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China wholesales July 2020: Post-Covid rebound accelerates to +16.4%, Toyota (+29.3%) smiles, VW (-6.1%) cries

The Toyota RAV4 breaks a six year-old monthly volume record in July.

After surging +14.5% in May, and +11.6% in June, Chinese wholesales accelerate their post-Covid rebound in July at a superb +16.4% year-on-year to 2.112.000 units according to data by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM). As it was already the case in June, this is a new July wholesales record in China, eclipsing the previous high of 1.971.000 from July 2017. It is also a and a 4th straight month in positive, following 21 consecutive months of decline dating back to July 2018. Wholesales are ex-factory deliveries to dealerships (not end-customer registrations) and as carmakers attempt to catch up on production lost earlier in the year, most factories have cancelled summer holidays and July production soars an even more impressive 21.9% to 2.201.000 units, here too a new July record. The year-to-date wholesales tally now stands at 12.314.000 units, down -11.8% on the same period in 2019. The Chinese market’s continued and outstanding good health means we are upgrading our 2020 China Forecast from 23.9 million (-7.2%) last month to 24.47 million (-5%).

First five-digit monthly volume for the UNI-T, helping Changan up 75.3%.

In July, Passenger Vehicles leap 8.5% to 1.665.000 units but the market is once again pulled vigorously up by euphoric Commercial Vehicles wholesales up 59.4% to 447.000 units after rising 63.1% in June, 48% in May and 31.6% in April. This CV dynamism is triggered by government stimulus towards new infrastructure building, as illustrated by a 71.1% surge in truck sales to 415.000 units offsetting a -15.1% plunge in bus wholesales to 32.000 units. In the Passenger Cars segment detail, cars gain 4.6% to 773.000 units, a smidge above SUVs up 14% to 772.000 while MPVs edge down -0.7% to 85.000 and minibuses are up 8.5% to 35.000. Year-to-date, Passenger Vehicles are off -18.4% to 9.533.000 including 4.449.000 SUVs (-11%), 4.445.000 cars (-22.1%), 449.000 MPVs (-40.6%) and 190.000 minibuses (-15.8%). Commercial Vehicles in contrast soar 14.3% to a record 2.832.000 units including 2.615.000 trucks (+17.4%) and 217.000 buses (-13%).

Wuling wholesales surge 81.8% year-on-year in July.

Apart from the spectacular overall year-on-year growth in July, the other big news is New Energy Vehicles (NEV) wholesales ending 12 consecutive months of year-on-year decline at +19.3% to 98.000 units including 89.000 Passenger Vehicles (+28.7%) and 9.000 Commercial Vehicles (-30.1%). Among PVs, there were 70.000 BEVs (+38.1%), 19.000 PHEVs (+3.2%) and 407 FCEVs (-63.2%). However because of a dreadful First Half 2020, year-to-date NEV wholesales remain firmly in negative at -32.8% to 486.000 units including 436.000 Passenger Vehicles (-33.4%) and 50.000 Commercial Vehicles, almost all BEV. BEV Passenger Vehicles are down -35.2% to 332.000 and PHEVs off -26.8% to 105.000.

The Tayron (-21.8%) hampers Volkswagen wholesales in July (-6.1%).

In the brands ranking, market leader Volkswagen (-6.1%) is still unable to catch up with the positive market and is the only Top 10 carmaker in negative this month, enduring a 6th year-on-year decline this year after edging up a very shy 0.4% in June. Some models are very dynamic – mostly SUVs, such as the Teramont (+52.1%), Tiguan (+47.5%), Tharu (+34.4%), CC (+26.1%), Golf (+23%) and Lamando (+17.8%), but they fail to compensate for ghastly falls by the T-Cross (-62.4%), Phideon (-53.4%), Santana (-39.2%), Polo (-29.5%), Tayron (-21.8%), Magotan (-19.3%), T-Roc (-18.2%) and Bora (-17.8%). It’s a completely different picture for #2 Toyota (+29.3%) lodging a 4th consecutive double-digit gain and its biggest year-on-year improvement since December 2018. At 151.952, its July 2020 wholesales volume is also its 2nd largest in history, below only the 158.069 of January 2019. Toyota is helped by a rejuvenated lineup with the RAV4 (+99.7%) breaking a six year-old nameplate’s volume record at 19.181 (previous best 18.592 in November 2013), its twin the Wildlander also at its highest ever (10.201) while the Avalon (+98.1%), Vios FS (+47%), Yaris L (+46.9%), IZOA (+36.7%), Corolla (+23.6%) and Highlander (+11.8%) also score euphoric results.

