Switzerland August 2017: Mercedes (+16%) threatens VW (-10%) for #1

The Mercedes GLC is up to #4 overall in Switzeland in August. 

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The Swiss new car market is up 5.6% year-on-year in August to 23.160 units, bringing the year-to-date tally back into positive territory at +0.4% to 206.963 registrations. Volkswagen goes against the grain and drops 10% to 10.7% share vs. 11.2% year-to-date and is now threatened by Mercedes, only one percentage point of market share below at 9.7% vs. 8.6% so far in 2016 thanks to deliveries soaring 16% on August 2016. BMW (-6%), Audi (+13%) and Skoda (+19%) round up the Top 5 while Renault (+26%) and Fiat (+38%) post the largest increases in the Top 10. Below, Citroen (+20%), Peugeot (+21%), Suzuki (+34%), Nissan (+39%), Volvo (+42%) and Alfa Romeo (+62%) make themselves noticed.

Model-wise, the VW Golf (+11%) manages a fourth consecutive month in pole position at 2.9% share but this is still not enough to reclaim the YTD lead off the Skoda Octavia, down 0.3% to 2.5% this month but adding up to 6.523 units so far this year (-15%) vs. 6.181 (-20%) for the Golf. The VW Tiguan (-10%) climbs back onto the podium but sees its honeymoon period end. Like last month, the hero in August is the Mercedes GLC surging 137% year-on-year to a fantastic 4th place overall and now ranking 7th year-to-date. The Fiat 500 (+58%), Skoda Fabia (+49%) and Audi A3 (+42%) also shine inside the Top 10. Just below, the Skoda Kodiaq is up a stunning 19 spots on its previous record ranking in July to lift it to a very impressive #11. The Mazda2 is up 182% to #12, the Ford Kuga up 56% to #15, the Renault Scenic up 303% to #20 and the BMW 5 Series up 91% to #27. Finally, the first two Bugatti Chiron have found a buyer in Switzerland this month.

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Austria August 2017: Ford Kuga, Seat Ateca and Skoda Kodiaq impress

The Seat Ateca hits a world-best 8th place in Austria in August. 

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New car sales in Austria are up a solid 10% year-on-year in August to 26.058 units, lifting the year-to-date tally up 8.1% to 240.350. Volkswagen trails the market growth with a slim 5% year-on-year improvement to 15.3% share vs. 16.9% so far this year. In 2nd place, Skoda soars 46% – no less than the largest gain in the Top 20 – to reach 7.7% share, ahead of Opel (+1%), Ford and Mercedes (both at +17%). BMW (-3%), Audi (-13%) and Hyundai (-16%) are the only manufacturers to lose ground in the Top 10. Beyond, notice Toyota (+44%), Dacia (+26%), Suzuki (+35%), Jeep (+48%), Alfa Romeo (+68%), Smart (+152%) and Lexus (+423%) all posting spectacular gains. In the models ranking, the VW Golf reigns supreme, almost doubling the market growth at +32%. It distances the Skoda Octavia (+61%), VW Tiguan (-15%) and Skoda Fabia (-5%) while the Ford Kuga is up three-fold to land in 5th place with 2% share. It ranks #16 year-to-date. The Seat Ateca also impresses at +216% to #8, its best-ever ranking in Austria (and the world) and 2nd stint in the Austrian Top 10 after last January. Other great performers include the Renault Scenic pup 82% to #9, the BMW 5 Series up 223% to #16, the Toyota Yaris up 161% to #17 and the Skoda Kodiaq up 30 spots on July to a best-ever #21.

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Greece August 2017: Market continues to shine at +23%

 The Toyota Yaris holds 9% of the Greek market in August.

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Greek new car sales are up by a flamboyant 23% year-on-year in August to 5.134 units, still the weakest month of the year though. Year-to-date, registrations in Greece are up 9% to 63.911 units. Toyota gains less ground than the market but evolves way higher than its year-to-date level at 14.4% share vs. 11.2% so far in 2017. Both Opel and Peugeot surge 28% to 8.6% and 6.5% share respectively, distancing Nissan (+8%) while Suzuki signs the largest year-on-year increase in the Top 10 at +73%. Notice also Hyundai up 48%, Renault up 49%, Skoda up 122%, Audi up 47%, Seat up 67%, Jeep up 73%, Honda up 56%, Smart up 83% and Ssangyong up 400%. Model-wise, the Toyota Yaris (+23%) remains frankly in the lead, selling almost double the #2, the Opel Corsa (+51%). The Renault Clio (+82%) and Peugeot 208 (+95%) make the Top 4 100% supermini. The Citroen C3 is up 4-fold in 7th place thanks to the new model, the Hyundai i20 is up 82% to #10, the Mercedes GLA up 143% to #11 and the Ford Kuga up 27-fold yp #15. The Suzuki Ignis (#20), Toyota C-HR (#22) and Audi Q2 (#24) dominate novelties.

