAIC Motor is clearly struggling with taking pride in its own brand, and is trying different ways to push a couple of sub-brands up. First is Senova, with the X25 SUV recently launching in market and the X45 soon-to-follow, all positioned below the existing X55. Even though the grille features a BAIC logo, the back of all SUVs present at the show had the sub-brand “Senova” displayed in big letters, exactly like GAC is doing with its Trumpchi sub-brand. Fair, but BAIC is operating completely differently with its Huansu sub-brand…

BAIC Huansu H3…while the Huansu sub-brand has its own logo.

…this time giving it a full-blown different logo on the grille as pictured on the Huansu H3 MPV above. No sign of the Huansu sub-brand on the back of the car, even on the new Huansu S6 SUV displayed on the BAIC stand. Changhe for its part remains a separate brand with a separate logo yet twin models: the Changhe Q25 is none other than a rebadged BAIC Senova X25. Confusing much? Finally, Geely is doing almost everything right once again with a posh stand and significantly more refined models than in recent past – Volvo-designed GC9 sedan I’m talking about you – yet they still displayed a GX7 SUV with a Gleagle logo, a brand they killed almost two years ago (see below)!

Leaherd 1 Picture 2Leahead i1. Toyota what have you done?

8. Toyota goes astray with its new Leahead EV brand

Originally unveiled as a concept at this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, with the Leahead i1 – based on the previous generation Toyota Yaris hatchback – the GAC-Toyota joint-venture shows us what the Chinese government is forcing them to do: cheap EV cars. The interior looks and feels cheaper than almost every car present at the Guangzhou Auto Show, actually damaging the brand reputation of Toyota as far as I am concerned. Quick Toyota, go hide this Leahead i10 far, far away from me right now.

Leaherd logo

Renault KadjarThe Renault Kadjar was officially presented to the Chinese press in Guangzhou.

9. Renault gearing up towards local production kick-start

In Guangzhou Renault officially unveiled the Kadjar SUV, already a success in Europe and the first vehicle it will produce in China, in a new plant in Wuhan, central China, run by Renault’s joint venture with Dongfeng. The Kadjar is due to hit Chinese dealerships in March 2016, before Renault adds the Koleos SUV, currently its best-seller in the country but imported only, towards the end of 2016. Renault sold 34.000 imported vehicles in 2014 and has a production capacity of 150.000 annual vehicles in Wuhan. The marketing push was clear and strong in Guangzhou, with giant banners above the road next to the venue, and a stand featuring Formula 1 and sporty Megane RS to give the brand a faster edge. We’ll have to wait the end of 2016 for the true verdict: sales.

Renault bannerGiant Renault banner in front of the Guangzhou – China Import and Export Fair

Nissan Show Young

10. Nissan is moving ahead with a very literal youth campaign

At this year’s Shanghai Auto Show, Nissan was all about attracting younger consumers through its new China-only Lannia sedan. They are now following through on their promise with a very literal advertising campaign “Show Young” that includes the Lannia, Murano and Qashqai. That’s because at long last, over two years after its worldwide launch the new generation Qashqai is finally available in China, now sitting alongside the X-Trail, Murano and Patrol in a Nissan SUV range that is starting to look mighty indeed.

Nissan QashqaiThe current generation Nissan Qashqai is finally available in China.

Honda Greiz

11. Honda launches a second China-only nameplate: the Greiz

Building on the tremendous success of the CRider – especially here in Guangzhou as I will detail in a Photo Report of the cars in town – Honda launched the all-new Greiz in Guangzhou. Manufactured by the Dongfeng-Honda joint-ventured, it’s actually not that all-new, as the Greiz is in fact a sporty version of the City, whose new generation also launched in Guangzhou and is manufactured by the other joint-venture the Japanese manufacturer has set up in China: with GAC Group. Honda had already done a similar move with the twin crossovers Honda XR-V (Dongfeng) and Vezel (GAC). Toyota also has done the same with the current generation Corolla (FAW) and Levin (GAC).

Volkswagen standFittingly, Volkswagen had the largest stand of all manufacturers at the Show.

12. Volkswagen is not loosening its focus on China

Following the diesel scandal that seems never-ending and ever-expanding, Volkswagen has already shown it will not loosen its focus on China, exempting a planned investment of 30 billion yuan in China from a worldwide cost-cutting campaign. That’s because Volkswagen’s worldwide profits heavily depends on China, by far its biggest cash cow in the world as I detailed in my series STRATEGY: Why Volkswagen is losing foot in China. The situation will only lean further towards China as profits in Europe and the U.S. are under intense threat following the scandal. In Guangzhou, the German carmaker had the largest stand of all carmakers present at the Show and unveiled nothing less than the new Lavida, its best-seller in the country. A lot more modern outside but still very boring inside, the new Lavida will nevertheless convince the Chinese masses as the previous generations of the nameplate have before it. On the public day I attended, the VAG Group exhibition hall was packed to the rafters, especially the ever-aspiring Audi stand. On a final note, Skoda has launched a new marketing line in China –  “Since 1895″  – that positions it even further away from the value-for-money box it currently masters in Europe.