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Media post: OpenSooq, The Best Website to Buy Used Cars in the Middle East

If you are hunting for a car to buy but you don’t want to visit multiple car dealerships, then you should check this neat website. It’s called OpenSooq!

OpenSooq is considered the best website to buy used cars in the Middle East. It also provides a variety of things; apartments for rent, real estate, cellphones, etc.

This website is one-of-a-kind because it directly connects the buyer and the seller without the need for an intermediate. It also offers a simple, easy, and secure payment means to assist the customers with transactions.

OpenSooq is the brand- new and enhanced shopping trend in the MENA region. It gives shoppers a sense of freedom, control, and fun when shopping for literally anything, from baby cribs to real estate. While vendors have a flexible space to digitize their business operations, leading to a better customer experience and boosting sales. Just start by signing up, set up your virtual shop, and from there you can use various advertising services.

Mobile Adaptive Sites

To remain effective, OpenSooq embraced the adaptive web design for a better online browsing experience because nowadays more users access the web with smart devices than laptops or desktops. Responsive mobile sites provide a great user experience which means that they’ll stick around for a longer time to explore your site. Responsive websites pages also load faster.

Shop for Cars on OpenSooq Now

The after-effects of COVID- 19 has made everyone more hesitant, if not avoid, direct contact with others. The same applies to buying a vehicle; it’s the last thing on their minds, luckily OpenSooq made it easier than ever to search, view, and buy the car of your dreams. This website is available in more than 19 countries like Jordan, Oman, and  UAE; so you can and from the comfort and safety of your home browse cars for sale in Dubai or cars for sale in Oman.

Think before you Spend

Before you purchase your next car, let’s go through some of the features OpenSooq presents to its customers

The Search Bar

The most accessible and self-evident feature to find what you’re looking for is by the search bar. The website exhibits different search filters to find what you want. All you need to do is enter the manufacturer, the model, the year, and…TADA! You got the car you were searching for.

Hand-Pick your Car

A different way to look for cars is by handpicking; you can either pick to search by carmakers like BMW or Honda or by the body type like PickUp or SUV. The first approach lets you browse through the prices and specifications of every car; once you pick the model, prices will be arranged from lowest to highest for each model. While the second one displays every car model that is built into the body type you prefer with their prices from lowest to highest as well.

Rent or Buy your Car

OpenSooq grants its clients an array of preferences when it comes to cars; you can either rent or buy a car, used or new. The website showcases the total of used and new cars advertised daily. You are presented with the time you want to rent or lease a car for; daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly.

Automobile Repair Shop

OpenSooq also presents a collection of automobile repair shops so you can pamper your car and get the best services and prices. All you gotta do is type the name of the shop you want and start browsing.

On the other hand, if you are an automobile repair shop owner and wish to grow your business, in that case, sign up to get started and our sales team will guide you through the process of launching your online shop.

Car Services

OpenSooq embraces efficiency and effectiveness approaches in life so they provide different car service centers for its clients as well as their phone numbers and locations; alleviating the customer’s satisfaction rate and saving them much-needed time and effort in searching for the best services.


OpenSooq defies all obstacles to deliver an extraordinary shopping experience to meet customers’ demands. They quickly and efficiently establish online services via a continued enhancement to stay competitive in tomorrow’s world and set them apart from the competition.

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