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South Korea April 2022: Kia #1 for 3rd time in 4 months, Hyundai Porter and Kia Bongo on top

The Hyundai Porter is the best-selling vehicle in South Korea in April.

The South Korean new light vehicle market reduces its fall to -11.5% to 142,698 sales in April as parts shortages continue to impact the industry. New subsidies for eco-friendly cars has somehow prevented a larger drop. The year-to-date volume now stands at 512,728 units, off -13.5% over a year ago. In the detail, local manufacturers are down -11.8% this month to 119,628 while foreigners drop -9.8% to 23,070. Year-to-date, locals drop -13.6% to 427,926 and foreigners are down -13% to 84,802. A momentous change atop the brands ranking is starting to cement itself: Kia (-2%) is the #1 brand at home for the 2nd consecutive month and the third time this year, solidifying its year-to-date leadership (-5.2%) with a 4,000 sales advantage over Hyundai, down -14.6% this month and -19.7% YTD. Genesis (-18.7%) easily holds onto the third position but sees its market share thaw to 7.9% vs. 8.5% YTD. Mercedes (-7.2%) remains the most popular foreign brand at #4 overall, distancing BMW (+8/9%). These are the only two foreigners in the Top 8 as Ssangyong (+45.8%) on plant closure-affected low year-ago sales, GM Korea (-46.1%) and Renault Samsung (-57.4%) follow. Volvo (+5.5%) braves the negative market at #9 with Audi (-20.4%) rounding out the Top 10. Toyota (+23.9%), Land Rover (+58.8%), Bentley (+83.3%) post the only additional gains in market just as newcomer Polestar is up three spots on March to #17.

Over in the foreign models charts, the Hyundai Porter (-8.3%) and Kia Bongo (-4.4%) are the two best-selling vehicles for the 2nd time in the past 3 months and are now also #1 and #2 year-to-date. Part of the reason for this success is the lower amount of semiconductors needed to produce these two vehicles with has helped production. Thanks to the end of a production bottleneck, The Hyundai Avante (aka Elantra), down -14% year-on-year, rallies back up 8 spots on March to land on the third step of the podium. The Kia Sorento (-10.9%) is down two two ranks to #4, distancing the Hyundai Grandeur (-46.4%) and Kia Carnival (-40.9%) in great difficulty. The Kia Sportage (+290.4%) benefits from both the new generation and its EV variant but is down four spots on last month to #7. The Hyundai Tucson (-6.8%) resists best in the remainder of the Top 10. The Hyundai Casper (#15) is the best-selling recent launch (<12 months) above the Kia EV6 (#17) and Genesis GV60 (#35).

Looking at foreign models, the podium is identical to year-to-date, with the Mercedes E-Class (-12.4%) in the lead above the BMW 5 Series (+28.6%) and Mercedes S-Class (+74.2%) in tow and faring extremely well. The Mercedes C-Class (+342.2%) is up 37 spots on last month to #4 vs. #13 year-to-date distancing the BMW 3 Series (-2.7%) and 6 Series (+64.1%). The Mercedes GLB (+2.2%) jumps from outside the March 2022 Top 50 directly to #7 but the hero of the month is the Polestar 2 up 22 ranks to #8 and breaking into the South Korean Top 10 for the first time. The Volvo S90 (+46.4%), BMW 7 Series (+70.4%), Volvo XC40 (+18.7%), Jeep Wrangler (+38.2%) and Toyota RAV4 (+92.9%) also shine in the remainder of the Top 20, with the Mercedes G Class (+67.7%) also strong and the BMW i4 celebrating its first Top 50 finish directly at #24.

Previous month: South Korea March 2022: Kia leads, now #1 year-to-date in market off -19.2%

One year ago: Hyundai Grandeur back on top, Staria and Ioniq 5 land in market down -2.5%

Full April 2022 Top 30 All-brands, Top 55 All local models and Top 50 foreigners below.

