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Europe August 2022: Peugeot (+23.1%), Mercedes (+18.6%), Dacia (+16.8%) help market up 3.4%

Peugeot sales are up 23.1% year-on-year in Europe in August.

According to data by ACEA, new car sales in Europe (EU+EFTA+UK) mark their first year-on-year progression since June 2021, edge up 3.4% year-on-year in August to 748,941, leading to a year-to-date off -11.8% to 7,221,379. All Top 5 markets are in positive, with Italy up 9.9%, Spain up 9.1%, France up 3.8%, Germany up 3% and the UK up 1.2%. The best performing markets are Portugal (+42.4%), Greece (+39.7%), Ireland (+36.4%) and Bulgaria (+30.2%) while at the other end of the scale Norway (-24.7%), Romania (-22.3%), Denmark (-19.5%) and Finland (-10%) fare worst.

In the groups ranking, the Volkswagen Group (+6.3%) beats the market for once to easily remain in first place with just under 200,000 registrations. Stellantis (+11%) does even better in 2nd place whereas Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi (-6.5%) struggles in third position. After positing stellar gains when the market was in negative, Hyundai-Kia (-0.3%) is panting a little this month but stays at #4. It is followed by the Toyota Group (+4.8%) and BMW Group (+3.4%). Daimler (+16%) and Ford Motor (+12.6%) shine below.

Brand-wise, Volkswagen (+5.1%) and Toyota (+7.6%) dominate head and shoulders, with BMW (-1.4%), Mercedes (+18.6%), Audi (+3%) and Skoda (+11.8%) all lifted by a European market skewed towards Germany this month. Peugeot (+23.1%) brilliantly scores the largest year-on-year gain in the Top 10, with Dacia (+16.8%) outselling Renault (-23.1%) for the second time in a row and ever. Note Renault is well outside the Top 10 at #13. Ford (+12.6%) also beats the market and rounds out the Top 10. Below, MG (+111%), Cupra (+34.4%), Mini (+28%), and Citroen (+20.9%) stand out. 

Previous month: Europe July 2022: VW T-Roc #1 for the first time in market down -10.5%

One year ago: Europe August 2021: Toyota at #2, Hyundai at #5, market off -18.1%, Sandero repeats at #1

Full August 2022 Top 10 groups and Top 25 brands below.

Europe August 2022 – groups (Source ACEA):

1Volkswagen Group198,4436.3%1,777,990-20.3%11
5Toyota Group55,6114.8%521,412-2.5%66
6BMW Group53,9113.4%519,309-12.4%55
8Ford Motor35,73612.6%327,266-13.3%88
9Geely Group/Volvo10,656-13.7%146,090-27.0%99

Europe August 2022 – brands (Source ACEA):

10Ford  35,73612.6%327,266-13.3%119
13Renault  28,429-23.1%362,333-19.1%85
21Tesla (est)8,972-22.0%95,47820.3%2021
22Cupra (est)8,16834.4%83,56680.7%21n/a
23Suzuki (est)7,449-50.0%82,997-38.9%2219
24MG (est)7,175111.0%59,913146.4%2628
25Land Rover5,16815.4%63,074-23.6%2524

Source: ACEA

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  1. thank you.. but don’t you think Cupra will cannibalize Audi profits now? And what is the mainstream car brand in the VW Group in the near future? Is it Skoda then as VW will move even more into the „affordable luxury“ category? Or vice versa, maybe? As for Seat i am not sure..

    1. I’m just guessing…
      Audi is a different league, at Audi they make sure you don’t recognize your siblings. Look at Fomentor interior and Leon. The same…
      The main brand will be VW sure, because it is known all over the world. This means half costs for marketing. Škoda is a brand for Europe, OK you can see it in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. But not robust enough for Africa. Getting it to America would be expensive. VW allows Škoda to have a lot of independence, they manage their own sales, they have built a big development center, they are spending lot of money in cycling events. So far it’s making money. Electromobility will change the rules of the game.

      1. cheers.. yes and you are def right abt the electromobility.. also chinese EV brands change the mainstream car market i suppose..

      2. Skoda’s margin per unit is (much) higher than Volkswagen’s, and is on par (has been even higher during 2018-2020) than Audi.

        As a result of this, Boardroom friction has manifested itself during the Piech era. In particular at Audi. Under Blume, tension may drop, partly because the micro-chip shortages catapulted Audi’s margin form 9%-ish (same as Skoda) to 15%.

        But since we’re talking VW Group, new ‘issues’ are never far off …..
        One of them (not necessarily limited to VWG) might be a new supply-chain hick-up. Due to soaring gas / electricity prices suppliers might collaps.

      3. Skoda’s margins are higher than VW’s because Skoda doesn’t spend much money on R&D. Almost all the technology used by Skoda cars is developed by VW.

  2. Lancia and Alfa have been neglected for a long time. It is not easy to increase production in Italy. In time, for example, STLA will use the factories of Opel or Fiat in Turkey. It’s a lot about suplliers how to plan capacity for a project. It takes time. Now we have to deal with electrification, lack of batteries, etc. STLA result is surprisingly good. If they succeed at the promised price of 308 PEV, and resuscitate Opel in Germany and GB, they will be even better.
    It is interesting that Dacia beats Renault by 8 thousand cars this month.
    Tesla is still suffering.

    1. Why would the germans buy french opels? They have a lot of real German car brands and today even Skoda, Seat and Cupra are more german than any Opel. I think that opel will only be able to sell small and cheap cars because the sales of all their bigger cars like the Grandland have been poor since Opel is french. But we will see in the future.

      1. Today it’s not about French or German cars, but about price, quality, tradition. Some brands are lucky to have loyal customers. Toyota shares Proace with STLA. Smart joins with Geely to make the new model quckly. Mecedes shares technology with Renault. Even VW Amarok will be twin of the new Ford Ranger. I believe the Opel will be warmly received if it has an acceptable price and doesn¨t break down. Corsa and Astra are quite successful. If Manta comes, the lost prestige may return. Fewer cars will be bought overall in Europe, but Germany and GB are key for this brand.

      2. Opel doesn’t exist in the UK, it’s Vauxhall. The new astra has been a flop, Opel can’t sell expensive cars, it’s a question of weak brand image and the fact that you can buy the same vehicle with a Peugeot or Citroen badge. At least in GM times Opel cars were more unique and more German. The Germans are very nationalistic people.

    1. “OMG, beat Citroen AND Fiat” ….. the 8th World Wonder right at your doorstep!!

      I heard President Akio Toyoda IMMEDIATELY jetted over from Tokyo to Toyota Motors Europe in BRUX to congratulate the 7.200 staff for this epic milestone in TMC’s history..

      Flipside: ALL will be fired if this result is not replicated in September.

      “Go Totoya, go!”

  3. Not listed while too obscure:

    DS 2900 (+34%)
    Lancia 2800 (+38%)
    Alfa 2250 (+59%)

    In other words,
    STLA needs 3 premium labels to achieve what Seat realizes with a single brand: Cupra 8.100 units

      1. yes this is very interesting, Seat sinking while Cupra growing.. still do not understand the VW Group strategy tho..

      2. Seat has always been financially problematic and Cupra is the only way how to solve it. VW’s strategy is only financial to justify Seat’s operations.

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