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Europe November 2023: BMW (+15.6%) up to #2, Skoda (+35.6%) impresses in market slowing down its growth

BMW is the 2nd best-selling carmaker in Europe in November.

According to data by ACEA, the European new car market (EU+EFTA+UK) slows down its growth in November at +6% to 1,075,756 units. Year-to-date, the market is up 15.6% to 11,799,842 but still down -10.8% on pre-pandemic November 2019. Among the Top 5 markets, Italy is the most dynamic at +16.2%, followed by France (+14%), the UK (+9.5%), Spain (+7%) while Germany (-5.7%) disappoints with a negative result. Year-to-date, Italy (+20%) shines again with the UK (+18.6%), Spain (+17.3%), France (+16.2%) and Germany (+11.4%) in tow. Other great performing markets in November include Bulgaria (+54.2%), Cyprus (+30.1%), Greece (+29.5%), Estonia (+27.9%) and Croatia (+27.5%). Reversely Norway (-47%), Hungary (-12.6%) and Ireland (-7.2%) struggle. 

BEVs gain 16.4% year-on-year in the European Union to 144,378 but this lift crashes down to +4.9% to 182,982 when adding EFTA and UK markets because of the Norwegian market’s freefall. Year-to-date BEV sales soar 39.7% to 1,813,941 and 15.4% share. Among the Top 5 markets in November, BEVs are more prevalent in France (20.2% share) and Germany (18.3%) with the UK (15.6%) not far below. In contrast Spain (7.7%) and Italy (5.6%) fare poorly. Across Europe for this month, PHEVs are down -14.1% to 91,070, HEVs up 27% to 299,748, petrol up 4.4% to 358,164 and diesel off -10.7% to 114,715.

In the groups ranking, the VW Group is up 9.2% to just under 278,000 sales, whereas Stellantis underperforms at -2.8%. Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (+7.9%) beats the market while Hyundai-Kia matches it. The BMW Group manages the best performance at +11.2% whereas the Toyota Group (-7%) suffers. Brand-wise, Volkswagen (-1%) isn’t in great shape again just as BMW (+15.6%) soars up to a record #2, dislodging Toyota (-8.3%) and Audi (+2.4%). Skoda (+35.6%) scores the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 17 and no additional Top 12 member is in the double-digits. Ford (-15.1%) is hit hard.

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Full November 2023 Top 10 groups and Top 25 brands below.

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