Ukraine October 2015: Renault takes control in market down just 5%

Renault Logan Ukraine October 2015. Picture couertesy autocentre.uaRenault dislodges Toyota to become Ukraine’s #1 carmaker in October. Picture

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In our last Ukrainian update dating from July, we stressed the fact that the local new car market was ‘recovering’ with sales down 21% year-on-year. The situation got a lot darker since – with August volumes down 46% and September down 24% – before getting a lot better: October deliveries are down just 5% year-on-year to 5.596 units, the strongest month of 2015 so far. Keep in mind we are still evolving at just one-third of the sales levels of just two years ago, before the Ukrainian market got obliterated by the Crimea crisis. In fact, sales recorded over the past four months (18.780) are only marginally better than October 2013 alone (16.081)…

ZAZ Sens Ukraine 2014. Picture courtesy of zr.ruThe ZAZ Sens, #1 in 2014, is back to pole position at home in September.

H2 monthly sales 2013-2015 – Ukraine:

UKR Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2013 17,984 22,195 20,333 16,081 15,444 17,047
2014 6,818 6,402 5,788 5,891 6,802 7,629
2015 5,344 3,464 4,376 5,596

BMW X5 Ukraine July 2015. Picture courtesy bit.uaThe BMW X5 is up to #12 overall in Ukraine in September…

A lot is changing in Ukraine in these exceptional times. Toyota had established itself as the #1 manufacturer in the country in 2014 and so far in 2015. Geely was #2 last year but has sunk to #12 in 2015. Yet in October Renault well and truly takes control thanks to sales evolving at a very fast pace: +46% to 578 units for a 10.3% market share, the first time in recent memory that the French carmaker manages to cross the symbolic 10% mark. Renault’s success is solely due to its “access” range: the Logan (#1 year-to-date), Duster (#9) and Sandero (#11) account for 83% of its sales so far this year. Toyota (-26%) is knocked down to #2 while Ford is up a smashing 47% to third place and 7.3% share edging past ZAZ (-10%), Skoda (-11%) and Nissan (-14%). Other brands helping the market stabilise this month include Kia (+52%), BMW (+71%) up to #8 vs. #26 in FY2014, Chevrolet (+173%), Mercedes (+67%) and Chery (+73%).

Audi Q7 Ukraine October 2015…while the Audi Q7 breaks into the Top 20.

The models ranking is available with one month delay, so we will analyse September data. If the Logan stays on top year-to-date, remaining the only nameplate to sell over 1.000 units at 1.090 and 3.6% share, in September ZAZ aggressively monopolises the Top 2 spots with its twins the Sens (#1) and Lanos (#2) adding up to 308 units and 7% market share. The Skoda Rapid and Ford Fiesta both jump 9 spots on August to #4 and #5 respectively, the BMW X5 is up a further 3 ranks to reach an incredible 12th spot, the Toyota Prius ranks #15 and the Audi Q7 breaks into the Ukrainian Top 20.

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Canada October 2015: Toyota RAV4 and Tacoma shoot up

Toyota Tacoma Canada October 2015. Picture courtesy motortrend.comThe new generation pushes Toyota Tacoma sales up 86% in October.

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Nothing can stop the Canadian new light vehicle market right now: the 5% October lift to 163,199 units is the 31st consecutive month of year-on-year gains and pushes the year-to-date total to an all-time record 1.625.571 deliveries, up 3% on 2014 which was already a record year… Thanks to sales up 6% vs. stable volumes for its two main competitors, General Motors takes the lead of the groups ranking at 14.3% share, distancing FCA-Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (13.7%) and Ford Motor Co. (13.5%). Yet FCA still leads the way year-to-date at 15.4% share vs. 14.6% for Ford Motor and 13.7% for GM. Honda Motor is up 10% and Nissan Motor up 24%. Ford, Toyota and Honda (+15%) top the brands ranking, with Lexus (+29%), Nissan (+24%), Jeep (+17%) and GMC (+13%) the other great performers in the Top 20. Further down, Porsche (+45%), Cadillac (+47%), Land Rover (+72%), Scion (+84%) and Maserati (+113%) shine while Chrysler (-48%) and Smart (-68%) crash.

