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France 1957-1960: Renault Dauphine reigns

Renault Dauphine * See the Top 5 most produced models by clicking on the title! * Launched in 1956, the Renault Dauphine is an instant hit and becomes the best-selling car in France as early as for its first full year of sales in 1957. Production figures are immediately very…

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Norway 1957-1958: Volvo 444/544 takes the lead

Volvo PV444 * See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rene * The Norwegian car market is in strong progression over the period, up 58% in 1957 to 16,989 registrations and a further 10% in 1958 to 18,619 units. Surprise in both years:…

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Germany 1955-1957: VW Beetle and BMW Isetta popular

BMW Isetta * Many thanks to Florian for making this post possible! * During the period car sales continued to accelerate in Germany: from 494,200 registrations in 1955 (+29%) to 582,100 in 1956 (+18%) to 639,600 in 1957 (+10%). The VW Beetle follows the market's growth and stabilises itself around…

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Norway 1956: VW Beetle and Pobeda dominate

Pobeda (4wd model aka GAZ M-71) * See the Top 10 best-selling models by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rene * This is the oldest official models ranking I can share with you about Norway. 10,782 vehicles were sold in 1956 in Norway and at that time the…

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France 1951-1952: Renault 4CV king of the roads

Renault 4CV The French new passenger car and light commercial vehicle market gains a sturdy 36.3% year-on-year in 1951 to surpass 200.000 annual units for the first time since 1938 at 235.947. Renault (+31%), Citroen (+34%) and Peugeot (+24%) remain the dominant forces in their home market, but all lose…

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Sweden 1950: VW Beetle best-seller

VW Beetle * See the Top 5 best-selling brands by clicking on the title! Many thanks to Rene * There is only a brands ranking available for 1950 in Sweden and Ford is the best-seller with 16.2% of the market, however Volkswagen coming second at 13.3% means the Beetle should…

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France 1950: Renault 4CV and Peugeot 203 on top

Renault 4CV In 1950, the French market is rebooted: rationing tickets are a thing of the past, the sale of petrol is not controlled anymore, people can move wherever they want inside the country and raw materials are more widely available. New passenger car and light commercial vehicle registrations leap…

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