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China new models May 2022: Lincoln Z, COS Z6 and Changan Lumin land


After detailing May 2022 Chinese wholesales, it is now time to review the all-new locally produced models for the month. This way you can stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the largest and most dynamic market in the world. This month we have four new models hitting Chinese roads plus two we already know: the BMW X5 (4,863 sales) now produced locally and promised to a brilliant future, and the Ford Mustang Mach E  (455 sales). To thoroughly understand the dynamics at play in China, make sure you consult our Exclusive Guide to all 190 active Chinese Brands.

1. COS Z6 (3,395 sales)

COS is a brand by the Oshan division of Changan. It was officially launched at the Beijing Auto Show in April 2018. Its vehicles are aimed at a more rural consumer base and it’s the SUVs in its range, the X5 and X7, that have mainly contributed to its success as a brand in China. This new Z6 is aiming at continuing the trend, however it looks exactly like the Changan UNI-T and could indicate COS has given up designing its own models, preferring to use existing designs from its parent brand Changan. The Z6 is available in three versions: a 1.5L 188hp, 2.0L 233 hp and a PHEV combining a 1.5L 166hp+ 116hp electric motor.

COS Z6 interior

The dashboard features three screens even in the base version: one instrument panel, one main touch screen and a smaller screen used mainly for navigation. The COS Z6 is priced from 99,900 to 133,900 yuan (14,200-19,000€ or US$14,900-20,000) and will compete with a few models in the Changan lineup like the CS55 Plus (92,900-121,900 yuan), CS75 Plus (117,900-154,900 yuan) and COS X7 Plus (79,900-133,900 yuan). Elsewhere, the high sellers Haval H6 (98,900-157,000 yuan), Geely Boyue (91,800-142,800 yuan) and Jetour X70 Plus (77,000-140,000 yuan) are competitors. While the Z6 may not achieve the success of the X5 (16,400 record) and X7 (13,307 record), we want it to cross the 5,000 sales mark.

Bar for success: 5,000 monthly sales

2. Sehol X6 (1,002 sales)

Sehol, previously SOL, was launched in 2018 as a BEV brand by a new joint-venture between JAC and Volkswagen. In 2020, the brand was renamed Sehol and became the new brand for JAC passenger cars.  JAC progressively transferred all its models into the new brand and now only the Refine MPV survives with JAC branding. The X6 inaugurates a new front design language, called “Meteor Flying Electric”. The overall shape is somewhat familiar, looking a little like the NIO ES8, which is also manufactured by JAC by the way. Sehol has chosen to enhance the surround sound system of the X6, using a 320W (peak 600W) external independent power amplifier sound system, equipped with an 8-channel digital signal processor DSP and 11 high-quality speakers that cab simulate the audio-visual scene of the theatre.

Sehol X6 interior

Its interior features coloured trim strips (we’ve seen yellow and orange) that break the monotony of the ensemble. There are also imitation carbon fibre trim panels in the central control area. It is equipped with a 7-inch LCD instrument panel and a 12.8-inch central control large screen with 1080P. The X6 comes with L2-level assisted driving system, with among others full-speed adaptive cruiser, active breaking, lane departure warning and intelligent cruise. Priced from 79,900 to 114,900 yuan (11,300-16,300€ or US$11,900-17,100), the X6 slots below the QX (101,900-196,900 yuan) in the Sehol range and will compete with the likes of the COS X5 (69,900-109,900 yuan), the Changan CS55 Plus (92,900-121,900 yuan) and Geely Vision X6 (75,900-89,900 yuan). In terms of sales prospects, the Sehol QX peaked at 3,791 and the X8 at 5,293 and there are the two other SUVs of the brand. We’d want to hit in between the two to have the X6 as a worthy member if the Sehol tribe.

Bar for success: 4,000 monthly sales

3. Lincoln Z (455 sales)

The Lincoln Z, or Zephyr, was unveiled as a concept at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021, while the production version was launched at the Guangzhou Auto Show in November 2021. It is a mid-size luxury sedan produced by the Changan-Ford joint venture and is designed to replace the discontinued and previously imported Lincoln MKZ and Lincoln Continental. The Z is now the only Lincoln sedan to be sold in the world and is China-exclusive, as the brand routinely sells more vehicles in China than in the U.S. It is a front wheel drive, powered by a 2.0L 246 hp turbocharged engine mated with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The Z is related to the Chinese Ford Mondeo and Evos.

Lincoln Z interior

The Z is aimed at the young Chinese consumer and its dashboard features very impressive 12.3-inch and 27-inch coast-to-coast touchscreens. Other interesting tech includes Constellation HMI – which projects a star-laden night sky inside the cabin, 128-color ambient lighting options, a 13-speaker Revel audio system, a VPA (virtual personal assistant), Lincoln’s ActiveGlide hands-free driver-assist feature, Adaptive Cruise Control with stop-and-go among other tidbits. The Z is priced from 252,800 to 340,800 yuan (35,900-48,350€ or US$37,700-50,850) and notably competes with the Volvo S60 (296,900-384,900 yuan) Cadillac CT5 (279,700-341,700 yuan), Audi A4L (321,800-396,800 yuan), BMW 3 Series (293,900-409,900 yuan). Sales-wise, this is a make or break bet for Lincoln as the first locally-made sedan of the brand in China. The similarly priced Corsair SUV (246,800-345,900 yuan) peaked at 5,953 units and we’d want to be close to that figure to hope for more China-exclusive Lincoln sedans in the future.

Bar for success: 4,500 monthly sales

4. Changan Lumin (160 sales)

The Lumin is the latest attempt at riding the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV’s tremendous success wave, and this time it comes from Changan. The Lumin is targeted at a female customer with pastel colours used also on the dashboard. It is a mini vehicle at 3.27m long. Also the dashboard looks clunky and rough, interior equipment is decent for its price range. There are two screens, a small one for the instrument panel and a floating 10.25-inch touchscreen. The gear shift is rotary and there are two driving modes: eco and sport. Priced from 48,900 to 63,900 yuan (6,950-9,050€ or US$7,300-9,500), the Lumin will compete mainly with the Wuling Hongguang MINI EV (32,800-69,800 yuan), Chery QQ Ice Cream (39,900-49,900 yuan). The success of the Hongguang MINI EV is well known while the QQ Ice Cream managed a record 11,687 units last March, so sales prospects should be relatively high for the Lumin.

Bar for success: 6,000 monthly sales

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  1. Damn, the Lincoln Z looks incredible from the inside.
    To be honest, I have now an hard one in my pants.

  2. Changan Lumin has 48,900 to 63,900 yuan (6,950-9,050€ or US$7,300-9,500) because its range is 300 km. Worth paying little bit more for extra range that you can drive anywhere.

    This 3 door segment is getting interesting with sales increasing rapidly. After all everyone cannot afford to pay $40,000 for an EV. These small EVs help boost the share of EV from 25% (1/4) to 33% (1/3) by year end.

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