Hongqi secures an incredible 14th all-time volume record in the past 17 months, mainly thanks to the HS5.

Back in third place after peaking at #2 last month, Honda (+25.7%) also manages a stunning gain thanks to the Avancier (+881.4%), Vezel (+179.1%), Elysion (+134.2%), UR-V (+83.2%), XR-V (+56.8%), Crider (+13%), Inspire (+12%) and Accord (+9.2%). Nissan (+17.4%) also outpaces the market, helped by the Sylphy (+80.1%) in outstanding shape thanks to a new generation. Geely (+8.7%) also advances thanks to record volumes by the Haoyue (3.027) and Icon (3.749) but underperforms somewhat with a single-digit uptick. Buick (+36.6%) roars towards a 4th straight gain after 23 months of decline, propelled up by the Velite 6 (+792.4%), Regal (+223.2%), LaCrosse (+190.7%), GL8 (+39.8%), Envision (+30.2%) and Excelle Yinlang (+15.5%), but it’s Changan (+75.3%) that sports the largest gain among the Top 10 brands thanks to a record-breaking UNI-T (10.081), the Yuexiang (+165.7%), Eado (+109.4%) and CS75 (+95%). BMW (+42.4%), Audi (+20.8%) and Mercedes (+20.1%) round out the Top 10 in very solid fashion.

The new 05 coupe SUV enables Lynk & Co to break its volume record in July.

Further down, Wuling (+81.8%) is showing unusual strength, Hongqi secures an incredible 14th monthly volume record in the past 17 months at 16.614 units, and more surprisingly Lynk & Co (+77.9%) also breaks its all-time high mark at 15.331, but this time it’s a two-year old record that is eclipsed (15.207 in October 2018) thanks to a very successful launch for the 05 which is already the brand’s best-selling SUV. A local producer since this year, Lincoln also hits a new high at 5.025 wholesales. Among EV startups, NIO (+135.2%), Weltmeister (+86.3%) and Xpeng (+50.2%) impress, the latter hitting its 2nd highest ever monthly figure at 2.276 (record 2.704 in May 2019) thanks to the addition of the P7 sedan. COS (+256.9%), Yema (+49.1%), Jaguar (+48.8%), Ora (+47.9%), Cowin (+46.8%), Land Rover (+43.2%) and Cadillac (+36%) also impress. Jetta (11.111) remains the most popular recent brand launch (<12 months) but is frankly and worryingly losing steam: -28% on June, -34% on May and -23% on April. Tesla (11.014) lurks just below and now adds up to almost 55.000 China-made Model 3 sold in just six months.

Leopaard wholesales crash -98.7% year-on-year in July. Is it game over?

The fact the Chinese wholesales market is surging at the moment doesn’t mean all carmakers are in the same positive boat, on the contrary a whole lot of them have missed the recovery bus and could be headed towards discontinuation. It seems already done for Brilliance (-100%), Landwind (-100%), Luxgen (-100%), Renault (-100%) and Zotye (-100%), almost done for Leopaard (-98.7%), Lifan (-95.1%), Bisu (-91.8%), Borgward (-88.8%), Dorcen (-82.1%), Qoros (-79.6%), Citroen (-75.3%), Haima (-74.2%), Peugeot (-70.6%) and Hanteng (-64.5%). Near-term prospects remain challenging for Chevrolet (-61%), Beijing (-57.6%), Soueast (-50.2%), Mitsubishi (-45.4%), Skoda (-41.5%), Jeep (-40.8%), Venucia (-38.6%), Baojun (-30%), Bestune (-27.1%) and Dongfeng (-15.9%). Even though at least a dozen carmakers haven’t survived the Covid-19 crisis, 172 Chinese Brands remain as you can verify in our Exclusive Guide.

