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UK nations November 2020: Ford Puma #1 in Wales, BMW 1 Series, Peugeot 208 and Renault Captur secure podium finishes

The Ford Puma is the best-selling vehicle in Wales for the 2nd month running.

Note: October data is also included in this post.

Thanks to our partnership with SMMT we can now share with you the UK detail by nation for November. Keep in mind this is a zoom in by nation and all sales are already included in our UK November 2020 update. This month England (-30.4%) pulls the entire UK market down at 94.153 units with the 3 remaining nations all outpacing the general UK result (-27.4%): Scotland is down -3.4% to 11.483, Northern Ireland is off -6.9% to 2.942 and Wales down -19.1% to 4.857. Year-to-date, Wales fares best at -25.3% to 55.471, followed by Scotland at -29.2% to 118.148, Northern Ireland at -30.3% to 34.475 and England at -31.1% to 1.286.695.

The main event of the month is the pole position of the Ford Puma in Wales, a ranking it already held in October. However it slips out of the Northern Irish Top 10, while it ranks #10 in both England and Scotland. The Puma is since October inside the YTD Top 10 of all 4 nations, and logically #9 YTD in the UK overall. The Vauxhall Corsa is #1 in England and Scotland, the VW Golf is #1 in Northern Ireland and #2 in Wales and England where it stands only 18 units off the Corsa.

The other podium finishers are the BMW 1 Series #2 in Scotland, the Nissan Qashqai #2 in Northern Ireland, Mercedes A-Class #3 in England, Peugeot 208 #3 in Scotland and Renault Captur #3 in Northern Ireland and up to #6 YTD vs. #9 last month, also #7 in Wales. It’s a paltry month for the Ford Fiesta, #3 in Wales (-37.1%), #6 in Northern Ireland and Scotland and thrown outside Top 10 in England. Note even though the Ford Focus does not rank in any nation’s podium for the month, it holds onto the Northern Irish YTD #1 spot by just one unit above the Fiesta. Notable performers include the Peugeot 3008 up to a record #5 in Northern Ireland (previous best #10 in August 2018 and July 2019), the Vauxhall Grandland X #5 in Scotland, the Audi A3 #7 in England vs. #10 in the UK, the Volvo XC40 #5 in Wales and #8 in England and the Toyota C-HR #10 in Northern Ireland.

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Full October and November 2020 Top 10 models for every UK nation below.

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