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Austria August 2022: Dacia Sandero now #1 year-to-date, market edging up 0.5%

The Dacia Sandero repeats at #1 in Austria in August.

The Austrian new car market edges up 0.5% year-on-year in August to 17,814 sales, leading to a year-to-date volume down -17.2% to 142,474. Volkswagen (+3.5%) easily holds onto the top spot with 17.7% share, way above its YTD level of 14.4%. In fact the entire podium outpaces the market: Skoda is up 6.8% to #2 and BMW up 19.2% to #3. Once again Dacia (+82.8%) sports the largest uptick in the Top 10 but is down four spots on a record July score to #7. Toyota (+47.3%), Hyundai (+35.5%) and Kia (+12.7%) also shine in the remainder of the Top 10. Below, Polestar (+537.5%), Cupra (+179%), Alfa Romeo (+147.7%), Citroen (+62.6%) and Mini (+34%) stand out.

In the models aisle, the Dacia Sandero (+69.3%) is the most popular vehicle in Austria for the 2nd month in a row and the third time ever (add July 2021). Even more significantly, it now ranks #1 year-to-date with 2.2% share, toppling the VW Bus (+0.5% this month). The Toyota Yaris/Cross (+172.4%) shoots up to #3, distancing the Skoda Octavia (+16.3%) and VW Golf (+34.2%) also both outracing the market and rounding out the Top 5. The Kia Sportage (+826.3%) is up to #8, with the VW Tiguan (+102.7%), VW T-Roc (+93.6%) and Skoda Fabia (+61.1%) also posting fantastic gains in the remainder of the Top 10. Below, notice the Tesla Model Y (+31.5%) up to #11, the Hyundai Tucson (+63.9%) at #13, the Dacia Duster (+98.5%) at #15 and breaking into the YTD Top 20 at #20, the new Cupra Born at #17 and the VW Taigo at #19.

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