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Media post: Holden Colorado Roof Rack Guide: Store and Transport any Type of Cargo Safely

Got your hands on a Holden Colorado, but need more storage? Look for an aftermarket roof rack. Holden aptly marketed its popular ute with accessory packs tailored to meet the needs of different people. And this on the last cars, before imports dried up. Tradies, farmers, off-roading enthusiasts and adventurers were seen as having a roof rack as a necessity, and this is how Holden named them. The only problem was the asking price. Besides having other useful accessories, paying so much seemed ludicrous. Here’s what you need to ask yourself and know before you look for roof racks in a 4×4 accessories online store.

Why You Need a Roof Rack

The obvious reason is that you can carry almost anything. The tub or tray may have ample space but there are things that just don’t fit. Or are unsafe to do so. If you like sports, then a roof rack is better suited to carrying a bike, kayak, skis or even smaller dinghies safely and at normal speeds without anything juggling about. Sure, you can have them tied down in the tub (if they fit first), but think of how that weight acts in the next corner.

Similarly, for tradies, a roof rack lets you carry long supplies like timber, plasterboard, ladders or any extra supplies and gear while leaving the tub free for the necessities. What is important here is that a rack evenly distributes the weight of longer cargo, so vehicle handling is in no way compromised. By doing so, rear visibility is also significantly improved.

For anyone going camping or fishing off-road, the extra space alone is worth it, as it can be used for carrying camping accessories like awnings and tarps, and also serve as the base for a roof-top tent. With different designs on sale, aftermarket Holden Colorado roof racks offer a high degree of versatility. Besides transporting all your goods, they are useful in a number of other ways. LED light bars work best high up, and having them fitted on a bespoke roof rack is the most sensible choice. In addition, they are good for solar panels, awnings, tents and shade screens when camping or fishing. Different mounts can hold essential items like jerry cans and gas bottles, as well as tools and safety gear, like hi-lift jacks, shovels or extra tyres. This allows you to better organise your stuff in neat units, especially when you’re fully loaded.

Another point to consider is just how good a roof rack looks. It spruces up the Colorado, especially with the coated finishes, to make your ute look both rugged and ready. Having a matching bull bar complements the look.

What Comes in the Package

Roof racks sit on roof rails that can be attached to the roof in a number of ways. There are either rain channels that need to be removed or the roof drilled to attach the rails. Or cars have factory mounts and rails are bolted on. The rack itself is then bolted to crossbars and this to the rails. Placement of the crossbars is important in how weight sits along the roof. Aftermarkets racks include the rails, crossbars, the rack, and all the necessary mounting kits for the appropriate type of roof. Some may even include the tools for installation along with a guide.

What to Look For


The design of a roof rack determines what you can carry. General-purpose racks come in two basic configurations, platforms and baskets. Platforms are flat, often in a mesh design with reinforced crossbars, and good for carrying larger items, like sporting gear or supplies. Baskets or cages have additional bars on all four sides, to let you carry smaller items, like tools, tyres, or camping gear. These are also better suited for camping purposes. A compromise between the two styles are the popular Tradesmen roof racks, with raised bars on either side, but still, allow you to carry things like building supplies or ladders.

Materials and Build

Roof racks need to be durable, able to withstand different weather and driving conditions, and yet strong enough to carry the load. Aluminium racks are light enough, as they don’t encroach on roof loading capacity, and are still sturdy to carry larger and heavier loads without issue. A bonus is that they won’t rust in the wet. There are also steel racks but these are too heavy for utes like the Colorado.

The racks are powder-coated to resist wear, welds are tight and seamless, and overall construction, including additional bars and mounting points, come in a high standard of finish and attention to detail. Some are fitted with wind deflectors to reduce drag and noise at highway speeds.

Vehicle Compatibility and Size

There are roof racks to suit single, extra and double cab Colorados. You’ll find a size that suits your ute’s roof, and for the applications you need. Here you have more choice if you own a double cab. Widths generally are the same, needing to fit roof mounting points or channels, but overall length differs. It is not advised to fit longer racks on single or extra cabs, as the overhang can cause trouble. Instead, combine them with front and rear ladder racks for increased safety when loading extra-long cargo.

Weight Loading

Larger racks will carry more weight, but don’t exceed your roof’s total carrying capacity. This includes the weight of the roof and any loaded cargo. Generally, smaller racks are rated to 70 kilos, while longer heavy-duty racks can carry up to 100 kilos.

Buying and Installation

You can get Holden Colorado roof racks installed at the shop, or have them delivered to your door when buying from a dedicated 4×4 accessories online store. This saves hassle and time, and allows quick delivery to the worksite or home. Installation varies according to roof type, with rain channel roofs needing drilling into the roofline. All kits come fully loaded with everything you need for installation, including a toolkit.

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