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Bulgaria November 2022: Toyota Corolla and Dacia Duster top market up 8%

The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling vehicle in Bulgaria so far in 2022.

Bulgaria is back on BSCB! Over the first 11 months of 2022, the local market is up 8% to 31,204 units. Keep in mind Bulgaria is the king of re-exports so not all the cars registered in the country actually hit the local roads, as they are directly re-exported to other EU countries. Toyota (+24.5%) dominates with 12.1% share above Renault (+14.4%) at 10.9%. Leader last year, Dacia (-26.5%) is in freefall at #3 as the Dokker, overall best-seller in 2021, was discontinued. Volkswagen (+18.3%) also beats the market at #4 but Skoda (+5%) is more timid to round out the Top 5. Hyundai (+101.4%), Ford (+22.5%) and Kia (+21.5%) impress in the remainder of the Top 10. Below, Tesla (+618.2%), Haval (+162.1%), Jeep (+69.6%) and Porsche (+54.8%) are among the biggest year-on-year gainers.

Model-wise, the Toyota Corolla (+19.9%) takes charge, up from #4 over the Full Year 2021. It is followed by the Dacia Duster (-2.2%) up from #3 and the Renault Clio (-14.2%) up from #5. The Dacia Sandero (+25.3%) and Toyota C-HR (+29.6%) close out the Top 5 in very solid fashion. The Citroen C3 (+4.7%), Kia Sportage (-2.9%) and Renault Master (-25.7%) are in tow with the Renault Megane (+60.7%) up spectacularly at #9. The Renault Express is up 157.4% on its inaugural year in 2021 but can’t match the scores of its “predecessor” the Dacia Dokker (-97%) logically down to #128.

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