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Taiwan May 2023: Lexus (+131.9%), BMW (+85.9%) highlight market up 37.4%

Lexus is the best performer in the Top 10 again.

42,478 new light vehicles hit Taiwanese roads in May, a splendid 37.4% year-on-year improvement. This means the year-to-date tally is now up 12.9% to 192,477. Brand leader Toyota (+15.1%) trails the market to 23.4% share vs. 26.2% year-to-date. Like it has been the case over the past few months, Lexus (+131.9%) is in outstanding shape again at 7.1% share, well above followers Honda (+39.1%) and Mercedes (+34.6%). BMW (+85.9%), Volkswagen (+74.9%) and Hyundai (+67.3%) also post stellar upticks.

Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla Cross (+15.9%) remains by far the most popular, selling more than twice any other nameplate in the country. The Honda CR-V (+19%) is up one spot on April to #2 as is the Toyota Town Ace (+63.8%) at #3. The Ford Focus (+50.4%) for its part is up three to #4, distancing the Lexus NX (+148.8%) at #5 again and the Tesla Model Y up twelve o #6. The Toyota Yaris (+43.5%) also beats the market at #7 while the Toyota RAV4 (-7.9%), #2 over the Full Year 2022 but down to #8 year-to-date, can’t capitalise on the market growth. 

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Full May 2023 Top 10 brands and Top 60 models below.

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