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Australia August 2017: Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger top record market

The Toyota Hilux is the best-selling vehicle in Australia for the 6th time in a row. Picture caradvice.com.au

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The Australian new vehicle market is up 1.8% year-on-year in August to 96.662 units, a new record for the month – and the 4th consecutive record month – lifting the year-to-date total up 0.6% to a record 788.968 sales after eight months. Private sales are up 3.7% to 45.439, business sales down 3.3% to 37.460, rental sales up a whopping 16.3% to 7.213 and government sales down 1.5% to 3.281. SUVs, up 4.7%,  keep the lead with a strong 39.4% share vs. 37.% for passenger cars down 8.2% and 20.2% for light commercials including pickups, up a brilliant 16.7%. All states and territories except Tasmania are up in August, with ACT (+9.4%), Western Australia (rallying back up 4.2%) and Queensland (+3.5%) the best performers. As for vehicle provenance, Japan dominates with 27.429 sales followed by Thailand (24.191), South Korea (14.494), Germany (7.240) and Australia (5.049).

Australian Subaru sales are up 36.2% year-on-year in August. 

In the brands ranking, Toyota skids down 0.7% to solidly hold onto the top spot at a strong 19.2% share, well over double any other manufacturer in the market. Mazda is down 8.1% to 8.8% and Hyundai returns to growth with an impressive 19.3% gain to 8.1% share in third place. Holden (-8.9%), Mitsubishi (+8.4%) and Ford (-3%) follow. Below, a trio of double-digit gainers follows: Volkswagen is up 21.5%, Subaru up a whopping 36.2% and Kia also up 21.5%. Nissan on the other hand freefalls 27.1% in 10th place. Honda (+20.5%) and Isuzu Ute (+29.4%) also impress in the Top 20 while among smaller brands, Alfa Romeo (+134.1%), Peugeot (+70.8%), Chinese Haval (+69.2%), Skoda (+59.5%), Maserati (+33.3%), LDV (+26.4%), Porsche (+19.6%) and Mini (+17.7%) shine. At the other end of the stick, Audi (-28.3%), Fiat (-32.7%), Jaguar (-36.4%), Infiniti (-42.2%), Jeep (-42.5%), Volvo (-44.1%) and Citroen (-57.3%) are all in great difficulty.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is up 21% to #16 in August. 

In the space of a year, the Toyota Hilux has established an implacable domination of the Australian sales charts. August marks the 6th consecutive month at #1 for Toyota’s “ute”, with sales up a booming 29% to 4.4% share, distancing the Ford Ranger up 21% to 3.7%. The Hilux is also #1 in the lucrative 4×4 segment with 3.190 sales vs. 3.067 for the Ranger. The Toyota Corolla (-17%) is the best-selling passenger car at #3 overall above the Mazda3 (-23%) while just below, the Hyundai i30 is back into positive territory at +15%. For the second time in the past three months, the Hyundai Tucson (+33%) is the best-selling SUV in the country, outselling the Mazda CX-5 (+8%). Notice also the Holden Commodore back up 6% to #8, the Mitsubishi Triton up 49% to #10, the Hyundai Accent up 65% to $11, Mitsubishi Outlander up 21% to #16, Nissan Qashqai up 36% to #17 and Isuzu D-Max up 27% to #19.

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Romania August 2017: Logan celebrates 13 years/156 months at #1

The Dacia Logan has dominated its home monthly sales for 13 consecutive years. 

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New car sales in Romania recede by 3.3% year-on-year in August to 12.001 registrations, keeping in mind August 2016 was up 69% on the year before. The year-to-date total remains however in frank positive territory at +16.6% to 68.344 units. Homegrown leader Dacia falls slightly faster than the market at -6% but posts a particularly high market share at 32.7% vs. 27% so far this year. In fact, the entire Top 7 best-selling brands lose market share this month, headed by Volkswagen (-12%), Skoda (-8%) and Renault (-7%). On the other hand, strong performers include Suzuki (+41%), Kia (+27%), Fiat (+59%), Citroen (+45%) and Seat (+38%). Model-wise, Dacia monopolises the podium for the second consecutive month with the Logan celebrating 13 consecutive years (156 months) in pole position since the nameplate’s launch in September 2004 when it held a mammoth 33% share. The Duster (-1%) and Sandero (-21%) complete the podium – with the Sandero now ranking #4 year-to-date – above the Opel Astra (-15%), Renault Clio (-19%), Skoda Octavia (-12%) and Rapid (-20%), all losing significant ground. Notice the Suzuki Vitara up to #9, the Opel Corsa up to #11 and Citroen C3 u to #33.

