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Media post: How to Make your Car Look Brand New

There’s nothing quite like getting Behind the wheel of a brand new car. The smell, the feel of the fabric or the leather underneath you and that knowing feeling that you are going to be the first person to put some mileage on the clock.It’s exciting and it’s exhilarating. And what is your very first car? There’s something exciting about that too. If your car has lost that feeling over the time, you want to try and regain that where you can. It’s all lovely to be able to have a nice car to slip into, but it should feel comfortable and it should feel like you are getting behind the wheel for the first time.

Being able to soup her up from time to time is going to cost you money from the private plates for sale that you can choose from to a new paint job. However, you can still use some small changes to make your car look brand new without having to rent your bank account dry. Whether you’ve driven 25,000 miles or 100,000 miles, you need to think about the inexpensive things that you can do to make your car look new again. Let’s take a look at some of those below.

– Get it organised. If you ask somebody who has things in the foot worlds of the front seat and the back seat and in the trunk, then you need to think about getting things organised and cleared out. It doesn’t have to take too long and you can allocate yourself an hour to get your glove compartment and any small storage spaces cleaned out. Car organisers can hold any electronic accessories for the kids and they can even be one for cleaning supplies, first aid kits and survival kits in the boot. There are plenty of smaller items that tend to go loose in your car and when that happens you can take some time to organise them. If you do this you can get some of the space back and make it look tidy. 

– Buy an in car bin. It’s very easy for rubbish just to get dumped through your car, and any trash that accumulates over long road trips or even on your commute to work can keep your car from smelling good. Instead of having a car that’s packed with a stinky odour, you need to make sure that eating and drinking is not allowed in your car. And if people do eat and drink in the car, you have a trash bag handy to capture any of the wrappers and excess food products. This way you can just dispose of the bag itself when you leave the car. Add a couple of air fresheners to the car as well to get rid of unwanted smells while you drive.

– Bring a duster into the car. Dust can build up overtime, and when this happens you need to find some super simple and effective ways to keep it looking brand new with less dust. A microfiber car duster can really help you here, because you can just keep it in the door of the car and whip it out whenever you see some dust. You can also use these microfiber cloths and dusters for excess dirt on the exterior of your car, such as the hood or the sunroof or even the lights. Dusting can make a massive difference to the way that your car looks. Make it look brand new again and all it takes is about 5 minutes extra time when you get in or out of your car a couple of times a week.

– Keep handy wipes in the car with you. Using wipes to clean the interior of your car won’t just keep it clean, it will make sure that any dirt and dust that’s left behind when you’re driving it’s cleaned up in a few seconds. For example, if you like to wipe your hands with hand cream, you might find a residue on your steering wheel. You can avoid this by just keeping some handy wipes in your car to give your car’s steering wheel the once over when you get out. There are plenty of car cleaning wipes that you can choose from in the supermarkets, and you can choose the right brand that suits your car so you don’t end up ruining the material.

– Get out the vacuum. When was the last time you plugged in the vacuum in the garage and gave your car a once over? It’s probably been a while. Take out the floor mats and give them a shake outside and then vacuum them front and back while giving the back of them a wipe down with some bleach wipes. You can then vacuum the floors and under the seats and individually vacuum any leaves or sand that you might find. Don’t lay anything dirty back into your car because otherwise it’s just a waste of a job. You could also use the vacuum to pick up any dirt that has travelled into the centre console, so just make sure you have the right nozzle to get into all of those annoying little corners.

– Give it a bath. Take your car to the local car wash.And get it detailed inside and out. Sometimes to make a car feel brand new again, you just need to give it a once over and it doesn’t mean you have to do it yourself. You can also make sure that you don’t neglect the car’s wheels when you’re washing it. A set of shiny wheels can really work wonders for their car’s appearance and for its value, and you can’t discount that if you’re trying to make it look good.

– Replace what you need to replace. You might not want to replace your entire car, but you can still replace the floor mats. As to the seat covers and even the stereo system, Small upgrades here and there can make your car look fantastic without having to spend all of the money on something completely new. If your floor mats are cleanable, do play them, but you can always switch out the colours of your floor mats if you want to give your car a bit of a facelift.

Give it a new paint job. A great way to make your car look brand new is to take it for a respray of its paintwork. Weather and air quality can have a huge impact on the conditions of your car so all you need to do is make sure that it has a fresh paint spray every few years. Being exposed to the sun over and over again can cause some wear down that you can overcome.

– Get it repaired. Are there any dents or is the option on the way out? If so, get it repaired. Deep, dense, deep scratches and extensive damage to the exterior of your car can be fixed. The quicker you fix a dent or scratch, the better your car will look with less noticeable damage.

Your car is somewhere you’re going to be spending a lot of time, so cleaning your car is just as important as cleaning your house. The car will get you from point A to point B, but why shouldn’t you do that in total comfort? Instead of replacing your car in its entirety, try these tips to make it look brand new again.

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