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Russia April 2022: Economic sanctions see market imploding -78.5%

The Lada Niva, including the Niva Classic pictured, is up to #3 in Russia in April.

As economic sanctions levelled at Russia in the wake of its invasion of Ukraine start to take full effect, notably triggering rampant inflation and an exodus of carmakers from the country, the local new light vehicle market accelerates its fall and implodes -78.5% year-on-year in April. At 32,706 units, this is even lower than the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic (38,922 sales in April 2020). The year-to-date volume now stands at 293,846 units, off -43% over the same period in 2021. The Top 3 brands lodge higher market shares than their YTD level. Leader Lada (-77.6%) follows the market but sees its share soar to 26% vs. 20.8% so far this year. Kia (-75.9%) is up to 14.1% vs. 13% YTD and Hyundai (-73.2%) is up to 12.7% vs. 11.6 YTD. Renault (-84%) falls faster than the market at #4 whereas locals GAZ (-61.5%) and UAZ (-36.4%) gain significant share thanks to reduced falls. Mitsubishi (-58.2%) also resists and gains 7 spots on March to land at #8. Haval (-72.9%) is up two ranks to #10 but Volkswagen (-91.3%) and Skoda (-89.3%) are hit full frontal. Further down, Ford (-51.4%), Changan (-40.6%), Genesis (-51.4%), FAW (-56.3%) are among the rare carmakers outpacing the market while Cheryexeed (+101.5%) and Isuzu (+32.8%) are actually up. As a whole Chinese carmakers drop -69% to 8.4% share vs. 9.4% YTD.

Over in the models ranking, Lada monopolises the podium for the first time since October 2012 (Granta-Priora-Kalina). The Lada Granta (-81.5%), Vesta (-82.3%) and Niva (-63.7%) are in the lead, the latter hitting its best monthly ranking in at least 10 years. However the Kia Rio, down -76.3% to #5 for the month, remains the best-seller year-to-date with a 419-sale advantage. The Hyundai Solaris (-65.1%) is up two spots on March to #4 just as the GAZ Gazelle (-67.7%) is down one to #6. In a favourable environment for LCVs, the UAZ Classic Commercial (-19.8%) manages the best hold in the Top 10 – and Top 20  – while the Renault Logan (+10 to #8) at -75.1% and Lada Largus PC (-75.8%) manage to hold slightly better than the market unlike the Hyundai Creta (-82%). Further down, thanks to the new generation the Hyundai Tucson is up 9-fold year-on-year to #24, while the GAZ Sobol (-25.6%), Kia Ceed (-44%), Kia Cerato (-51.2%), Ford Transit (51.4%), UAZ Patriot (-54.9%), Kia Seltos (-61.6%) and Mitsubishi Outlander (-65.9%) all beat the market. Note Kia manages to place a record 7 models inside the April Top 30.

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Full April 2022 Top 45 All-brands and Top 30 models below.

Russia April 2022 – brands:

1Lada  8,50626.0%-77.6%161,21820.8%-49.8%110
2Kia  4,60414.1%-75.9%238,26213.0%-45.9%211
3Hyundai  4,15012.7%-73.2%334,17611.6%-38.5%333
4Renault  2,2316.8%-84.0%424,6238.4%-44.4%437
7Skoda  1,1043.4%-89.3%713,1854.5%-60.2%73
8Mitsubishi  8672.7%-58.2%156,6142.3%-8.2%1515
11Toyota  7862.4%-90.8%517,7116.0%-44.2%51
12Ford  7812.4%-51.4%144,4231.5%-11.5%1814
13Nissan  6051.8%-83.6%811,7504.0%-32.5%84
16Geely 4331.3%-76.1%135,9762.0%12.7%167
24Dongfeng (DFM)1100.3%new353820.1%new3636
32Great Wall550.2%new391860.1%new4245
34Land Rover400.1%-93.4%261,0200.3%-53.9%2719
35Volkswagen Vans400.1%-93.2%309980.3%-52.8%2824
36Opel  400.1%-75.8%363940.1%-9.6%3530
37Lifan330.1%-57.1% –410.0%-86.3%4942
43Fiat40.0%-96.7%431020.0%-74.4%47 –
44Brilliance30.0%-82.4% –40.0%-94.3%5146
46Zotye00.0%-100.0% –10.0%-96.6%5240
47Chrysler00.0%n/a –00.0%-100.0% –51
48Hyundai LCV00.0%n/a –00.0%-100.0% –44
 –BMW (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –8,4142.9%-22.7%1150
 –Mercedes (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –6,9192.4%-39.3%1248
 –Mini (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –5100.2%-27.9%3452
 –Mercedes Vans (reports quarterly)n/an/an/a –3490.1%-0.9%3953
 –Chevrolet (April data n/a)n/an/an/a342660.1%119.8%4128
 –Cadillac (April data n/a)n/an/an/a381620.1%-80.2%4441
 –Chinese2,7478.4%-69.0% –27,4809.4%4.5% – –

