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Our Exclusive Guide to all Chinese brands updated with 8 new brands

The influx of new Chinese brands seems to be never ending and we have updated our Exclusive Guide to all active Chinese brands with 8 new brands today, lifting its total to 175.

Zeekr is a new premium EV brand by Geely that will compete locally with the likes of NIO, Xpeng and LI and globally with Tesla. Its first model, the 001, is a production version of the Lynk & Co Zero concept presented in September 2020.

TANK (in capital letters) is a new brand of upmarket SUVs by Great Wall Motors. It originated as the WEY Tank 300 but was upgraded to a full-blown brand last March. TANK introduced two additional models at the Shanghai Auto Show: the 700 and 800 pictured above.

IM Motors, for Intelligence in Motion, is a premium EV brand by Zhiji Auto (智己汽车), a joint venture between SAIC, Alibaba and the Pudong New Area in Shanghai. It introduced the L7 sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show last week and will introduce the LS7 crossover in 2022.

Pocco is a new brand of mini EVs pictured above, Modern Auto is a new EV startup using BAW as contract manufacturer, Ezoom is a new EV brand by the Jiangling-Renault joint venture. Its first model, the Yi, was unveiled in early 2021 and is pictured in red above. Finally Farizon is a brand by Geely Commercial that introduced an oddly-shaped pickup, the FX, based on the Geely Boyue Pro. We have also separated R from Roewe as the new EV venture operates independently with its own logo and website.


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  1. I sent a message, but I don’t see it show up, so here we go again.
    Company website is h t t p:// w w w.modern auto.c n/ (I entered a few spaces, was my last reply denied because I included an url?).
    Chinese name: 摩登汽车 (literal: Modeng Qiche)

  2. Matt,
    //Modern Auto is a new EV brand by BAW, a subsidiary of Beijing Auto//

    Modern Auto is an EV startup, based in Shanghai and majority owned by its founder Liu Xin. That’s about all I can find about the brand. Modern Auto has no production license and uses BAW as contract manufacturer (Like Nio’s that are manufactured by JAC).

    BAW is no longer a subsidiary of BAIC Group/Beijing Auto. You may have noticed that BAW jeeps no longer have the BJ-designation in their type approval number, but use the BAW-code instead (BJ2032… has become BAW2032.. etc). This is because BAW has been sold to Fulu Automobile, a manufacturer of low-speed EV’s.

    Ownership of BAW over the years:
    -The current Beijing Automobile Works Co., Ltd. was established in 2001 as joint venture of BAIC Group (33%) and Yao Changsheng/Beijing Automobile Assembly Factory (67%)
    -In late december 2008 BAIC Group acquired 18% from mr Yao, bringing the ratio to BAIC 51%, Yao 49%.
    -BAIC Group moved BAW in October 2010, handing over its 51% shareholding to BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd.
    -BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd. sold back its 51% shareholding in BAW in November 2012 to BAIC Group.
    -BAIC Group finally exited BAW in May 2016, but details are not completely clear to me. Mr. Yao (Beijing Automobile Assembly Factory) probably held 100% for some time.
    -In 2019 Mr. Yao owned 87,5% of BAW and an entity called Shanghai Qinyong NEDC Ltd. 12,5%. I can’t find out when Shanghai Qinyong NEDC Ltd. entered BAW (or what the company does), but it was founded in September 2016.
    -In May 2020 BAW was acquired by Qingdao Fulu Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. Current shareholding: Fulu Investment 51%, Yao Changsheng 39.7% through two entities (Beijing Automobile Assembly Factory 31% and Beijing Auto (Huanghua) Parts Co., Ltd. 8.7%), Shanghai Qinyong New Energy Development Co., Ltd. 9,3%.

    1. Thank you very much for this Leo! Amended now here and in the Guide.
      Have you found the Chinese writing for Modern Auto by any chance?
      Many thanks,
      All the best,

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