Toyota RAV4 Canada October 2015The Toyota RAV4 is among the five best-sellers in Canada this month (2016 PHEV model pictured).

The Ford F-Series unsurprisingly keeps holds of the models pole position with sales up 2% to 9.607 followed by the Ram Pickup at 7.070 (+10%), the Honda Civic at 6.272 (+6%) and the GMC Sierra at 5.016 (+15%). The Toyota RAV4 jumps four spots on September to top the SUV charts in 5th place overall and the Chevrolet Silverado (+15%) gains one rank on last month to #6. An overwhelming majority of significant year-on-year gains are delivered by SUVs this month, with the exception of the Toyota Tacoma boosted by the new model up 86% to #23 vs. #44 year-to-date. The Honda HR-V posts a new ranking record at #22, and the following nameplates all improve spectacularly on their October 2014 score: the Honda CR-V (+32%), Nissan Rogue (+55%), Jeep Cherokee (+43%), Hyundai Tucson (+81%), Nissan Murano (+127%), VW Tiguan (+56%) and Mercedes GLA (+86%). Launched last month, the Scion iM is up 5 spots to #118.

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Argentina October 2015: Toyota Etios up to 4th place in market up 21%

Toyota Etios Argentina October 2015Toyota Etios

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The Argentinean new car market seems to have finally bottomed out: after gaining 11% in September it is up a by a beautiful 21% year-on-year in October to 57.817 units. Volkswagen remains the most popular carmaker in the country but improves at a slower rate than the market at +10% to 19,7% share, distancing Ford (+30%) while Renault more than doubles its sales year-ony-year to 7.680 units and 13.3% share. Chevrolet (+44%), Fiat (+61%) and Toyota (+6%) follow. Notice also Audi up 172% yet Honda down 51% and Hyundai down 59%. Model-wise, after two months of Chevrolet Classic reign, the VW Gol Trend reclaims the pole position it holds year-to-date thanks to 3.075 sales and 5.3% share with the Toyota Hilux stepping up to 2nd place and 4.4% of the market despite sales down 4%. The Toyota Etios is up 42% to hit its best Argentinean ranking since March 2014 at #4, the Fiat Palio is up 68%, the Ford Ecosport up 49% and the Ford Focus up 43%. The VW Amarok maintains itself inside the Top 10 at #9, the Renault Kangoo is up 60% and the Fiat Siena up 53%.

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China LCV October 2015: Discover the Top 60 models (BSCB Exclusive)

JMC Qi Ling China October 2015An air of VW Amarok: the JMC Qi Lin, up 53% in October.

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For the second time ever on BSCB and as part of a new partnership with local Consulting firm Cedars, we can share with you a lot more detail on the light commercial vehicle market in China with complete minivan, pickup and mini truck data by model available. Overall according to LMC Automotive light commercials add up to 275.774 units in October and 2.988.258 year-to-date. Looking at the detail by segment, it’s bad news all round: minivans continue to sink into oblivion at -35% and 50.474 sales (-39% year-to-date), pickups are down 15% to 25.789 units and down 18% so far in 2015 whereas the only island of LCV growth, mini trucks (the Chinese label for micro pickups) also surrender this month: down 9% to 37.254 deliveries, leading to a minuscule 0.09% gain year-to-date at 359.709 registrations.

Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai China October 2015The Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai makes its first appearance in the Chinese sales charts.

The Wuling Mini Truck wins for the fourth time in a row despite sales down a worrying 25%, distancing the Foton Light Truck (-9%) and the best performer of the month, the Lifan Light Truck jumping 5 spots on September to third place overall at 13.619 sales. Relics of a time long gone, the Wuling Sunshine (+3%) and Chana Star (+4%) hold their own albeit on a small October 2014 base.

Wuling Rongguang S China 2014The S variant isn’t helping: the Wuling Rongguang (-63%) sinks below 10.000 monthly units.