The Nissan Sylphy is #1 in China for the 9th time in the past 12 months.

Over in the models ranking, as mentioned above the Nissan Sylphy (+80.1%) is bolstered by a new generation and has now accumulated a seemingly unsurmountable advantage over its archenemy the VW Lavida (-2.5%) in difficulty, with the Sylphy adding up to almost 255.000 units YTD vs. just 208.000 for the Lavida. The Toyota Corolla (+23.6%) its solid in third place while the Wuling Hongguang (+81.8%) uncharacteristically rallies back up 8 spots on June and 9 on its YTD ranking to #4. Given Hongguang wholesales are not split between segments, this surge could be due to the production start of the new Hongguang MINI EV, but as retail sales of this vehicle remain at zero for July we’ll have to wait until August retail results to confirm this. The Honda Civic (+5%) rounds out the Top 5 like in June above the Haval H6 (+2.8%), VW Bora (-17.8%) and Sagitar (-3.8%). On top of the ones mentioned earlier, all-time volume record-breakers in July also include the BMW X3 (13.536), Audi Q2L (5.569), Lynk & Co 05 (4.148), Lincoln Corsair (3.906), Beijing X7 (3.103 and already the brand’s best-seller), JAC Jiayue X4 (2.809) and Xpeng P7 (1.725). You’ll notice almost all of them are SUVs.

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Full July 2020 Top 99 All-brands and Top 440 All-models below.

China wholesales July 2020 – brands:

7ChangAn (incl. Chana)74,89675.3%7413,3731.0%68
27Lynk & Co15,33177.9%3070,0948.7%2832
31Tesla11,014new2954,758new34 –
38Lincoln5,025new4511,123new50 –
41Land Rover3,96643.2%4218,3439.0%4453
48LI2,445new5711,945new49 –
65Leap Motor884new651,763new79 –
75JMC (incl. JMEV)3524.1%682,629-77.2%7469
77Aiways309new79516new87 –
80Hycan178new81302new91 –
85Bisu35-91.8% –326-91.8%9079
86Everus19new –646new8591
88FQT Motor15n/a90226-80.6%9589
89Fukang12n/a –12-99.0%9894
90Great Wall6-92.2%85958-51.3%8382
93Zotye0-100.0% –3,573-95.7%7034
94Renault0-100.0% –1,382-86.5%8164
95Enranger0-100.0% –1,113-77.4%8278
96Huasong0n/a –300-55.5%9295
97Landwind0-100.0% –258-97.2%9373

China wholesales July 2020 – models:

