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Media post: What Types of Cars have the Lowest Insurance Premiums?

Besides vehicle features and price, insurance rate is one thing most first-time car buyers consider when shopping for the ideal car. Fortunately, the vehicle type you choose is one factor within your control that affects auto insurance rates.

That means luxury SUVs, electric vehicles, sports cars, and other high-performance vehicles are among the most expensive cars to insure. On the other hand, common, low-priced vehicles with a low repair cost after an accident are typically less expensive to insure.

If you are on the market looking for a vehicle with low insurance premiums, here are five types of cars you may want to consider.

Honda Fit

Honda Fit is one of the most affordable cars you may want to buy. Despite being a subcompact car, it delivers a fun ride, offers great pick-up, boasts great fuel economy, and is surprisingly spacious for its size, making it an excellent pick for a single driver or small family use.

Even though it has an MSRP of between $19,962 to $23,432, its insurance premiums are quite low, averaging $1,210 annually. This makes Honda fit the cream de la cream in this list of vehicles with the lowest insurance premiums.

Honda CR-V

Manufactured by Honda, a Japanese automaker, the Honda CR-V is arguably one of the most affordable SUVs, with an MSRP of between 26,400 to $31,500. It is a practical compact crossover SUV that offers an electrifying ride thanks to its advanced hybrid powertrain and all-wheel-drive capability.

Even better, the Honda CR-V insurance premiums are relatively affordable, averaging around $103 monthly. However, some insurance companies go as low as $67 per month, with others going up to $130 per month.

Subaru Forester

The Subaru Forester is another compact crossover SUV that delivers both on-road stability and off-road capability. Its SUV stature, driving dynamics, and driving range make it a great vehicle for active families.

While this popular vehicle has a higher MSRP of around $33,520, its insurance cost is quite affordable, averaging $103 monthly, which translates to $1,236 annually.

Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback is one of the most popular cars in its class.

The vehicle not only delivers great driving dynamics on all road surfaces but is also both spacious and lightweight, making it ideal for an outdoorsy adventure.

Additionally, the Subaru Outback is built with a sophisticated platform that helps it offer high safety standards as well as great riding comfort.

The best thing about Subaru Outback is its affordable insurance premiums. On average, it will cost $109 per month to insure this car, but some insurance companies may charge you as low as $93 per month.

The Toyota Sienna Minivan

If you are looking for an affordable family car, this is the car for you, especially if you live in North America or part of East Asia. Besides being one of the few minivans that offer all-wheel drive, its hybrid powertrain gives an excellent fuel economy of up to 36 mpg in combined city/highway driving.

Considering the Toyota Sienna’s safety, comfort, and driving agility, its monthly premiums are affordable, averaging around $110 per month.

Based on car insurance facts and statistics, this figure is much lower than the $148 drivers in the U.S. pay monthly for full coverage car insurance.


The vehicle type you choose is not the only factor that affects insurance rates. Many other factors beyond your control may also affect your insurance rates.

Some of these include your age, your state of residence, your driving record, and the number of accidents in your neighborhood.

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