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Europe May 2021: Toyota, BMW, Audi, Skoda outpace market up 73.7% on 2020 but down -25% on 2019

Toyota sales are up 97.7% year-on-year in Europe in May.

09/07 update: Now with Top 330 All-models.

05/07 update: Now with Top 100 models and Top 55 brands.

29/06 update: Now with Top 10 models.

Preliminary data by ACEA shows a European market (EU+EFTA+UK) up 73.7% year-on-year in May to 1.083.795 units, leading to a year-to-date tally up 31.1% to 5.204.398. However the market is down -25% both compared to May 2019 and 5 months 2019, a loss of 1.7 million units so far this year. Among the big 5 markets, the UK (+674.1%) and Spain (+177.8%) outpace the average growth rate while France (+46.4%), Italy (+43%) and Germany (+37.2%) underperform. Ireland (+240.1%), Portugal (+190.2%), Greece (+141.3%), Estonia (+108.1%) and Croatia (+105.2%) are among the best performers. Compared to two years ago, Germany (-30.7%), Italy (-27.9%) and France (-27.3%) are below average while the UK (-14.7%) and Spain (-24.1%) are above. Only Norway (+7.2%) manages a gain vs. May 2019. BEV sales account for a record 16% share this month, with SUVs up to 44.6% share vs. 40.2% in May 2020 and 34% in May 2018.

Group-wise and based on ACEA data, the Volkswagen Group (+93.7%) almost doubles its sales year-on-year to just under 304.000 and scores its second highest market share since 2001 at 28.1%, only beaten by the 29.2% share it hit in April 2020. Its two followers are below the market growth: Stellantis is up 60.9% and Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi up 28.1%. Hyundai-Kia (+107.5%), the BMW Group (+95.9%) and Toyota Group (+98%) all perform splendidly but Daimler (+49.3%) and Ford (+54.9%) aren’t that lucky. In the brands ranking and based on JATO Dynamics data, Volkswagen (+82.6%) shines above Peugeot (+59.3%) and BMW (+94.2%) is up one spot on April to #3. Audi (+87.1%) is up two ranks to #4 while Toyota (+96.2%) remains at #5 and Skoda (+87.9%) is up one to #6. The rest of the Top 10 underperforms, with Renault (+31.5%) the weakest at a paltry 7th place vs. #2 over the Full Year 2020. Keep in mind however that less than 1.800 sales separate the #3 brand from the #7 this month in an increasingly fragmented market. Below, Tesla (+216.3%), Jaguar (+139.3%), Seat (+131.7%), Honda (+130%), Land Rover (+113.3%), Hyundai (+103.6%), Lexus (+102.8%) and Kia (+100.2%) impress.

According data by JATO Dynamics, the top of the models ranking has an air of 2020, with the VW Golf (+76%) up two spots on April to #1 and the Renault Clio (+22.2%) up five to #2. This way, the VW Golf reclaims the year-to-date lead off the Peugeot 208 (+44.8%) down 6 ranks to #7 for the month. The Fiat 500 (+160.9%) brilliantly breaks its ranking record this month at #3 while the VW T-Roc (+86.7%) is the best-selling SUV on the continent at a 4th place overall, equalling its ranking record also hit in August 2019. The Toyota Yaris (+108.4%) is knocked down to #5 and the Peugeot 2008 (+93.8%) to #6 but the latter is up 2% on two years ago, the only such gain in the Top 10. The VW Tiguan (+57.5%) and Peugeot 208 (+44.8%) follow, with the Opel Corsa (+66.3%) and Dacia Sandero (+41.2%)  rounding out the Top 10 for the month.

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Full May 2021 Top 10 groups, Top 55 brands and Top 330 models below.

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