1Nissan Sylphy45,02780.1%1254,7077.4%12
2VW Lavida35,997-2.5%2208,145-27.5%21
3Toyota Corolla32,18423.6%3185,414-9.1%35
4Wuling Hongguang26,79281.8%12111,450-42.6%134
5Honda Civic26,2404.0%5123,334-11.4%810
6Haval H623,7232.8%6145,494-29.2%53
7VW Bora21,947-17.8%4152,945-6.1%46
8VW Sagitar21,393-3.8%8139,2891.5%67
9ChangAn CS7521,35895.0%11130,91163.8%719
10Toyota Levin20,186-11.5%31114,441-0.5%1214
11Honda CR-V20,128-9.1%15101,292-11.4%1516
12Honda Accord20,0939.2%10101,540-22.1%1413
13Toyota RAV419,18199.7%2798,47421.1%1647
14VW Tiguan18,95047.5%1785,234-32.4%2312
15ChangAn Eado18,735109.4%1975,01240.4%3473
16BMW 5-Series L18,05521.2%2889,434-1.3%1926
17Geely Emgrand17,80718.7%9121,890-1.8%917
18Toyota Camry17,7899.7%2298,136-3.4%1720
19Audi A6L17,43371.5%2390,84562.4%1843
20Buick Excelle Yinlang17,30515.5%7117,855-29.5%118
21Roewe RX517,15624.7%2186,95913.4%2225
22Buick GL817,07539.8%2967,382-12.2%4532
23Geely Boyue16,88312.5%13117,937-5.4%1011
24Honda XR-V16,75556.8%3381,4465.2%3033
25Buick Envision15,84230.2%4075,251-0.6%3341
26VW Santana15,426-39.2%2487,709-37.4%219
27Mercedes C-Klasse L14,92515.0%3784,690-7.4%2430
28Mercedes GLC14,87920.5%3488,5629.8%2034
29BMW 3-Series L14,781246.7%2581,56825.5%2958
30Nissan X-Trail14,284-8.4%2082,613-30.6%2618
31Audi A4L14,2149.0%5464,710-31.5%4724
32Honda Breeze14,208new1477,957new32309
33Nissan Qashqai14,170-1.6%4678,214-17.3%3121
34Mercedes E-Klasse L13,94014.0%3683,403-9.5%2529
35VW Tharu13,71534.4%1872,8970.8%3738
36Honda Crider13,56813.0%4262,244-25.3%4831
37BMW X313,53625.8%4172,94811.4%3650
38Honda Vezel13,488179.1%1673,59334.2%3559
39VW Passat13,4480.6%4471,622-31.6%3815
40Buick Regal13,309223.2%4365,7139.8%4648
41Toyota Avalon12,89898.1%3859,416118.1%49105
42Roewe i5/Ei512,89047.7%4569,855-33.7%4227
43VW Tayron12,823-21.8%2682,32423.1%2722
44BYD Song Pro12,36864.2%3581,805986.2%2872
45Geely Binyue11,79510.5%4859,166-25.8%5039
46VW Magotan11,566-19.3%3970,916-23.8%4123
47Tesla Model 311,014new3254,758new53 –
48Nissan Teana10,81014.2%4953,33514.5%5767
49Audi Q5L10,456-22.8%5068,9679.5%4340
50GAC Trumpchi GS410,44126.2%4767,528-5.3%4455
51Chery Tiggo 810,42612.8%5651,958-2.9%5952
52Toyota Wildlander10,201new5532,210new83 –
53Audi A310,17215.6%7447,5531.4%6677
54Haval M610,09499.8%5370,96651.4%4051
55ChangAn UNI-T10,081new7121,397new117 –
56Toyota Yaris L9,61746.9%6349,84724.8%6398
57VW Golf9,31823.0%5251,379-13.8%6260
58BMW X19,1143.5%6052,724-7.7%5870
59VW T-Roc9,082-18.2%5154,159-14.1%5446
60MG 69,000298.1%10626,739-15.9%99108
61Hongqi HS58,775152.5%5747,739640.7%65181
62Toyota Highlander8,55511.8%5951,934-6.3%6068
63VW Teramont8,52352.1%6238,345-15.4%7378
64Haval F78,1571.5%6554,962-30.5%5237
65ChangAn CS557,575-8.4%7048,952-27.1%6454
66Geely Emgrand GS7,27724.5%6953,445-6.7%5653
67Audi Q37,16436.9%6838,88911.0%72104
68Mazda3 Axela6,624-17.6%7642,493-16.7%7066
69Mercedes A-Class L6,62025.6%8037,614-1.0%7694