The most striking evolution in the ranking this month is delivered by the Wuling Rongguang: down an abysmal 63% to fall below 10.000 monthly units for the first time since BSCB started following Chinese LCV sales five years ago… The Hongguang V, much more recent, isn’t setting the sales charts on fire anymore either: after a peak of 30.003 units in March, it is down to 7.489 and #12 this month.

Sichuan Mini Truck China October 2015. Picture couertesy 360che.comUp 3-fold year-on-year but still rare on Chinese roads: the Sichuan Mini Truck.

Some rare nameplates do manage to go against the depressing grain this month: among them, the Chana Mini Truck is up 34% to #10, the Dongfeng K-Series Mini Truck is up 3% at #16, the FAW Xenia up 92% to #21, FAW Jilin Mini Truck up 66% to #23, FQT Motor M70 up 72% to #26, the JMC Yuhu is up a whopping 180% to #31, the JAC Pickup leaps 48% to #37, the JMC Qi Ling is up 53% to #39 and the Sichuan South Chun Mini Truck is up 3-fold on a year ago (+209%) to #44. Finally, we welcome the Jiangxi Isuzu Ruimai – the local version of the Isuzu D-Max – in the charts at #42 with 499 units sold in October alone.

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Czech Republic October 2015: Volkswagen Group holds 51% of market

Skoda Fabia Czech Republic September 2015The Skoda Fabia has been #1 in the Czech Republic for four months running.

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It has become the norm: new car sales in the Czech Republic break a new record in October, up 10.5% year-on-year to 19.658 registrations, the best October ever recorded. The year-to-date total is up a flamboyant 20% to 190.668 units, also a record and only a few days away from beating the all-time annual high hit last year (192.314). Keep in mind though that roughly 17% of all new car registrations in the Czech Republic are immediately re-exported towards other European Union nations. It would appear that the emissions scandal that is rocking Volkswagen’s boat worldwide has been the best advertising for all brands of the group in the Czech Republic, with the four flagship marques all frankly outpacing the market… Skoda is up 23% to 34.9% share, Volkswagen up 21% to 10.7%, Seat up 37% to 3% share and Audi up 45% to break into the Top 10 at 482 sales and 2.5%. All-in-all, these four brands account for 51.1% of the Czech new car market this month.

Skoda Superb Czech Republic October 2015Skoda Superb sales are up 106% in October.

Model-wise, the Skoda Fabia is up almost 5-fold on a year ago to holds the title of best-selling nameplate at home for the 4th consecutive month thanks to a strong 2.265 sales and 11.5% share. This time it also outsells the Octavia in real terms – meaning reported sales minus re-exports – at 2.060 vs. 2.024. Despite volumes down 32% the Skoda Rapid remains on the podium, while the Hyundai i30 is the most popular foreigner at #4 and the Skoda Superb more than doubles its sales year-on-year (+106%) to round up the Top 5 at 3.5% share thanks to the new model. Notice also the VW Passat up 149%, the Ford Focus up 107%, Seat Ibiza up 144%, the Suzuki Vitara up to #27 and the Renault Kadjar breaking into the Top 50 at #46.

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Austria October 2015: Hyundai Tucson conquers yet another market

Hyundai Tucson Austria October 2015. Picture courtesy Tucson. Picture

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New car sales in Austria hit a bump in October at -7% year-on-year to 25.149 registrations, pulling the year-to-date total down 0.7% to 262.342 units. Austrian car buyers have voted: they will support Volkswagen come what may, with the German manufacturer enjoying a 3% year-on-year gain this month to 4.676 sales and 18.6% share, a notch above its year-to-date level of 17.3%. Opel tumbles down 14% but is up two spots on September to #2, BMW is up four to #3 and Renault up 13% to #4. Skoda (-18%), Hyundai (-29%), Ford (-25%) and Audi (-22%) are hit hard. Reversely, Mercedes (+16%), Fiat (+26%) and Dacia (+21%) prosper. Model-wise, just as it did in Switzerland, the Hyundai Tucson leaps up a fantastic 26 spots on September to become the best-selling non-Volkswagen Group model at #5 with 1.8% share below the VW Golf (4.7%), Polo (3.1%), Skoda Octavia (2.3%) and VW Tiguan (2.2%). Notice also the VW Sharan up 22 ranks to #10, the VW Bus up 19 to #11 and the Seat Alhambra up 28 to #12.

