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Media post: Loose Lug Nuts cause Ford’s Latest Bronco and Ranger Recall

After a never-ending stream of recalls for its models in 2023, the Ford Ranger and Bronco models have another recall knocking at the door, this time concerning loose lug nuts, particularly, the driver-side lug nuts. Marked as another manufacturing issue, there have been several recalls recently concerning almost all the models sold by Ford including the F-150 lightning, Mustang, Explorer, and more.

This time, the Ford Bronco and Rangers are being recalled due to loose wheels, which was confirmed by the NHTSA on April 20th, 2023. The recall affects 1,434 Bronco and Ranger offerings. According to the NHTSA, the affected wheels are on the left side and could result in the loosening of the wheel attachment and potential wheel detachment, increasing the risk of a crash.

The issue is caused due to an assembly process error, not tightening the wheels to specification. In case the wheel becomes loose while driving, it will cause excessive vibration and noise. It is recommended to take the vehicles to Ford immediately to avoid any mishaps.

Ford will check the torque on the driver’s side lug nuts of these vehicles at the dealerships and tighten them to specification if required.

The recall affects 992 Ford Bronco models and 442 Ford Ranger SUVs. The owners will be intimated before May 5th. To check if your vehicle is part of the recall, head to the NHTSA website for a recall search tool by just entering your VIN number.

This is not the first time Ford recalls its offerings for wheel issues. As recently as 2021, 200,000 Ford Bronco SUVs and Ranger pickup trucks were recalled due to loose lug nuts. This is the latest recall in a series of issues plaguing the automaker, which has faced scrutiny over safety concerns in recent years.

The previous recall affected 2021 Ford Bronco SUVs and Ranger pickup trucks that were built at the company’s Michigan Assembly Plant between July and September of 2021. According to Ford, the lug nuts on the vehicles’ wheels may not have been properly tightened during assembly, which could cause the wheels to come loose while the vehicle is in motion.

While no accidents or injuries have been reported as a result of the issue, Ford is urging owners of affected vehicles to bring their cars in for service immediately. The company has promised to inspect the lug nuts on affected vehicles and tighten them if necessary, free of charge.

In another previous instance, Ford had to recall vehicles due to wheel-related issues in 2019, the company recalled nearly 1.5 million Ford F-150 pickup trucks due to a similar issue with the trucks’ lug nuts. In that case, the company received reports of at least one accident and 34 incidents related to the issue, prompting the recall.

The recent recall is a reminder of the importance of proper maintenance and safety checks on all vehicles, particularly for new models that may have recently come off the production line. Loose lug nuts can cause significant damage to a vehicle and put the driver and passengers at risk of a serious accident.

It also highlights the importance of automakers being transparent about any issues with their vehicles and taking swift action to address them. As consumers, we rely on car manufacturers to produce safe, reliable vehicles, and it is their responsibility to ensure that any issues are promptly identified and resolved.

In the case of the recent Ford Bronco and Ranger recall, the automaker has responded quickly and efficiently to the issue and is taking steps to prevent it from happening again in the future. However, it is important for consumers to be proactive in checking for any potential safety issues with their vehicles and to take any necessary action to address them. While Ford has responded quickly to address the issue, it is important for all car manufacturers to prioritize safety and be transparent about any issues with their vehicles. As consumers, we have the responsibility to stay informed and take action when necessary to ensure the safety of ourselves and our passengers on the road.

This recent recall is not the only issue that has plagued Ford in recent years. The company has faced several other safety-related recalls, including issues with faulty airbags and faulty transmission parts. These recalls have led to significant costs for the company, both in terms of repairing the affected vehicles and in terms of damage to the company’s reputation.

Despite these issues, Ford has remained a popular choice for consumers. The company’s vehicles are known for their reliability, affordability, and strong performance, and many drivers are loyal to the brand. However, the recent recalls have raised concerns about the company’s commitment to safety and quality, and it is important for Ford to address these issues in order to maintain its reputation and customer loyalty.

The importance of safety in the auto industry cannot be overstated. In recent years, we have seen several high-profile cases of safety-related issues in the industry, including the massive recalls of faulty Takata airbags and General Motors ignition switch defects. These issues have not only led to significant costs for the companies involved, but they have also put consumers at risk and damaged trust in the industry as a whole.

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