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Australia Full Year 2023: Exclusive Top 10 models by State and Territory

The Toyota Hilux wins 5 states but ranks #2 in the national Australian ranking.

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Today we can share with you exclusive models data for each State and Territory in Australia. #1 nationwide for the year, the Ford Ranger only wins two States: Victoria and Tasmania. In contrast the Toyota Hilux wins five: New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, South Australia and Northern Territory. How come the Ranger managed to top the national charts? Simply because of one State: in Victoria where it holds a 6% market share, its advantage over the Hilux is almost 8,500 units, balancing out all of its other states’ losses. Notice the very atypical ranking in the Australian Capital Territory where the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 top the charts. The Model Y also makes it into the Top 10 of four additional states. The Toyota RAV4, MG ZS, Isuzu D-Max, MG 3 and Toyota Prado also manage podium finishes. Finally, note Toyota places 6 models inside the Northern Territory Top 10.

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Full Year 2023 Top 10 models for each State and Territory below.

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