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Media post: 5 Costly Car Repair Mistakes You Should Know About

No matter your car’s make or build, you will always run into situations that will lead you to seek car repair services. Failing to take your car for repair is not the only mistake you can make; you might have it repaired before finding yourself in a much worse situation. This article looks to introduce you to common car repair mistakes, how they can affect you, and what to do to avoid them.

1.   Not seeking windshield repair services quickly

You might need to repair or replace your windshield following an accident, depending on the extent of the damage. If it is just a chip, you might want to repair it yourself, though you need to do it quickly or have it spread and develop into a bigger problem that merits a replacement. It is also worth noting that fixing your glass after a car accident is an expert’s job, not yours. A repair professional will help assess the extent of the damage and determine if it warrants repair or replacement.

2.   Not seeking professional electrical repair services

It is never a good idea to run your vehicle’s electrical repairs alone. You might have significant experience performing fixes all by yourself, but today’s electrical components are entirely different from what you’re probably used to. Most parts are not joined by cables, and the interconnected network of connectors and sensors is easy to compromise if you have no idea what you are doing. Such jobs require special equipment and are best handled by professionals.

3.   Telling the mechanic what to do

The belief that you know your car more than the mechanic can lead you into thinking you can pinpoint the problem when you really can’t. For example, you might be convinced your car needs an engine tune-up or new spark plugs when it is the mass airflow sensor that needs cleaning. Your mechanic will skip the diagnosis if you tell them so, but this is a gamble that will cost you a fortune.

4.   Not asking for the old parts back

If you let a mechanic replace a broken car part, especially in your absence, make sure you are given the old part back. This helps confirm that the broken part was actually removed and replaced. If you trust your mechanic, you can skip this part, but it’s not worth taking chances on something that would cost you twice the initial amount if a second repair is needed.

5.   Not communicating with your repair expert

Communication is crucial in a car problem diagnosis. Your mechanic needs to know what you have been seeing, feeling, and hearing for an accurate assessment. They will also want to know about your care and maintenance routine and if you have had the car serviced recently. If you can’t afford to be present during the repair, you can jot down the symptoms and send them over to the mechanic alongside service history documents.


These are some of the common repair mistakes car owners make. By avoiding them, you will not only save yourself money but also improve your car’s condition, performance, and lifespan

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