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Iceland September 2020: Tesla Model 3 takes hold of market up 39.1%, VW ID.3 lands at #3

One in every 4 new cars registered in Iceland in September is a Tesla Model 3.

The Icelandic new car market posts a very satisfying 39.1% year-on-year surge in September to 1.125 registrations, leading to a year-to-date tally down -24.9% to 7.381. Tesla continues its seesaw journey: after having zero registrations in August due to the lack of new shipments, its flies off to pole position in September with a gargantuan 27.8% share. Toyota is knocked down to #2 at 11.4% but retains the YTD top spot at 15.7% share vs. 10.6% for Tesla. Kia rounds out the podium as it does YTD, distancing Volkswagen, Nissan (up 11 spots on August) and Hyundai. BMW is up 8 ranks on last month to #9, Dacia is up 6 to #15 and Subaru up 4 to #19 but MG drops 7 to #20.

The Tesla Model 3 goes from zero to 289 sales in a month, holding a 25.7% share in September and cementing its YTD leadership at 10.1% share. The Toyota RAV4, #1 in August, drops to #2 with 5.6%, in line with the 6% it holds so far this year. The VW ID.3 lands directly in third place with 3.7% share, this is the nameplate’s second-best result in the world so far below #1 in Norway and Ireland, the later which we will cover shortly. The Mitsubishi Outlander and Nissan Leaf round out the Top 5, while the Volvo XC40 (#7), Hyundai Tucson (#9) and Dacia Duster (#10) punch way above their respective YTD levels of #16, #14 and #21. Notice also the arrival of the Honda E at #30.

Previous month: Iceland August 2020: Toyota RAV4 leads, MG ZS in Top 5, market down -27.5%

Previous year: Iceland Full Year 2019: Toyota RAV4 and Dacia Duster top market down -31.7%

Full September 2020 Top 42 All-brands and Top 202 All-models below.

Iceland September 2020 – brands:

1Tesla31327.8% –77910.6%228
18Land Rover161.4%151462.0%1615
20MG161.4%13480.7%24 –
28Chrysler40.4% –40.1%3440
32Fiat10.1% –80.1%3332
33Dodge10.1% –10.0%4037
34Pontiac10.1% –10.0%41 –
35Chevrolet10.1% –10.0%42 –
37Weinsberg00.0% –240.3%3129
38Polaris00.0% –30.0%3535
40Alfa Romeo00.0% –20.0%3738
41Hymer00.0% –10.0%3842
42Bentley00.0% –10.0%39 –

Iceland September 2020 – models:

