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Cyprus August 2020: Nissan Juke leads, 15 SUVs in Top 16 in only European market in positive (+14.1%)

The Nissan Juke is the best-selling vehicle in Cyprus in August.

As we detailed in our Europe August 2020 update, Cyprus is the only European market in positive in August at +14.1% and 729 registrations according to our data partners SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT. This brings the year-to-date tally to 6.677 units, down -21.2% on the same period in 2019. And indeed the Top 6 best-selling models for the month are in positive, with all nameplates on the podium at least tripling their August 2019 volume! The Nissan Juke (+346.2%) spectacularly takes the lead of the Cyprus charts for the month thanks to a new generation. This is the first time the Juke is #1 in Cyprus since we started following this market monthly in January 2017, with its previous best being #4 hit in February 2017 and December 2018. The Juke is followed by the VW T-Roc (+212.5%) and Jeep Renegade (+311.1%) with the Kia Stonic (+57.1%), Hyundai Tucson (+8.7%) and Hyundai Kona (+109.1%) in tow. In what we at BSCB believe is a first in Cyprus, the entire Top 11 best-selling models for August are SUVs!, with the Volvo XC40 (+150%), BMW X1 (+200%) and Mitsubishi ASX (#11) also impressive. The Nissan Micra (+133.3%) is the most popular car and only one in the Top 16 at an estimated #12.

Previous month: Cyprus July 2020: Kia Stonic (+206.5%) triumphs, reclaims YTD spot in market down -18.2%

One year ago: Cyprus August 2019: Toyota RAV4 up to #3, 10 SUVs in Top 12 in market down -7.5%

Full August 2020 Top 30 models ranking below.

Note: This ranking features the Top 30 YTD models, ordered based on their August volumes and may therefore not be 100% accurate.

Cyprus August 2020 – models:

1Nissan Juke585.5%346.2%301712.6%-9.5%914
2VW T-Roc504.7%212.5%52183.3%-21.6%74
3Jeep Renegade373.5%311.1%251652.5%-2.4%1013
4Kia Stonic333.1%57.1%13144.7%-9.8%13
5Hyundai Tucson252.4%8.7%32523.8%-0.8%47
6Hyundai Kona232.2%109.1%131462.2%-24.4%1212
7Nissan Qashqai212.0%-38.2%22393.6%-33.6%52
8Toyota C-HR201.9%11.1%42674.0%-12.2%25
9Volvo XC40201.9%150.0%141051.6%8.2%1519
10BMW X1151.4%200.0%24891.3%-3.3%2128
11Mitsubishi ASX141.3%n/a16891.3%-3.3%20n/a
12Nissan Micra141.3%133.3%n/a721.1%-13.3%2921
13Audi Q3121.1%-25.0%18861.3%41.0%2229
14Nissan X-Trail121.1%200.0%23841.3%1.2%2322
15Kia Sportage100.9%-52.4%72003.0%-29.1%86
16VW T-Cross100.9%-47.4%91522.3%108.2%1118
17Mercedes A-Class100.9%n/an/a671.0%-8.2%30n/a
18Toyota Yaris90.9%-73.5%62563.8%-30.2%31
19Toyota RAV490.9%-71.0%82273.4%29.0%611
20Toyota Aygo90.9%80.0%21731.1%-2.7%25n/a
21Dacia Duster80.8%60.0%26721.1%46.9%28n/a
22VW Polo60.6%0.0%22721.1%-19.1%27n/a
23Range Rover Evoque50.5%-37.5%27921.4%35.3%1930
24Kia Rio40.4%100.0%121422.1%-43.0%1310
25Kia Ceed40.4%-20.0%111021.5%-66.4%168
26Renault Captur30.3%-83.3%191101.6%-16.7%1415
27VW Golf30.3%-75.0%15981.5%-35.5%1716
28Toyota Corolla30.3%0.0%17941.4%-14.5%1820
29Kia Picanto30.3%-70.0%29721.1%-35.1%2623
30VW Tiguan20.2%-84.6%10761.1%-45.3%2417

Source: SEMO Cyprus and INNOSOFT

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