Russia April 2022 – models:

PosModel Apr-22%/21Mar2022%/21PosFY21
1Lada Granta2,5987.9%-81.5%117,7776.0%-59.8%32
2Lada Vesta1,9776.0%-82.3%218,2586.2%-47.9%21
3Lada Niva1,9415.9%-63.7%411,2483.8%-39.3%56
4Hyundai Solaris1,8045.5%-65.1%615,6065.3%-22.4%45
5Kia Rio1,6605.1%-76.3%318,6776.4%-41.0%13
6GAZ Gazelle1,3544.1%-67.7%58,9163.0%-29.3%87
7Hyundai Creta1,1623.6%-82.0%811,2163.8%-56.5%64
8Renault Logan9022.8%-75.1%185,3531.8%-52.9%1314
9Lada Largus PC8402.6%-75.8%97,3762.5%-39.6%1011
10UAZ Classic Commercial7932.4%-19.8%152,9671.0%-9.8%27n/a
11Ford Transit7812.4%-51.4%174,4231.5%-11.4%1820
12Skoda Rapid PA II6862.1%-84.3%106,1702.1%-55.7%129
13Renault Duster6442.0%-82.6%119,1703.1%-17.1%710
14VW Polo5991.8%-88.4%77,8242.7%-54.9%98
15Kia Seltos5781.8%-61.6%264,4791.5%-22.5%1627
16Lada Largus LCV5551.7%-90.2%272,7150.9%-62.6%30n/a
17GAZ Sobol5381.6%-25.6%252,3130.8%6.4%n/an/a
18Mitsubishi Outlander5261.6%-65.9%n/a4,1121.4%-17.9%20n/a
19Lada XRAY4971.5%-82.1%n/a3,3391.1%-60.9%2419
20UAZ Patriot4331.3%-54.9%21n/an/an/an/an/a
21Kia Cerato4241.3%-51.2%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
22Kia Sportage3821.2%-87.1%203,4301.2%-66.9%2317
23Kia Sorento3721.1%-73.8%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
24Hyundai Tucson3691.1%800.0%22n/an/an/an/an/a
25Mazda CX-53631.1%-76.4%144,4421.5%-37.9%1722
26Haval Jolion3501.1%new243,9791.4%new21n/a
27Kia Cee’d3211.0%-44.0%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
28Renault Sandero3191.0%-88.1%233,6341.2%-60.7%2218
29Toyota RAV42730.8%-90.7%137,2542.5%-48.9%1112
30Kia Soul2730.8%-75.7%n/an/an/an/an/an/a
31Nissan X-Trail2280.7%-81.9%164,3801.5%-26.7%1924
n/aToyota Camry2210.7%-93.2%194,5841.6%-44.5%1513
n/aRenault Arkana2130.7%-88.7%n/a3,1861.1%-44.9%2626
n/aNissan Qashqai2080.6%-83.8%125,1861.8%-21.7%1421
n/aRenault Kaptur1510.5%-92.4%283,2221.1%-51.2%2525
n/aChery Tiggo 7 Pron/an/an/an/a2,9451.0%-31.8%28n/a

Source: AEB

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  1. Next month can be worse, Plan to built Lada without electronic parts may not be realistic. I cannot imagine the polution in big cities from these cars. Let’s see how many chinese cars will participate.

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