1Tesla Model 328925.7% –74210.1%1
2Toyota RAV4635.6%14466.0%2
3VW ID.3423.7% –420.6%49
4Mitsubishi Outlander403.6%43494.7%3
5Nissan Leaf373.3%331061.4%19
6Kia Niro302.7%81912.6%6
7Volvo XC40262.3%141101.5%16
8Audi e-Tron181.6%71922.6%5
9Hyundai Tucson171.5%231131.5%14
10Dacia Duster171.5%311051.4%21
11Hyundai Kona161.4%101361.8%9
12MG ZS161.4%5480.7%42
13Tesla Model X161.4% –240.3%72
14BMW X1151.3%38330.4%57
15VW Golf141.2%91391.9%8
16Toyota Corolla141.2%181221.7%12
17Nissan Qashqai131.2%401291.7%10
18Kia Sportage131.2%131061.4%18
19Kia Sorento121.1%32931.3%22
20VW Polo121.1%41911.2%23
21Honda CR-V121.1%24901.2%24
22BMW X5121.1%50460.6%43
23Toyota Land Cruiser 150111.0%62613.5%4
24Volvo XC90111.0%34771.0%25
25Renault Clio111.0%74230.3%76
26Toyota C-HR100.9%65630.9%30
27Ford Kuga100.9%17300.4%61
28Suzuki Baleno100.9% –130.2%102
29Skoda Octavia90.8%48751.0%27
30Honda E90.8% –90.1%114
31Toyota Yaris80.7%21752.4%7
32Kia Optima80.7%12640.9%29
33Skoda Superb80.7%15600.8%34
34Toyota Aygo80.7%11450.6%47
35Tesla Model S80.7% –130.2%103
36Kia Rio70.6%55230.3%73
37Toyota Camry70.6%93180.2%88
38Subaru Outback70.6%98140.2%99
39Kia Ceed60.5%301061.4%17
40Suzuki Jimny60.5%201061.4%20
41Subaru Forester60.5%81460.6%45
43Jaguar i-Pace60.5%45290.4%65
44Land Rover Discovery Sport60.5% –240.3%70
45Hyundai i2050.4%281261.7%11
46Volvo XC6050.4%31141.5%13
47Honda Jazz50.4%25530.7%36
48Mercedes EQC50.4%49480.7%41
49Hyundai i1040.4%63610.8%31
50Peugeot 20840.4%19490.7%40
51Mercedes GLC40.4%27390.5%51
52Hyundai Ioniq40.4%68360.5%53
53Renault Zoe40.4%83330.4%58
54Nissan X-Trail40.4% –300.4%62
55Peugeot 200840.4%22230.3%74
56Mercedes A Class40.4%54210.3%78
57Lexus RX40.4%86200.3%81
58Chrysler Pacifica40.4% –40.1%136
59Suzuki Swift30.3%47761.0%26
60Peugeot 300830.3%64600.8%33
61Mazda CX-3030.3%42520.7%37
62Kia Soul30.3%43460.6%44
63Land Rover Defender30.3%36360.5%54
64Land Rover Discovery30.3%26350.5%56
65Ford Focus30.3% –200.3%80
66Nissan Juke30.3% –200.3%82
67Mazda CX-530.3%87190.3%85
68Suzuki SX430.3%56190.3%86
69Hyundai Santa Fe30.3%88180.2%87
70Kia Picanto30.3%94130.2%100
71Volvo V6030.3% –100.1%113
72Lexus UX30.3% –90.1%115
73Toyota Prius30.3% –80.1%121
74Mercedes C Class30.3% –50.1%131
75Dacia Dokker30.3% –30.0%148
76Skoda Kodiaq20.2%291121.5%15
77Kia Stonic20.2%79741.0%28
78Mercedes GLE20.2%66510.7%38
79Suzuki Ignis20.2%16510.7%39
80Skoda Karoq20.2%35420.6%48
81Nissan Micra20.2%70320.4%59
82Jeep Grand Cherokee20.2%52290.4%66
83Range Rover Sport20.2%85230.3%75
84Ssangyong Rexton20.2% –220.3%77
85Audi Q520.2%53190.3%83
86Citroen C5 Aircross20.2%72190.3%84
87VW Up!20.2%57180.2%89
89Subaru XV20.2%73150.2%95
90Opel Grandland X20.2%92140.2%97
91Range Rover Evoque20.2%75130.2%101
92VW Tiguan20.2% –130.2%104
93Renault Trafic20.2%96100.1%112
94Porsche Taycan20.2%6070.1%124
95Ssangyong Korando20.2%10070.1%125
96Opel Corsa20.2%11030.0%152
97Mazda620.2% –20.0%162
98Mercedes S Class20.2% –20.0%165
99Volvo V7020.2% –20.0%173
100BMW X310.1%67450.6%46
101VW Touareg10.1%82390.5%52
102VW Kombi10.1%21360.5%55
103VW Passat10.1%51300.4%64
104Mini Cooper10.1%46210.3%79
105Jeep Wrangler10.1% –160.2%90
106Honda HR-V10.1%89150.2%91