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Greece October 2015: Volkswagen crashes down 60%

VW Golf Greece October 2015. Picture courtesy sales are down 60% year-on-year in Greece in October. Picture

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It’s a very unstable year for the Greek new car market: back to harsh decline in October at -16% to just 4.946 registrations, yet the year-to-date total remains in positive at +5.5% to 63.130 units. Despite sales down 20% year-on-year, Toyota reclaims the brands pole position it holds year-to-date at 10.7% share above Opel (-18%) and Mercedes once again posting a fantastic result with volumes up 94% on October 2014 to 7.3% share. Nissan (-4%) and Fiat (-11%) round up the Top 5 but the big news in Greece this month is the freefalling of Volkswagen, down 60% to just 325 sales and 6.6% share.

A combination of a high comparison volume in October 2014, the after-effects of overselling in the past couple of months and, it’s impossible to ignore it, the emissions cheating scandal it is currently embroiled in. Whether it wouldn’t be reasonable to attribute the entire decline to dieselgate, this 60% drop is the largest Volkswagen has experienced post-scandal anywhere in the world. Model-wise, the Toyota Yaris (-30%) and Opel Corsa (-31%) are back in command despite significant year-on-year drops, the Nissan Qashqai is up 18% to #3, the VW Golf falls 44% in 5th place, the Mercedes GLA is up 7-fold to #10 and the Ford Focus up 5-fold to #11.

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Photo Report: The cars of Taipei, Taiwan

1. Toyota Corolla Taipei 2Toyota Corolla taxi and Taipei 101 tower in background.

Today we interrupt the U.S. North to South series for a quick Photo Snapshot of Taipei in Taiwan, on my way to the Guangzhou Auto Show. At 423.829 registrations over the Full Year 2014, Taiwan is one of the smallest markets in the world to benefit from dedicated models and designs reserved for local car buyers. Its geographical status as an island off the coast of China has a lot to do with this situation. My 10 hour-layover in Taipei enabled me to take the High Speed Rail from the Taoyuan International Airport to the country’s capital city Taipei, home to 4 million inhabitants – out of the 23.5 million the country counts as of 2015. It’s a 20 minutes trip at a peak speed of 250kph.

4. Toyota Wish Taipei 2Toyota Wish and Mercedes A-Class in Taipei, Taiwan. 

Once in Taipei, the bias towards taxis is evident: they represent a little less than half the passenger cars streaming the busy streets of the capital. Among them, the Toyota Wish is by far the most popular. In fact, 4 out of every 5 Toyota Wish I spotted during the few hours I was in town was a taxi. The Toyota Corolla follows, 1 in 3 is a taxi – justifying its national sales pole position, ahead of the Toyota Camry.

6. Luxgen S5 Turbo TaipeiLuxgen S5 Turbo Police, Ford Transit in Taipei, Taiwan.The Taipei Police for their part are using a variety of vehicles, among them BMW scooters and Luxgen S5 Turbo sedans.

2. Taipei street scene 4Taipei 101 Tower

10. Luxgen U6 Turbo TaipeiLuxgen U6 Turbo

As far as local manufacturer Luxgen is concerned, it is established in the Taipei traffic, granted, but is by no means dominant. In the limited area I got the opportunity to observe, the M7 Turbo MPV was the most frequent by far, with a few lonely U6 Turbo SUVs also spotted.

