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Media post: 6 Interesting Car Accidents Facts You Should know

There’s nothing fun about being in a car accident. But there are some interesting car accident facts that you should know. 

Here are six of them that can help you be a responsible driver and be prepared in case of a car accident.

The Highest Risk is Closest to Home

One of the most interesting facts is that a majority of car accidents actually happen within three miles of home.

That means that your drive from, or on your way back, home is crucial to your safety. It could be that you’re still warming up for the day and are not as alert as you should be, or you’re already tired and can’t wait to head straight to bed.

Either way, exercise caution with your driving wherever you may be going.

Distractions by Mobile Phones Significantly Increase the Risk of an Accident

It’s common knowledge that using your phone while driving is dangerous.

However, did you know that the risk rises to as much as 400 percent when you’re on a call? 

That’s because your attention is divided between driving and the conversation you’re having.

The risk becomes even more imminent when texting because you’re not even looking at the road. 

An easy solution to mitigate these risks is to simply set your phone aside when you’re driving. If a call really can’t be helped, be ready to use a hands-free device.

Half of the Car Accident Victims are not even in Cars

It’s reasonable to assume that because the vehicle involved is a car, most victims are car passengers. 

However, half of the victims are, in fact, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and cyclists, being the most vulnerable on the road.

Having a Car and Health Insurance is Crucial

If you’re a car owner, you should prioritize getting car insurance and health insurance policies. These can help reduce the impact of the costs from the accident.

Among these expenses, you’ll need to deal with include medical costs, especially if you have severe injuries. On top of the emergency treatment you get, there’s also the recovery and rehabilitation you might need.

Then, there are the repair or replacement costs for the property damage incurred. You can’t be left without a car for too long, especially if you rely on it for work and your family’s daily needs.

The benefit of having car insurance and health insurance policies is that you can count on them to cover these expenses. Not having to worry as much about finances provide huge relief, so you can focus on your recovery instead.

Getting into an Accident Impacts Your Insurance Rates

While having insurance coverage in case of an accident is undeniably advantageous, being in an accident can still lead to some problems. For example, an at-fault accident can raise your rates

Being at-fault means that the accident was because of your negligence. However, the impact on your insurance rates is not automatic. Depending on your insurance, you could opt for accident forgiveness. Applicability of accident forgiveness depends on your policy and state.

You Might Need a Lawyer

Most people usually don’t think beyond getting treatment for their injuries sustained from the accident. However, know that you’d probably need a lawyer, especially if you’re not the party at fault.

By filing a personal injury lawsuit, you can claim proper compensation for all damages incurred. From your medical bills to lost wages, property repair or replacement, and even emotional and mental distress, a personal injury claim can get you the compensation you deserve.


We are sure you came across some eye-opening facts about car accidents today. Probably, you’re curious about more interesting facts and data about car accidents. 

It’s good to be aware and use this knowledge to better equip yourself for safety out on the road.

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