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Media post: How to Stay Alert while Driving

Driving is fun for many individuals. You might love getting out on the road. You can enjoy some time in your favorite vehicle and watch the miles melt away behind you.

You need to stay alert while driving, though. The NDOT reported 43,683 2020 traffic accidents, and many of them occurred because drivers nodded off at the wheel or got complacent. Many thought their driving skills made them immune, but crashes happen all the time, even if you have many safe driving years in your rearview mirror.

We will talk about ways to stay alert while driving in the following article.

Drink Some Caffeine

Let’s say you’re headed out the door in the morning on the way to work. You didn’t sleep much the night before. Maybe you have a new baby in the house, and they cried for half the night.

You can drink some caffeine to make you more alert before getting behind the wheel. You can get more sleep later, but for now, you need that jolt to stay awake while on the road.

Drink some coffee or caffeinated tea. You might also have an energy drink with caffeine, ginseng, and taurine. All of those will stimulate you, and you may need that before hitting the road.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

You can also get a good night’s sleep before driving. Make sure to set a bedtime for yourself and stick with it if you know that you have work early the next morning.

If you need to, take a nighttime sleep aid. You can get over-the-counter ones at Rite Aid or Walgreens, and you can also get a doctor to give you prescribed ones in some instances. The ones a doctor gives you will definitely solve your problem if you’re experiencing insomnia.

Roll Down the Window

If you find you’re experiencing fatigue while driving and can’t stay alert, try rolling the window down. The fresh air streaming past you should wake you up quickly.

You can also put on some music and play it loud. You might get some looks from the other drivers on the road, but singing along and blasting some music can keep you awake and alert. That makes you a safer driver than someone who nods off at the wheel.

Listen to a Podcast

You might also listen to an exciting podcast if you can’t stay alert in a silent car. True crime podcasts are all the rage these days. You might get into one and keep listening to it until you figure out the killer’s identity.

You can order satellite radio for your car if you have a newer vehicle model. Getting Sirius XM for the vehicle does not cost all that much per month, and you’ll have hundreds of stations with music, podcasts, and everything else you might like.

These tips should help you stay alert while driving. You can get where you’re going safely and won’t nod off and wreck the car.

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