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Italy July 2021: Market down -19.2%, Toyota (+6.5%), Jeep (-1.4%), Kia (+4.9%) resist

The Toyota Yaris is up 89.2% year-on-year in Italy in July.

In line with poor results in Spain, the Italian new car market freefalls -19.2% year-on-year in July to just 111.300 units. The year-to-date tally is now up 38.3% to 1.004.165. Compared to the pre-pandemic volumes of two years ago, July is down -27.9% and year-to-date down -19.1%. Private sales fall -20.9% to 68.738 units and 61.8% share vs. 63.1% in June 2020, self-registrations are down -20% to 11.530, long-term leases resist better at -10.1% to 18.973 and 17% share vs. 15.3% a year go. Short-term rentals drop -23.3% to 5.397 and company sales are down -18.7% to 6.662. Year-to-date, private sales this time fare better than the market at +40.6% to 617.720 units and 61.5% share vs. 60.5% over the same period in 2020. Self-registrations grow 26.9% to 100.400, long term leases are soar 46.7% to 172.942 and 17.2% share vs. 16.2% on 2020, short-term rentals edge up 16% to 59.009 and company sales are up 38.8% to 54.094.

In the brands ranking, Fiat (-16%) resists better than its home market but remains at a weak 14.9% share vs. 15.6% so far this year. Volkswagen (-26.9%) pays the price of a high July 2020 score when it held over 10% share but stays at a high level with 9.6% market share vs. 8.7% year-to-date. Toyota (+6.5%) is the only year-on-year gainer in the Top 12 and climbs back to a record third place for the second time in the past 3 months. Peugeot (-17.6%) is up one spot on May to #4 while Jeep (-1.4%) is up four to #5 and Ford (-39.3%) up five to #6 but flounders year-on-year. Dacia (-10.6%) resists best in the remainder of the Top 10 with Audi (-20.2%), BMW (-21.7%) and Renault (-25.5%) all falling faster than the market. Year-on-year upticks are rare further down and include Kia (+4.9%), Suzuki (+41.9%), Mazda (+6.1%), DR Motor (+111.5%), Maserati (+23.1%) and Great Wall (+54.7%).

Over in the models charts, the Fiat Panda (-26.6%) easily retains the top spot despite a significant loss, while both the Fiat 500 (+40.6%) and Jeep Compass (+24%) lodge stellar rises to round out the podium. This is the Compass’ first podium finish since April 2020 when it also ranked at #3. The Lancia Ypsilon (-13.7%) is relegated to fourth place despite containing its fall somewhat, but remains #2 so far this year. Below a weak Fiat 500X (-20.8%), the Toyota Yaris (+89.2%) and VW T-Cross (+41.3%) impress at #6 and #7 respectively, as does the Ford Puma (+22.7%) back up 6 spots on June to #9. The Dacia Sandero (-10.1%) resists but falls down 8 ranks on last month to #10. Further down, the Suzuki Swift (+117.6%), Ignis (+100%), Audi Q5 (+69%), Kia Picanto (+37.4%), Sportage (+30.7%), BMW 1 Series (+29.3%), VW Up! (+14.1%), Audi Q2 (+12.3%), Hyundai Tucson (+7.6%) and Peugeot 3008 (+7.1%) are among models bucking the negative trend. 

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