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Media post: The Car Choice that Ensures Inexpensive Insurance for Young Drivers

Insuring a new driver under an existing policy or separately is expensive either way. By definition new drivers lack experience and therefore high risk for auto insurers. They compensate for this point by requiring much higher premiums in return for covering a novice motorist. There are however ways of reducing the costs by either not increasing the risks or doing something that reduces the risks of accidents.

There is a misconception around which cars would attract lower premiums. People think that cheap cars would do the trick. This is not a general rule and the opposite can be true as well. Some cheaper cars do worry companies as they have a terrible safety record and they are easy to be stolen. When it comes to a young or novice driver, it is extra important to choose well to get relatively inexpensive car insurance rates.

Which Cars Are Best for Teen Motorists?

One of the key points companies are looking for when such a person applies is to see how fast their vehicle can take off and go. They usually prefer slower automobiles with smaller engines because they don’t take off quickly and cannot run fast. In a way, this keeps the speed in check and prevents accidents because teenagers have more time to react.

When you look at the list of preferred automobiles, you often come across smaller engine options from reliable brands. Some of the cars are; Volkswagen Up, Ford Fiesta, Hyundai i10, Volkswagen Polo, Fiat 500, Nissan Corsa, Renault Clio, Toyota Prius, SEAT Mii and KIA Stonic.

Their common characteristic is that they have around 1-litre engine. And auto insurance rates go up pretty fast when the size increases even slightly. They are usually the type of vehicles which can just about cope with the speed of the traffic and you need to pick the slowest lane when you are on a motorway. Also, they are fairly common brands and fairly cheap to buy. And they are nice looking which is important to young people.

Look for Safety Features for Extra Peace of Mind

Certain auto makers are well known for producing automobiles with safety in mind. They are always ahead in this area of technological advancement. They have automatic brake systems, hazard warnings and stability controls in place to reduce accidents. Also, they are generally better built to withstand crashes and protect the people inside them.

As the number of injuries and deaths are lowered the claim payments made by insurers will go down naturally. This proposition is attractive enough for insurers to offer special discounts to people with safer automobiles. The best time to benefit from extra savings is when you have a huge premium to pay. In other words when you are younger and considered a higher risk.

Furthermore, it is scary for any parent to see their children drive off for the first time on their own. They would be worried and anxious for some time until it is confirmed that their children are actually safe drivers. So, what is better than buying or helping them buy a safer vehicle just in case they may end up in accidents. Unfortunately, statistics are worrying too since new drivers are four times more likely to cause an accident.

The worst thing to do is to buy a sports car with a powerful engine when clearly the new driver is not capable of handling it just yet. They are dangerous even in the hands of experienced and mature drivers and it must be worrisome in the hands of easily excitable young drivers. Why increase the odds of accidents, injuries and death when you have the choice?

Also, they are very expensive to insure even when drivers have a few years of experience and good records. Some companies do not even quote for such autos when they know that it belongs to a youngster. This would limit the number of companies you can find coverage from and push up the rates. Young motorists should think twice before they get carried away and buy a car that is expensive to insure and riskier to drive.

Most youngsters would be dreaming of owning one of those flashy cars. It is generally the parents’ job to talk them out of it and steer them towards safer ones. Parents should explain the problems and suggest that they may have such automobiles at least a couple of years down the road when they have plenty of experience. Most teenagers would understand the point made.

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