South Korea April 2022 – brands:

7GM Korea2,9512.1%-46.1%810,3502.0%-54.7%88
8Renault Samsung2,3281.6%-57.4%714,9872.9%-19.4%76
17Polestar4600.3%new207290.1%new23 –
21Land Rover1890.1%58.8%199320.2%-12.5%1921
30DS40.0%new29330.0%new31 –
 –Total local manufacturers119,62883.8%-11.8% –427,92683.5%-13.6% – –
 –Total foreign manufacturers23,07016.2%-9.8% –84,80216.5%-13.0% – –
 –Total market142,698100.0%-11.5% –512,728100.0%-13.5% – –

South Korea April 2022 – local models:

1Hyundai Porter8,423-8.3%426,569-26.1%11
2Kia Bongo6,402-4.4%521,760-7.2%27
3Hyundai Avante6,382-14.0%1119,408-29.6%44
4Kia Sorento5,551-10.9%220,828-22.9%35
5Hyundai Grandeur5,192-46.4%118,151-48.9%52
6Kia Carnival5,121-40.9%916,427-48.9%93
7Kia Sportage4,556290.4%317,711296.8%716
8Hyundai Palisade4,461-22.8%617,164-12.1%810
9Kia K84,186-16.6%1812,40615.6%1512
10Hyundai Tucson4,175-6.8%1713,218-40.1%1411
11Hyundai Sonata4,165-41.1%714,694-30.4%106
12Genesis G804,023-33.1%1018,146-7.5%69
13Kia Ray3,9934.9%1314,37523.0%1318
14Kia Niro3,613174.1%219,819111.8%1925
15Hyundai Casper3,420new1214,397new1234
16Kia Seltos3,364-3.6%814,636-0.5%1115
17Kia EV62,976new197,486new2632
18Hyundai Ioniq 52,9632499.1%1510,5429147.4%1824
19Kia Morning2,790-16.7%149,583-20.8%2019
20Kia K52,624-60.3%2011,170-54.4%168
21Hyundai Staria2,3871410.8%239,3505817.7%2121
22Kia K32,351-5.6%247,7369.9%2420
23SsangYong Rexton Sports2,31062.7%1610,63883.1%1722
24Genesis G902,129175.1%275,177115.8%2841
25Genesis GV702,100-49.5%269,014-36.6%2214
26Hyundai Santa Fe1,997-51.2%287,696-50.2%2513
27Genesis GV801,753-24.5%257,370-7.2%2723
28Kia Mohave1,49712.3%343,705-15.7%3233
29SsangYong Tivoli1,42137.6%314,946-2.2%3029
30Chevrolet Spark1,363-18.8%323,288-55.6%3327
31Hyundai Nexo1,2942.3%392,708-6.9%3635
32Chevrolet Trailblazer1,109-45.1%294,609-30.4%3126
33Samsung XM31,104-23.5%305,108-7.7%2928
34Samsung QM6847-75.2%228,265-23.6%2317
35Genesis GV60796new362,007new3952
36Hyundai Venue790-35.5%373,003-37.9%3430
37Hyundai Kona773-48.3%352,934-52.1%3531
38SsangYong Korando77162.3%382,480-7.7%3836
39Kia K966461.2%332,68955.4%3739
40Genesis G70489-21.8%402,003-22.3%4037
41SsangYong Rexton307-21.3%411,145-52.1%4140
42Kia Stinger235-35.4%43783-41.3%4445
43Samsung SM6223-10.8%44833-14.5%4344
44Chevrolet Trax134-60.8%47545-60.2%4547
45Chevrolet Malibu110-56.3%46526-53.8%4646
46Renault Samsung Master8267.3%50268-16.3%4850
47Chevrolet Colorado74-63.7%421,083-5.3%4242
48Renault Samsung Zoe729.1%4540185.6%4754
49Chevrolet Bolt EUV59new –59new53 –
50Chevrolet Tahoe58new –58new54 –
51Chevrolet Traverse34-90.9%52137-87.9%4943
52Ssangyong Rexton Emotion30new49108new51 –
53Hyundai Veloster22-47.6%5199-51.9%5256
54Chevrolet Corvette/Camaro100.0%534756.7%5560
55Renault Samsung Twizy0-100.0%48112-37.1%5058

