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Italy April 2023: Alfa Romeo Tonale, MG ZS and Jeep Avenger highlight market up 29.2%

The Jeep Avenger scores its first Top 50 finish, directly landing at #21.

The Italian new car market continues to bounce back up after a dreadful 2022, with April sales up 29.2% year-on-year to 125,805 units. Keep in mind April 2022 crashed -33% over the prior year. The year-to-date volume is up 26.9% to 552,850 but down a heavy -20.6% over the same period in pre-pandemic 2019. Private sales are up just 16.9% year-on-year this month to 61,146 and 48.1% share vs. 52.9% a year ago and also vastly trail the market year-to-date at +11.3% to 299,225 and 53.5% share vs. 60.8% over the same period last year. Self registrations are up 24.8% to 11,146 for the month and up 12.3% to 46,621 YTD. Long term leases soar 31.6% to 33,054 and 26% share vs. 25.4% in April 2022 and up a gigantic 61.1% YTD to 144,661 and 25.8% share vs. 20.3%. Sales to short term rental companies are even more dynamic at +151.2% to 14,550 and 11.4% share vs. 5.9% last year and up 141.1% YTD to 34,557 and 6.2% share vs. 3.2%. Finally company sales edge up 8.4% to 7,229 and gain 27.1% YTD to 34,728.

In terms of alimentation, petrol surges 39.3% to 37,149 units and 29.2% share vs. 27% in April 2022, and is up 29.6% YTD to 154,445 and 27.6% share vs. 27% last year. Even diesel is up at +20.2% to 25,067 and 19.7% share vs. 21.1% a year ago, and up 19.3% YTD to 109,772 and 19.6% share vs. 20.8%. HEVs follow the market at +28% to 44,218 and 34.8% share including 10,529 full hybrids (+16.4%) and 33,689 mild hybrids (+32.2%). YTD, HEVs are up 32.1% to 198,971 and 35.5% share vs. 34.1% including 52,063 full hybrids (+27.9%) and 146,908 mild hybrids (+33.7%). PHEVs edge up 8.6% to 6,055 for the month and up 10.4% to 25,149 YTD. BEVs are up 29.9% to 3,996 units and 3.1% share, unchanged on March 2022 and up 41.8% YTD to 20,454 and 3.7% share vs. 3.3%.

First Top 20 month at home for the Alfa Romeo Tonale.

Fiat (+5.2%) can’t keep up with its home market run and posts another weak 12.2% share, albeit slightly better than the 11.9% it commands YTD. Volkswagen (+37.2%) and Peugeot (+74.7%) both outrun the market to complete the podium like they did in March. Ford (+25.9%) is slightly below the market growth but gains one spot on March to #4, as does Dacia (+47.7%) to #5. Audi (+42.8%) is up five ranks on last month to #6 ahead of Renault (+98.1%) lodging the best year-on-year lift in the Top 15. Jeep (+45.7%) also outpaces the market at #8 while Toyota (-15.7%) endures the only YoY drop in the Top 15. Below, like in Spain MG (+478.1%) breaks all its records again, going from 0.8% share in February to a record 1.4% in March and a new all-time high 2.4% this month thanks to a best-ever 3,029 sales at #17. MG sells the same amount as Citroen this month, and its success shows no signs of abating just yet. Tesla (+2640.7%!), Lynk & Co (+161%), Alfa Romeo (+155.1%), Suzuki (+145.4%) and DR Motor (+135.4%) also stun.

Over in the models aisle, the Fiat Panda (-22%) comfortably retains the top spot despite a ghastly year-on-year fall in complete contrast with the market. The Fiat 500 (+97.8%) almost doubles its volume year-on-year and jumps 10 spots on March to rank #2 for the first time since last August. The Lancia Ypsilon (+35.7%) is bumped down to #3 while the Dacia Sandero (+29.5%) gains two ranks on last month to #4, holding onto the #2 spot YTD. The Fiat 500X (+42.1%) delivers a rare strong month at #5 and climbs to #9 year-to-date vs. #14 over the Full Year 2022. The Peugeot 3008 (+59.2%) equals its ranking record at #7, also reached in March 2020. The Dacia Duster (+120.2%) snaps the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 15. Below, the new Alfa Romeo Tonale breaks into its home Top 20 for the first time at #19, as does the MG ZS at #20. The new Jeep Avenger makes its first Top 50 appearance in any market, directly landing at #21.

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