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Denmark August 2017: Toyota up 20% in market down 12.1%

The Toyota Aygo is up 42% year-on-year in August.

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The Danish car market looks to be stabilising after six consecutive record years: August marks the third year-on-year decline in the past five months after April and July at a harsh -12.1% to 15.301 registrations. The year-to-date tally remains however in positive at +2.9% to a record 154.300 units after eight months. Brand-wise, Volkswagen remains in the lead despite a 19% drop to 10.6% share whereas Toyota jumps up 20% in 2nd place at 9.4%, distancing Peugeot down 28% to 9% share. Renault surges 64% to 4th place and 7.7%, above Opel (-6%), Citroen (-16%) and Skoda (-25%). Notice also Mini up 15%, Suzuki up 19%, Alfa Romeo up 55%, Tesla up 71%, Jeep up 80% and Land Rover up 280%. The Peugeot 208 (-13%) is once again the Danish best-seller, distancing two Toyotas: the Yaris up 19% and the Aygo up 42%. The VW Golf (+49%) and Renault Clio (+193%) round up the Top 5 with spectacular gains. Notice also the Suzuki SX4 up 11-fold to #22, the Peugeot 3008 up 24-fold to #30, the Opel Insignia up 185% to #36 and the Renault Zoe up 7-fold to #37.

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Argentina August 2017: Chevy Onix up #2, Renault Oroch in Top 10

The Renault Oroch breaks into the Argentinean Top 10 for the first time this month. 

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Argentinean new vehicle sales are up a splendid 21.3% year-on-year in August to 84.687 units, meaning the year-to-date total is now up an equally impressive 30.2% to 604.478 registrations, the second highest result at this stage of the year below the 669.607 units sold in the first eight months of 2013. Brand-wise, Volkswagen is back to the #1 spot it holds year-to-date thanks to a 26% surge to 15.6% share, distancing Renault at 14% (+8%), Chevrolet at 13.7% (+21%) and Ford at 11.8% (+10%). Below, Mercedes (+36%), Citroen (+49%), Honda (+63%), Nissan (+68%), Volvo (+81%), Chery (+101%) and Jeep (+165%) are among the most dynamic in the Top 20 while Lifan (+256%) and DS (+227%) dominate smaller brands. In the models ranking, the VW Gol Trend holds onto the top spot thanks to deliveries up 55% year-on-year, but in 2nd place the Chevrolet Onix is catching up at +111%, ahead of the Renault Sandero up 77% and the Peugeot 208 up 67%. The Renault Oroch – a Duster pickup – is up one spot on July to break into the Argentinean Top 10 for the very first time at #10 thanks to sales up 81%. It’s the 2nd best-selling pickup in the country below the Toyota Hilux at #6. Among recent launches, notice the Nissan Kicks up 18 spots on last month to #56, the Citroen C4 Cactus up 46 to #61 and the Fiat Argo landing at #152.

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Poland August 2017: Fiat Tipo now established in Top 10

Fourth consecutive month inside the Polish Top 10 for the Fiat Tipo. 

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The Polish new light vehicle market is up by an extravagant 16.3% year-on-year in August to 39.208 registrations, lifting the year-to-date total up 15.4% to a record 357.509 units. Polish customers seem to have concentrated on the three best-selling brands this month with all of them frankly beating the market growth: Skoda is up 35% to 11.8% share, Volkswagen up 22% to 10.1% and Toyota up 28% to 8.8%. Toyota however remains at #2 year-to-date above VW. In the Top 10, Mercedes (+41%), Kia (+35%), Fiat (+23%) and Dacia (+22%) also advance faster than the market whereas Opel recedes 2% but stays at #4. Further down, notice BMW (+21%), Hyundai (+26%) and Nissan (+34%) also improving their share.

The Opel Insignia is back inside the Polish Top 50 

Model-wise, the Skoda Octavia (+21%) reclaims the top spot it holds year-to-date off the Fabia (+39%) #1 in July, both nameplates gaining more ground than the market The Opel Astra (+6%) and VW Golf (+35%) round up the Top 4 like YTD while the VW Passat is up 28% year-on-year and 5 spots on July to #8 and the Fiat Tipo (+120%) celebrates four consecutive months inside the Polish Top 10 (#9): it now ranks at #11 YTD. The Skoda Superb (+35%), Mercedes Sprinter (+35%), Renault Clio (+39%), Kia Cee’d (+49%), VW Golf Sportsvan (+74%), Dacia Sandero (+63%), Kia Rio (+98%) all post spectacular gains in August while the Opel Insignia returns into the Top 50 for the first time since July 2016 at #35.

