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Eritrea 2010: Hilux likely leader, Kia Rio taxi of choice

Street Scene in Asmara, Eritrea. Picture by Eric Lafforgue. All rights reserved.

The Eritrean car market is very easy to decipher because a handful of cars clearly dominate the streets.

In all likeliness and judging by the number of old gen models filling the streets, the Toyota Hilux should be the best selling vehicle in Eritrea, followed by the Toyota Corolla. Indeed around 60% of the cars in circulation in the streets of the capital Asmara are Toyotas: old gen Hilux, Corolla and Land Cruiser.

There is also a significant amount of old gen VW Beetle, and the taxis swarming the streets are either 2003 Kia Rio sedans or 1992 Opel Vectra sedans.

More street scenes and street videos below.

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