70Jetour X706,527-20.4%12637,283-38.6%7744
71Geely Vision X66,46538.7%7245,052-1.0%6981
72Hongqi H56,46269.3%10329,33343.2%93139
73ChangAn CS356,3896.6%6456,696-26.3%5136
74COS X76,369new7753,781new55282
75Kia Sportage6,26128.6%5837,815-30.1%7475
76VW Lamando6,24917.8%8834,684-43.2%8063
77Hyundai Elantra Lingdong6,204-40.9%6746,024-21.0%6845
78Toyota IZOA6,12736.7%8421,474-35.4%115120
79Chery Tiggo 76,116558.3%10024,930168.8%106264
80Lynk & Co 035,98497.6%11034,01362.6%81121
81Hyundai ix355,882-30.0%8231,710-59.3%8442
82Cadillac XT45,85257.6%8726,545-8.7%101134
83Cadillac XT55,755-5.8%8132,2822.6%82103
84Buick LaCrosse5,739190.7%8326,9487.2%98150
85Volvo XC605,73724.4%8529,523-11.5%91109
86Chery Tiggo 5x/e5,70028.9%12725,99135.4%102107
87Mazda CX-45,623108.6%7829,92622.4%89129
88Audi Q2L5,56983.5%10125,08748.0%104154
89Geely Vision X35,485-7.6%7341,209-11.0%7171
90Honda Inspire5,48412.0%9724,663-13.3%107115
91Hyundai Celesta5,475-21.5%6129,510-26.6%9269
92Geely Binrui5,3795.1%7937,716-21.2%7579
93Chery Arrizo GX5,36121.0%10437,2408.7%7892
94Nissan Tiida5,352-10.9%9027,989-26.3%9686
95Baojun RS-35,331new11524,952new105222
96Honda Avancier5,329881.4%8926,710-25.7%10093
97Toyota Vios5,2435.9%9529,995-23.5%88113
98Jetta VS55,053new7546,234new67163
99Mercedes GLB4,994new8630,598new86386
100MG ZS4,924-47.8%6651,792-16.1%6149
101Toyota C-HR4,9033.9%10727,674-15.6%97111
102Honda Envix4,807-20.4%13422,387-3.7%110128
103Chevrolet Monza4,775-69.3%3071,053-8.5%3935
104Mitsubishi Outlander4,596-37.8%11425,365-44.5%10376
105Dongfeng Future4,43926.0%10531,192-15.5%85100
106Geely Vision4,368-13.4%14629,565-33.8%9082
107Honda UR-V4,25083.2%1538,565-53.2%220186
108BYD Qin4,227n/a9335,268n/a79291
109Cadillac CT54,223new13617,047new144348
110Lynk & Co 054,148new1359,505new206 –
111Baojun 5104,086-59.2%11728,311-68.0%9528
112Kia KX34,048134833.3%13128,74812508.8%94327
113Lincoln Corsair3,906new1449,495new207 –
114BMW 1 Series3,890-7.6%11621,478-12.9%114142
115Hyundai Reina3,876-17.9%11822,311-4.2%111125
116Jetta VA33,851new10924,242new108277
117Baojun RC-63,814new2818,753new216254
118Geely Icon3,749new12317,992new139 –
119GAC Trumpchi GM63,70339.5%14017,364-13.5%143165
120Honda Odyssey3,7007.7%11320,622-14.2%121141
121Baojun 5303,695-24.9%9230,037-36.8%8780
122GAC Aion S3,6858.2%12521,896259.5%113175
123WEY VV63,654-21.2%15516,441-50.0%147114
124GAC Trumpchi GM83,571400.8%16013,84921.3%165208
125Baojun 7303,558-66.5%13918,142-65.3%13865
126VW Polo3,459-29.5%11218,815-60.8%13089
127Chevrolet Cavalier/Onix3,456-8.8%9118,510-76.4%13562
128Hyundai Sonata3,4305344.4%2704,452246.7%275425
129Chevrolet Malibu3,398422.8%10819,152-58.0%12987
130Dongfeng Glory S5603,293-15.3%26015,498-46.9%157112
131Geely Jiaji3,250-6.0%15412,605-31.5%174172
132Volvo S903,220-16.4%15016,390-29.7%148145
133Mazda CX-53,203-5.2%14117,938-13.8%141168
134Dongfeng Aeolus Hyun3,163new9922,179new112231
