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Media post: How to Become a More Confident Driver

Whether you are a qualified driver or you are still taking driving lessons in the hopes of getting your license soon, it’s natural to feel a little nervous behind the wheel.

For many drivers, it takes years to build confidence. A lot of the time with driving, it comes down to practice and experience. The longer you have been on the roads, the more comfortable and confident you will feel.

However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t things that you can do to boost your confidence right now. Give these top tips a go to start feeling more confident than ever before on the roads.

Learn from the Best

One of the best ways to feel more confident behind the wheel is to learn from experts. Find a great driving school, such as Ferrari Driving School in Queens, NY so that you can discover the best driving techniques to stay safe on the roads.

Practice as Much as Possible

The old saying ‘practice makes perfect’ applies to driving. The more time you spend navigating the roads, the more comfortable you will feel driving.

Even if it’s just a quick 10-minute drive down the road each day, every little bit of practice helps to boost your confidence.

Try and challenge yourself during your practice drives by including complex junctions, roundabouts, and hill starts on your route. Practice in different weather conditions and at different times of the day too. 

Get Used to Your Vehicle

One of the main reasons why many people don’t feel confident on the roads is that they aren’t familiar with their vehicles. Spend some time getting comfortable with your car and learning all of its different features.

Pay particular attention to where the indicators, hazard lights, and windscreen wiper buttons are in your vehicle. Learning where every lever and button is in your vehicle more comfortable behind the wheel but it will also increase your road safety.

Every vehicle has unique features and the various buttons or levers are in different places. Getting used to the features in your specific vehicle will maximize your confidence.

Plan Your Route Before You Set Off

Before you head out in your car, whether it’s for a practice drive or to go to work or school, plan your route. Knowing where you’re driving removes anticipation and apprehension so that you can focus solely on driving safely.

Planning your route ahead of time also reduces the risk of errors that could lead to accidents and injuries. If possible, avoid major roadworks or complex junctions to prevent you from getting overwhelmed behind the wheel.

If your car has a built-in satnav, put it to good use. Put the satnav on loud speaker so that it directs you as you’re driving. Avoid looking at the satnav screen too much as this could distract you from the roads and cause an accident.

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