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Cyprus October 2020: Hyundai Kona, Tucson add up to 13% share, in market off -19.3%, Top 10 is 100% SUV

The Hyundai Kona is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus in October.

Thanks to our partnership with SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT we can share with you today October sales figures for Cyprus. New car sales in Cyprus take a harsh -19.3% year-on-year hit in October to just 774 registrations, leading to a year-to-date tally off -20.2% to 8.313 units. Hyundai holds the top two spots with the Kona (+188.9%) and Tucson (+104.2%) adding up to a whopping 13% share for the month. For the Tucson there could be some stock clearance at play before welcoming the new generations in dealerships across the country. The Kia Sportage (-28%) makes the Cyprus October podium 100% Korean, while the Nissan Juke (+675%) repeats at a fantastic 5th place. The VW T-Cross (+20%), Renault Captur (+20%) and Toyota C-HR also make themselves notice in the remainder of the Top 10. Note that with the Kia Stonic (-3.6%), Jeep Renegade (-23.3%) and Nissan Qashqai (-60%) completing the Top 10, this month all nameplates inside the Top 10 are SUVs, as well as 13 out of the Top 15 with the odd ones out being the VW Polo (#11) and Golf (#15).

Previous month: Cyprus September 2020: VW T-Roc snaps third ever win in market back in decline (-12.3%)

One year ago: Cyprus October 2019: Toyota Yaris, Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage tie for #1

Full October 2020 Top 30 models below.

Note: This ranking features the Top 30 models year-to-date ordered based on their October sales and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

Cyprus October 2020 – models:

1Hyundai Kona526.7%188.9%102172.6%-10.7%1012
2Hyundai Tucson496.3%104.2%33344.0%11.3%27
3Kia Sportage364.7%-28.0%112533.0%-26.9%86
4Toyota C-HR334.3%17.9%63273.9%-8.7%35
5Nissan Juke314.0%675.0%52302.8%8.0%914
6Kia Stonic273.5%-3.6%23954.8%-5.7%13
7VW T-Cross243.1%20.0%72012.4%103.0%1218
8Renault Captur243.1%20.0%171461.8%-23.2%1415
9Jeep Renegade233.0%-23.3%122052.5%-14.6%1113
10Nissan Qashqai202.6%-60.0%42913.5%-34.5%52
11VW Polo202.6%1900.0%n/a901.1%-10.9%27n/a
12Toyota RAV4151.9%-16.7%152563.1%15.8%711
13Dacia Duster151.9%-6.2%23971.2%5.4%24n/a
14VW T-Roc141.8%-60.0%12983.6%-9.4%44
15VW Golf131.7%62.5%291131.4%-35.1%1716
16Audi Q3101.3%-23.1%221061.3%-11.7%2129
17Seat Arona101.3%-41.1%9921.1%-10.7%26n/a
18Volvo XC4081.0%-57.9%141281.5%1.6%1519
19Toyota Corolla81.0%-20.0%261081.3%-22.9%1920
20Nissan Micra81.0%-52.9%16931.1%-19.1%2521
21Toyota Aygo81.0%33.3%28851.0%-17.5%28n/a
22Toyota Yaris70.9%-86.0%252703.2%-40.9%61
23Kia Ceed60.8%50.0%201181.4%-62.1%168
24Range Rover Evoque50.6%-70.6%211071.3%-8.5%2030
25Nissan X-Trail50.6%-54.5%181011.2%-7.3%2222
26Mercedes GLC50.6%-50.0%24780.9%-7.1%30n/a
27Kia Rio40.5%-63.6%81712.1%-36.7%1310
28Mitsubishi ASX40.5%0.0%27971.2%246.4%23n/a
29BMW X130.4%-81.3%131091.3%-6.0%1828
30VW Tiguan10.1%-90.9%30780.9%-52.4%2917


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