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Sweden August 2017: Volvo leads, XC60 cements newfound leadership

The Volvo XC60 has now firmly taken control of its home market – but no thanks to the new model…

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Updated with XC60 data by generation

The Swedish new car market is up 9.5% year-on-year in August to 29.915 units, lifting the year-to-date total up 3.8% to a record 248.167 sales after eight months. Traditionally on a summer break in August with much weaker sales, homegrown market leader Volvo wakes up this year with sales up a fantastic 76% to 16.6% share, granted well below the 19.8% it commands year-to-date but enough to keep the Swedish marque above Volkswagen, down 13% to 15.2%. It is the first time since 2009 that Volvo manages to rank #1 at home in August. Kia gains 14% to remain at a stellar third place ahead of Toyota (+9%) while Mercedes (+17%), Renault (+28%) and Peugeot (+52%) post the other double-digit gains in the Top 10. Further down, Mitsubishi (+19%), Nissan (+20%), Ssangyong (+45%), Tesla (+21%), Land Rover (+93%) and Alfa Romeo (+200%) shine.

The Optima Sportwagon PHEV helps Kia remain in third place in the Swedish brands ranking. 

In the models ranking, the Volvo XC60 confirms it has now taken control of the Swedish market with sales up 4-fold on August 2016 to 8.2% share, in great part responsible for Volvo’s pole positon this month. Yet exclusive data by version shared by Nils from local publication ViBilagare shows that only 349 out of the 2.458 August XC60 sales are the new model, the rest being the previous generation highly equipped versions called “Classic” and heavily discounted. These low prices have even pushed the XC60 Classic to #1 vehicle with private buyers at 1.020 sales vs. 494 for the VW Golf. Now that this crucial piece of information has been unearthed, the challenge will be for the new XC60 to match these figures – and we doubt it will – otherwise, the V90 may well reclaim the top spot by the end of the year.

The XC60 “Classic” is in fact responsible for the astounding XC60 scores of the past few months.

Below, the VW Golf (+15%) and Passat (+29%) round up the podium while the Volvo S/V90 posts a very disappointing score at just 3.3% share in fourth place vs. 6% and #2 year-to-date. The Volvo V40 (+34%) and S/V60 (+5%) make it four Volvos in the August Top 6, exactly like the year-to-date order. The VW Tiguan (+35%), Mercedes E-Class (+50%), Nissan Qashqai (+75%) and Renault Clio (+121%) also shine in and near the Top 10. Further down, notice the Peugeot 3008 up 13-fold on August 2016 thanks to the new generation, the Toyota C-HR best-selling new nameplate at #23, the Kia Optima up 14-fold thanks to the release of a PHEV station wagon variant accounting for 61% of its sales, and the Kia Niro strong at #28.

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Russia August 2017: Lada Granta snaps top spot in market up 16.7%

The Lada Granta is #1 at home for only the 2nd time in 2017.  

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The Russian new car market is sending extremely encouraging signals so far this year: up 16.7% year-on-year to 132.742 registrations, August marks the 6th consecutive month of year-on-year gains and the 4th consecutive double-digit uptick. Year-to-date sales are now up 9.6% to 980.921. The road to recovery will however be a long one, as the 2017 YTD tally remains 7% below the 2015 total at the same stage of the year, down 38% on 2014, down 46% on 2013 and down 49% on 2012… Homegrown brands leader Lada frankly beats the market with a 25% surges to 19.7% share as does the #2 Kia up 29% to 11.3%. Hyundai trails the overall growth at +13% to 10.1% share but Renault outpaces it at +22% to 8.4%. Inside the Top 10, Nissan (+21%), Ford (+23%) and GAZ (+32%) also improve their market share year-on-year. Further down, Subaru (+26%), Mitsubishi (+33%), Chery (+51%), Peugeot (+61%), Honda (+67%), Suzuki (+82%), Citroen (+107%), Zotye (+128%), Changan (+1980%) and Foton (+5800%) are among the rare carmakers posting significant gains in a market that seems to be concentrating on the best-sellers.

The Renault Kaptur is up to a best-ever 8th place in Russia this month. 

Model-wise, the valiant Lada Granta uncharacteristically soars 54% year-on-year to snap the pole post for only the 4th time in the past 12 moths (the last one was June), edging past the year-to-date leader, the Kia Rio, by just two units. In third place, the Hyundai Solaris, although trailing the market, is back in positive for the first time since February 2016. It distances the Lada Vesta (+35%) and the Hyundai Creta celebrating 13 consecutive months as Russia’s best-selling SUV. Below the Renault Duster up 1% to #7, the Renault Kaptur soars 127% to a best-ever #8 also hit last December. The Lada XRAY (+66%), Toyota RAV4 (+11%) and Chevrolet Niva (-0.2%) make it 6 SUVs in the August Top 11. The VW Tiguan is up 310% thanks to the new model and the antediluvian Lada 4×4 (aka Niva) manages to gain 12%.

The Lada 4×4 is up 12% year-on-year in August. 

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