135Beijing X73,103new2284,504new272 –
136Chery eQ13,05627.1%16212,844-48.0%171152
137Kia Forte Furuidi3,046315.6%1699,620346.2%204298
138Geely Haoyue3,027new1745,399new257 –
139Lynk & Co 013,020-25.1%14514,896-50.7%159123
140Skoda Kamiq3,010-44.5%12116,176-21.2%150122
141Hyundai La Festa2,986-52.5%12022,628-53.1%10964
142Ford Escape2,915new13320,862new120 –
143Hyundai Tucson2,882-0.1%12215,64561.3%156171
144Chevrolet Equinox2,861-42.1%17321,423-31.9%116127
145Dongfeng Glory 5802,848-40.3%18418,693-49.5%13383
146Honda Elysion2,841134.2%9818,81526.4%131177
147Land Rover Discovery Sport2,82624.4%15713,225-4.6%168194
148JAC Jiayue X42,809new2004,658new267 –
149VW CC2,79726.1%15115,81934.5%154203
150Ora Black Cat (R1)2,77165.2%16412,143-38.5%180183
151VW Viloran2,744new1378,664new219 –
152JAC Refine2,71629.7%15618,263-19.9%136159
153Toyota Yaris L Sedan2,701-33.5%14717,643-38.1%142130
154Chery Tiggo 3/3x2,667-6.4%17520,384-8.8%122161
155NIO ES62,610144.8%16814,321730.7%163279
156BYD Tang2,601-50.2%16114,813-72.9%16085
157ChangAn Yuexiang2,511165.7%2148,26164.0%226294
158Maxus G50/EUNIQ 52,50516.9%2019,064-43.9%212182
159LI One2,445new20211,945new184 –
160Ford Focus2,366-48.2%12919,533-21.2%127126
161Ford Mondeo2,31551.1%18011,1681.0%190235
162BYD Qin Pro2,299-54.7%17010,514-70.4%194124
163Cowin XuanJie2,292new2234,815new262 –
164Ford Territory2,288-34.5%9615,892-42.0%153131
165Volvo S60L2,28668.7%18711,77582.1%185253
166Kia K32,28520.1%19116,389-18.0%149156
167Jetta VS72,207new12820,305new123 –
168Ford Explorer2,202new2044,027new285 –
169VW T-Cross2,193-62.4%9416,491-29.8%14699
170Lynk & Co 022,17940.1%17811,680-12.5%186206
171Baojun RM-52,166new19712,632new173178
172Buick Encore GX2,163new1828,003new229 –
173Ford Edge2,161-13.8%19612,376-23.5%177173
174Skoda Karoq2,160-1.9%1658,055-58.7%228157
175Skoda Rapid2,155-41.4%13013,772-36.2%166137
176Venucia Star2,139new1907,612new236 –
177Geely Xingyue (Star)2,138-29.5%18813,908111.6%164201
178Nissan Murano2,12717.7%2485,967-55.9%253205
179Hyundai Verna2,092-17.4%16312,485-19.4%175160
180Hyundai ix252,059140.5%15219,89415.4%126144
181Hyundai Mistra2,045-51.0%16712,475-37.8%176146
182Jetour X902,042n/a2435,680215.6%255312
183BYD Song2,040n/a17210,056-40.7%198237
184Mazda CX-302,037new1717,128new238 –
185Venucia D602,018-64.2%14918,242-55.1%13790
186Volvo XC402,00670.3%17710,790216.2%192268
187Mazda6 Atenza1,991-48.2%14219,154-11.8%128148
188Weltmeister EX51,98481.5%1949,55011.7%205251
189Roewe i6/ei61,972-68.7%19313,212-48.6%169140
190GAC Trumpchi GS31,946-55.0%26518,638-53.4%13491
191Skoda Octavia1,934-58.5%16611,969-65.7%18397
192Beijing X31,93317.4%14815,453838.3%158209
193Baojun E2001,930new2294,445new276 –
194Chana Honor1,872-27.5%18610,286-40.6%196189
195Kia Stonic1,861-53.0%1959,652-56.4%202166
196BMW X21,829new18911,985new182358
197BYD Yuan/S21,801-71.9%20910,559-79.7%19396