107Ssangyong Tivoli10.1% –150.2%94
108Range Rover10.1% –140.2%98
109Mercedes V Class10.1% –120.2%106
110Audi A310.1% –110.1%108
111Toyota Proace10.1%76110.1%109
112VW Caddy10.1% –110.1%110
113Renault Kadjar10.1%59100.1%111
114Citroen C4 Spacetourer10.1% –80.1%116
115Dacia Sandero10.1% –80.1%117
116Ford Puma10.1%3980.1%118
117Renault Koleos10.1% –80.1%120
118Volvo S9010.1% –50.1%134
119Citroen Berlingo10.1%10540.1%137
120Ford Explorer10.1%6140.1%138
121Jaguar E-Pace10.1% –40.1%140
122Nissan E-NV20010.1% –40.1%142
123Toyota Proace City Verso10.1%6240.1%145
124BMW X710.1% –30.0%146
125Citroen C4 Cactus10.1% –30.0%147
126Opel Crossland X10.1%7830.0%153
127Ford Tourneo Custom10.1% –20.0%156
128Mercedes Marco Polo10.1% –20.0%164
129Peugeot Rifter10.1% –20.0%168
130Toyota Land Cruiser10.1% –20.0%172
131Chevrolet Corvette10.1% –10.0%180
132Dodge Dart10.1% –10.0%182
133Fiat Freemont10.1%10.0%183
134Jaguar XF10.1% –10.0%189
135Mazda MX-3010.1% –10.0%192
136Pontiac Trans AM10.1% –10.0%195
137VW Crafter10.1% –10.0%199
138BMW 5 Series10.1% –10.0%200
139Subaru Legacy10.1% –10.0%201
140Toyota Auris10.1% –10.0%202
141Hyundai i3000.0% –610.8%32
142Suzuki Vitara00.0%80600.8%35
143VW T-Roc00.0%69310.4%60
144Opel Ampera-e00.0% –300.4%63
145Peugeot 500800.0%71260.4%67
146VW T-Cross00.0%84260.4%68
147Jeep Compass00.0% –240.3%69
148Porsche Cayenne00.0%37240.3%71
149Mercedes Sprinter00.0% –150.2%93
150Mercedes Vito Tourer00.0%58140.2%96
151Honda Civic00.0% –120.2%105
152Mitsubishi ASX00.0%91120.2%107
153Mercedes GLS00.0%9580.1%119
154Citroen C300.0% –70.1%122
155Lexus NX00.0%9770.1%123
156Volvo S6000.0% –70.1%126
157Mercedes GLA00.0% –60.1%127
158Opel Karl00.0% –60.1%128
159Renault Captur00.0% –60.1%129
160Ford Galaxy00.0% –50.1%130
161Mercedes E Class00.0%9950.1%132
162Renault Megane00.0% –50.1%133
163VW Multivan00.0%10150.1%135
164Ford Fiesta00.0%10240.1%139
165Mercedes G Class00.0%10340.1%141
166Porsche Macan00.0% –40.1%143
167Skoda Kamiq00.0%10440.1%144
168Dacia Logan00.0% –30.0%149
169Jeep Cherokee00.0% –30.0%150
170Mercedes B Class00.0% –30.0%151
171Porsche 91100.0% –30.0%154
172BMW X600.0% –20.0%155
173Ford Transit00.0%10620.0%157
174Jaguar F-Pace00.0%10720.0%158
175Jeep Renegade00.0% –20.0%159
176Kia Stinger00.0%10820.0%160
177Man TGE00.0%7720.0%161
178Mercedes CLA00.0% –20.0%163
179Mini Countryman00.0% –20.0%166
180Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross00.0% –20.0%167
181Range Rover Velar00.0% –20.0%169
182Skoda Fabia00.0% –20.0%170
183Subaru Impreza00.0% –20.0%171
184Alfa Romeo Giulia00.0% –10.0%174
185Alfa Romeo Giulietta00.0% –10.0%175
186Audi A100.0% –10.0%176
187Audi Q700.0% –10.0%177
188Bentley Bentayga00.0% –10.0%178
189BMW X400.0% –10.0%179
190Citroen C3 Aircross00.0%10910.0%181
191Fiat Panda00.0% –10.0%184
192Fiat Tipo00.0% –10.0%185
193Ford Expedition00.0% –10.0%186
194Ford Transit Custom00.0% –10.0%187
195Jaguar XE00.0% –10.0%188
196Lexus ES00.0% –10.0%190
197Lexus IS00.0% –10.0%191
198Opel Combo Life00.0% –10.0%193
199Peugeot 50800.0% –10.0%194
200Porsche 718 Cayman00.0% –10.0%196
201VW Arteon00.0% –10.0%197
202VW California00.0% –10.0%198

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