3. Taipei street scene 2Taipei street scene

5. CMC Veryca Taipei 2CMC Veryca 2015

But the big surprise is the most frequent non-taxi vehicle in the streets of Taipei: hands down the CMC Veryca mini-truck, in both its van and pickup variants and including a fair amount of 2015 facelifted models. The Veryca was up to #2 overall in October but my observations denoted a long heritage of purchase patterns for the Veryca by most small businesses in the capital. Staying in the light commercial aisle, the Mitsubishi Delica comes at a close second below the Veryca, while the Zinger is also very frequent, as is the first generation Toyota Innova – still not replaced yet in Taiwan!

8. VW Transporter TaipeiVW Transporter Ambulance in Taipei, Taiwan.

The VW Transporter is also seen relatively frequently, notably as Ambulance. The Ford Transit is the other Western light commercial vehicle that has been met with strong success in Taipei, including the current generation.

9. CMC Veryca Taipei 4CMC Veryca

The Taipei (and by extension Taiwan) car landscape offers an interesting mix of ultra-dominant Japanese vehicles, a local manufacturer – Luxgen – slowly but surely imposing itself, and a healthy count of luxury European brands: Volvo is notably very successful, through the V40 and XC60 mainly. Finally, Taipei’s wealth is clearly apparent on the streets: in the space of a few hours I spotted multiple new generations Mercedes S-Class, as well as multiple Porsche Cayenne, Macan and Panamera.

BMW Scooter police TaipeiIt’s BMW scooters all the way for the Taipei Police.

The Full Photo Report (20 pictures) continues below.


Uzbekistan 2015: Change of guard from UZ-Daewoo Nexia to Gentra?

UZ-Daewoo Gentra Uzbekistan September 2015The UZ-Daewoo Gentra is the best-selling vehicle in Uzbekistan over H2 2015 so far.

Sales data of models produced locally show the UZ-Daewoo Nexia in the lead over the first half of 2015, as it has been the case since 2008. Yes you have read well, a joint venture between the Uzbek government and GM-Daewoo set in place back in 1996 has kept the Daewoo brand alive – or UZ-Daewoo to be more precise (click here for more info). However the 8-year reign of the Nexia “at home” could well soon come to an end. If a victory in 2015 is certain, 2016 seems a lot less guaranteed, as a change of guard may be occurring before our eyes. Over the July-September period, the UZ-Daewoo Gentra – a rebadged Chevrolet Optra – is in the lead with over 11.500 sales, followed by the Nexia at 9.200, the Chevrolet Cobalt at 6.300 and the Daewoo Damas at 6.100. Source: Marklines.

Kazakhstan October 2015: GAZ Gazelle and Renault Duster on top

Renault Duster Kazakhstan October 2015. Picture courtesy zr.ruRenault Duster – Russian model pictured. Picture

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The Kazakh new car market is falling into a bottomless pit, down an abysmal 49% year-on-year in October to 7.545 registrations which pulls the year-to-date total down 37% to 84.689 units. Lada is once again in great difficulty at just 16.9% market share vs. 27.9% a year ago, while on the opposite Renault improves vastly from #9 and 3.9% in October 2014 to #2 and 12.9% this month. Similarly, Chevrolet goes from #6 and 6.2% a year ago to #3 and 9.2% this month and Volkswagen jumps from #12 and 2.7% to #6 and 7.4%. UZ-Daewoo (8.8%) follows while Hyundai (7.6%), Kia (7.2%) and Toyota (4.7%) all lose significant market share.

Lada Priora Kazakhstan October 2015. Picture courtesy of vse.kzThe Priora is the only Lada inside the Kazkah Top 10 in October.

The GAZ Gazelle and Renault Duster are a tie for the title of best-selling nameplate in Kazakhstan in October with 478 sales and 6.3% share each, distancing the VW Polo very strong at 5.9% share vs. 3.5% year-to-date. The Lada Priora and Hyundai Accent are knocked down to #4 and #5 respectively, with the Accent now just 44 units below the Lada Granta in the 2015 rankings. A Korean pole position in the Kazakh model sales charts seems like a done – and historical – deal. The UZ-Daewoo Nexia (#6) and Gentra (#7) leap into the Top 10 as do the Renault Logan (#9) and Sandero (#10), while all Ladas except the Priora are kept outside the Top 10.

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