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Canada January 2022: Hyundai (+26.9%), Subaru (+24.8%) help tilt market into positive (+0.6%)

Hyundai sales are up 26.9% in a market up 0.6%.

Estimates by Desrosiers Automotive Consultancy have the Canadian new light vehicle market edging up 0.6% year-on-year in January to 91,411 units. However January 2021 was a low comparison base as sales dropped -17.4% on the year prior then. Looking at various provinces, Quebec is up by a fantastic 49.6% to 21,648 sales but remains below the pre-pandemic level of 2020 (23,757). Ontario is down -5.6%, Saskatchewan down -7.6% and British Columbia down -9.3%. Manitoba is hit the hardest at -23.2%.

Looking at groups still communicating sales monthly, Toyota Motor (-2.8%) resists an assault by Hyundai-Kia (+23.3%) ending the month just 255 sales below. Honda Canada (+11.3%) also delivers a strong performance. Brand-wise, Toyota (-3.4%) can’t get into positive whereas Hyundai (+26.9%), Acura (+25.8%) and Subaru (+24.8%) all post impressive gains. Genesis (+18%), Honda (+9.6%) and Lexus (+2.4%) also gain ground whereas Mazda (-13.5%) recedes. No model data was available at the time of posting.


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Full January 2022 data for selected groups and brands.

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