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Italy October 2023: Jeep Avenger up to #4, market up 20%

The Jeep Avenger BEV (pictured) only accounts for 5% of the nameplate’s volume.

New car sales in Italy jump 20% year-on-year in October to 139,052, lifting the year-to-date tally up 20.5% to 1,315,964. Private sales are up 21.4% to 83,122 and up 12.9% to 738,158 year-to-date, self registrations shoot up 70.4% to 16,220 for the month and up 41.2% to 132,982 year-to-date, long term leases edge up 4.9% to 31,263 and up 32.4% to 326,361 YTD, short term rentals actually drop -16.7% for the month to 1,863 but are up 27.2% YTD to 59,200 and company sales gain 22.6% to 9,262 and 19.7% YTD to 78,672. 

Petrol sales are up 21% to 39,018 and up 22.6% YTD to 376,065, diesel slides -1.9% to 21,564 but gains 9.9% YTD to 244,295, LPG soars 35.5% to 14,041 and up 26.2% YTD to 119,951, HEVs are up 29.6% to 55,321 and up 27.8% YTD to 481,832. That includes 16,316 full hybrids (+40.7%) and 39,005 mild hybrids (+25.5%) for the month, 129,653 (+30.7%) and 352,179 (+26.8%) respectively year-to-date. Meanwhile PHEVs drop -4.3% to 5,853 in October but gain 7.4% to 59,907 year-to-date. Finally BEVs advance 57.3% to 5,814 and 4.1% share vs. 3.1% a year ago and up 30.3% YTD to 51,877 and 3.9% share vs. 3.6% over the same period in 2022. These are among the lowest BEV market shares in Europe.

In the brands ranking, for once Fiat (+21.4%) manages to keep up with its home market and gain market share year-on-year to 11.7% vs. 11.3% so far this year. Toyota (+9.6%) repeats at #2 with a solid score given it had broken all its record a year ago in October 2022. Volkswagen (+12.9%) is stuck in third place but has an unsurmountable advantage over Toyota in the year-to-date charts. Dacia (+62.5%) posts the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 15 and notches a fourth Top 4 finish in the past 5 months. Renault (+31.6%) is also in great shape at #5 with Jeep (+36.8%) the only remaining Top 10 member to beat the market. 

Model-wise, the Fiat Panda (+32.3%) outpaces the market to reach a splendid 7.9% share vs. 6.4% year-to-date where it is down -3.9%. The Dacia Sandero (+114.8%) confirms it is “the best of the rest” by reinforcing its 2nd place overall with 3.8% share vs. 3.1% so far this year where it climbs up 50.9%. The Lancia Ypsilon (+15.4%) is back to the third place it holds year-to-date with 3% of the market. The event of the month is the Jeep Avenger breaking records again to land at #4 with 2.5% share. Note 95% of its sales are its petrol variant, with the EV variant only accounting for 5% of its volume both for the month and year-to-date. The Fiat 500X (+152.6%), Renault Captur (+60.4%) and Toyota Yaris Cross (+35.8%) also shine in the remainder of the Top 10.

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