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Media post: 8 Best Car Accessories in 2020

Most people think high-quality car accessories only belong in Ferraris. However, most of the best car accessories in 2020 are easy to use, affordable, and compatible in most vehicles.

Basically, there’s no excuse for not getting hooked up with at least one of these top car accessories in 2020.

1) Dash Cam

Dash cams are useful in situations where you need to provide information about an accident to your insurance company.

Say a negligent party were to try to pin the accident on you. Having your dash cam footage keeps you secure when you deal with your insurance company.

Many smart dash cams let you record and transfer footage from devices to your phone or home computer.

They typically come with a magnetic pad that secures to the dashboard.

2) Proximity Remote

Proximity remotes come in handy when your hands are occupied, or you are in a hurry. These smart keys give you the ability to unlock and start your car without using the actual key. Just being in proximity with the key will activate it.

Suppliers like Denver locksmith offer a mobile service that creates proximity keys. If you’re in the market for a convenient car key solution, look into getting a proximity remote from a reputable supplier!

3) Tile Mate

The tile mate has gained a lot of attention in recent years. The reason they are so popular is that they solve a common problem. Many people lose their keys on occasion, but this device can be attached to your keychain. When you lose your keys, you can track them via the tile’s mobile app.

4) USB Charger

A USB charger with several ports comes in handy when you’re on the road with multiple people. On the market, you’ll find compact models that charge at full speed from each port.

You can choose between plastic models and more durable options that are made from aluminum.

Find one with a warranty that protects you in case of a defect.

5) Car Jump Starter

This premium battery is super convenient if you’re stuck on the side of the road with a car that won’t turn on. Depending on the battery size, you can jump your car up to 20 times within a single charge.

They typically come with built-in heavy-duty cables and clamp. The battery can also be used to charge smartphones, cameras, tablets, headphones, gaming systems, and more.

Find one with a built-in LED flashlight to maximize the device’s used.

6) Cleaning Kit

If you recently upgraded to a new car, or just want to take better care of your current car, having a cleaning kit in your vehicle is a must.

Typically, a cleaning kit should contain:

-Bodywork shampoo
-Resin polish
-Wheel cleaner
-Tire dressing
-Glass polish
-Interior shampoo
-Dry cloth
-Finishing cloth

7) Car Vacuum

Car vacuums are essential for people with pets that frequently travel in their car. If your pet sheds on your car’s interior, you should purchase a handheld, chargeable vacuum that you can leave in your truck.

8) Backseat Organizer

Backseat organizers are great for people with kids. If your family frequently takes road trips or you just spend a lot of time in the car with your little ones, you can use an organizer to store snacks, books, games, and more.

Look for one that matches your car’s interior. Choose a fabric option so you can easily clean it if it gets dirty.

Bottom Line

See what you’ve been missing? All of these products can be used to custom-tailor your driving experience and make routine tasks as simple as possible. Even if you have one of these items, it’s likely you don’t have all 8 set up in your vehicle.

Take a note from us and get these accessories for your car today!

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