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Media post: How to Successfully Buy a Local Used Car

Are you in the market for your first car? Perhaps you are upgrading your current model for something more energy efficient? Whatever the reason, you’re reading this guide because you are wondering how to successfully buy a local used car.

While an ideal scenario would be to purchase a car brand new from a showroom, that’s not a realistic situation for many. The good news: the used car route is an ideal solution. The bad news: there are more aspects to consider when purchasing a used vehicle.

With the following tips, you are able to enjoy peace of mind as you splash out on your new set of second-hand wheels.

Know your budget

Yes, a used car is generally much more affordable than a new model. However, any car purchase is still a significant investment – particularly when you factor in other expenses such as insurance and fuel.

Due to this, it’s important to have a clear understanding of your budget. Even if the plan is to pay for your car via monthly instalments, you need to know how much you can afford. The last thing you want is to fall behind with your payments and end up in financial trouble.

Go with a reputable seller

There are various options available when buying a used car. You can go the private route, buy via an online auction, or go with a reputable dealer. Each one carries a certain level of risk. However, that risk can be minimized if you put in the necessary research.

Say you live in East Lothian. You have found a used car at an affordable price and with great stats on paper. Yet before you agree to a deal, it’s essential you research the seller. For example, Dunwell Motor Group is a specialist used cars East Lothian dealer, one that has been in business for over two decades. This is a reputable seller. If you go the private route, however, where there are no prior reviews or feedback to inspect, the risk levels understandably rise. As a responsible car buyer, you will have to weigh up these risks.

Understand the market

Before you settle on a price, it’s wise you compare the price for your chosen used car via other sources. This can be done easily online. Simply search for the vehicle on used car websites, find a few examples, and gain an educated idea about the general selling price.

By putting in this quick bit of research, you can save a significant sum of money and avoid paying over the odds. It can also put you in a strong stance from a negotiating point of view.

Take a test drive

Before you sign on the dotted line, it’s vital you thoroughly inspect your chosen car. This includes checking to see if the bodywork is as described, the air-conditioning works, the windows open correctly, and so on.

Another important point is to go on a comprehensive test drive. You need to know if the car handles nicely and isn’t hiding any lingering issues.

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