South Korea April 2022 – foreign models:

1Mercedes E Class2,781-12.4%110,251-8.2%11
2BMW 5 Series2,39028.6%37,82114.2%22
3Mercedes S Class1,28774.2%45,401367.2%34
4Mercedes C Class1,269342.2%411,44873.8%1335
5BMW 3 Series694-2.7%62,594-13.9%57
6BMW 6 Series50264.1%321,3859.7%1426
7Mercedes GLB4732.2%n/a828n/a31n/a
8Polestar 2460new30729new35 –
9BMW X3433-18.6%91,82816.7%814
10Volvo S9042946.4%81,53773.7%1228
11BMW X5427-19.1%72,19022.1%611
12Audi A6389-45.8%191,543-67.6%113
13Lexus ES383-28.0%151,604-12.0%99
14BMW 7 Series38070.4%35970-1.6%2333
15Mercedes GLC376-47.3%101,176-56.6%1910
16Mercedes CLS350-32.6%11946-42.7%2525
17Volvo XC4033018.7%33854-8.3%2931
18Jeep Wrangler32238.2%n/a471-54.7%4629
19BMW X6300-24.6%141,311-4.9%1721
20Toyota RAV429792.9% –301-55.0%5940
21Mercedes G Class27567.7%n/a369-60.9%5241
22Mercedes GLE269-77.7%51,950-21.7%78
23Porsche Cayenne255-47.2%181,276-33.4%1824
24BMW i4250newn/a282new60 –
25BMW X124834.8%46836-26.1%3045
26BMW X7242-36.5%121,60437.1%1019
27Porsche Macan235240.6%n/a345n/a54n/a
28Mini Cooper Hatch226-56.7%161,314-20.5%1512
29Mini Countryman220-20.6%231,004-14.3%2230
30VW Arteon21170.2%49560-47.7%38n/a
31Toyota Camry19995.1%2081623.3%3242
32VW Golf19719600.0%n/a49249100.0%44n/a
33BMW X4181-56.2%131,31325.8%1620
34VW Tiguan181-66.4%171,106-47.2%2015
35Mercedes AMG GT179-50.6%42372-10.6%5149
36Volvo XC60178-22.3%44928-18.2%2627
37Porsche 911176179.4%40535127.7%40n/a
38Jeep Renegade171-40.0%21914-13.7%2732
39Mercedes GLS160201.9%2556168.5%37n/a
40Volvo XC9015947.2%n/a48031.5%45n/a
41VW T-Roc15216.0%24962130.1%2437
42Audi Q5143n/a43546163.8%39n/a
43Mini Clubman135-43.5%31661-29.3%3634
44Mini Electric135new34377new50 –
45Mercedes A Class119-75.1%27810-66.3%3318
46Lincoln Aviator118-34.4%48533-35.6%4148
47Volvo C40118newn/a152new71 –
48Porsche Taycan115-3.4%n/a52050.3%42n/a
49Mercedes CLA1093533.3%268702458.8%2850
50BMW 2 Series10288.9%47424-41.9%49n/a

Source: KAIDA

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  1. Renault about to sell an equity stake of the Samsung-Renault JV to Geely.
    Maybe that partner can breath new life into an eroding operation

    1. Something has to happen there, when suddenly Polestar entered the scene. No other Chineses in the chart. Maybe they need more bateries and it will be easier to get them from local giants. I can’t think of another reason.

  2. Is Hyundai Porter a 6 wheeled vehicle, if so how does it come under the light duty vehicle category. I think it should go under Medium Commercial Vehicle category.
    Its also possible that the truck comes in both 4 wheel and 6 wheel variants.

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