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Media post: Here’s Why Using Expired Tags in Texas is a Terrible Idea

Texas laws require residents to drive with valid registration and tags. Car tags are vital because authorities use them to check proof of vehicle ownership and insurance. Officers also use them to verify if vehicle owners have paid all required car taxes.

If you are wondering how long can you drive with expired tags in Texas, chances are your vehicle registration has expired or is about to. If so, note that regulations in the Lone Star State allow residents to use expired tags for up to 5 working days.

You shouldn’t use expired tags past that period, or else you risk detrimental issues, including the following.

●    Traffic Stops

Texas police officers can and will pull you over when they suspect you have violated a traffic rule or law. The law requires drivers to have up-to-date registration with them at all times. And driving around with expired tags means your vehicle registration is out of date, which gives officers ample reason to pull you over.

Getting pulled over is often a time-consuming inconvenience. Remember, officers will likely cross-check your details and decide if you deserve a citation whenever they stop you. Not to forget, traffic stops put you at additional risks that can escalate to violence.

●    Hefty Penalties

Driving with expired tags in Texas exposes you to various penalties, amounting to hundreds of dollars in fines. The average number hovers around $200, but it can exceed this threshold due to additional court costs and other charges. Authorities may also slap you with a heftier fine if you are a repeat offender or have been using expired tags for an extended period.

Besides getting fined, authorities may also give you a ticket for expired tags. That is because using a vehicle with expired registration is considered a traffic violation in the state.

●    Impoundment

An impounded car can make your life extremely difficult, especially if you rely on it. Moreover, vehicle impoundment attracts many other problems, including significant towing and impound fees.

Authorities in Texas can tow your car to the impound lot if they discover it has expired tags. Remember that you can’t legally drive around with expired registration. So, enforcement officers can tow your vehicle if they decide it should be off the road.

Avoid this disturbing situation by ensuring your tags are up to date. If it has expired, avoid using the car until you sort it out.

Final Thoughts

Texas is widely known as the land of pickup trucks. And nothing compares to driving down a Texan road on a powerful truck, enjoying the scenery, and relishing the sound of gravel on your tires. But before you fire up your vehicle and go for a drive, check the status of your tag expiry.

You shouldn’t drive around Texas with expired tags because you’d be violating the law. And your acts can attract fines, towing, impoundment, or, in extreme cases, license suspension. If you check your tags and discover you are a few days behind, start the renewal process immediately.

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