198WEY VV51,78826.0%2089,6330.0%203216
199Toyota Vios FS1,77747.0%19812,178-33.7%178195
200JAC Jiayue A51,759new15920,943new119323
201VW Tacqua1,755new24712,030new181423
202Ford Taurus1,741454.5%2179,210459.2%209344
203Ford Escort1,740-78.5%14320,048-36.6%125101
204Dongfeng Forthing T51,739-45.7%20715,774-15.1%155138
205Xpeng P71,725new3382,219new336 –
206Cadillac CT61,723-18.1%18111,52924.5%189212
207Haval H91,720205.5%2259,00668.5%214267
208VW Tayron X1,691new2762,503new328 –
209Yema T601,68245.3%2197,07014.6%241244
210WEY VV71,64938.5%2567,656-30.2%234226
211Chana CX701,638-63.4%12420,194-39.7%124117
212MG 51,606253.0%23111,114406.3%191281
213Baojun 3101,584-55.8%21212,171-58.3%179133
214Jinbei Granse1,54910.6%2408,394-11.2%223232
215BYD e21,534new2218,382new224336
216Changan Raeton CC1,51913.2%2499,8612.9%200217
217VGV U701,518new1859,495new208404
218GAC Trumpchi GS51,487-45.4%2307,127-76.2%239135
219Skoda Kodiaq1,486-36.4%2066,107-71.8%251149
220Kia Pegas1,451-81.5%25321,306-40.8%118102
221Beijing BJ401,421-10.9%2156,850-30.9%244221
222Suzuki Alivio1,40372.6%2378,69948.8%218271
223Nissan Terra1,402273.9%2616,3816.6%247288
224Exeed TX/TXL1,400-5.8%2527,5116.4%237250
225Mercedes V-Class1,396-3.1%2058,478-3.5%222245
226Roewe RX81,388126.4%3454,7044.3%266289
227GAC Trumpchi GS81,386-36.5%2169,999-39.6%199185
228Maxus G10/EG101,354-24.4%2347,751-19.7%231200
229Infiniti QX501,353-13.4%2246,555-41.8%245207
230Cadillac XT61,349-40.8%13210,472359.7%195353
231MG HS1,329-79.9%23618,738-15.6%132143
232Jeep Compass1,290-54.6%20311,575-44.7%187164
233Buick Encore1,284-62.0%22712,74335.5%172219
234Buick Enclave1,262new2399,666new201359
235Beijing EU-Series1,251-86.0%17612,973-77.6%17057
236COS Kosai 51,249162.9%4001,654165.1%354419
237JAC Jiayue X71,244new2224,777new263 –
238Nissan Kicks1,243-70.2%11114,738-47.2%162132
239BYD Song MAX1,223-74.6%2448,726-80.5%21795
240Baojun E3001,220new2183,044new309 –
241Jaguar XEL1,21591.6%2646,047-25.5%252278
242BYD Han1,205new –1,205new373 –
243FAW Bestune X401,192-60.9%11917,984-6.6%140155
244Mercedes Vito1,1815.4%2137,66118.6%233280
245Mercedes GLA1,170-71.9%4521,259-95.3%370153
246Hyundai Santa Fe1,15234.3%2904,653-48.0%269252
247Range Rover Evoque1,140128.9%2415,11872.7%260332
248Lincoln Aviator1,119new3431,628new356 –
249Cadillac CT41,100new2116,488new246 –
250SWM G051,100new19211,536new188437
251Haval F51,098-24.2%2558,167-50.1%227190
252Haval H41,090-48.0%2577,613-44.0%235188
253GAC Aion V1,069new3341,397new364 –
254Buick Velite 61,062792.4%2777,047397.0%243400
255MG 31,044-41.6%2389,197-38.9%210213
256Haval H21,027-36.5%2597,665-62.9%232158
257Geely Borui1,008150.1%3065,2153.8%258352
258SWM G011,000-52.3%2589,058-46.9%213176
259Kia KX5992393.5%2725,900-22.0%254314
260Baojun RS-5974-63.8%2834,555-64.1%270202
261NIO ES8923111.7%2453,381-53.4%301311
262Roewe RX3920-73.7%3369,181-52.4%211151
263Changan CS85 Coupe895-51.8%2517,049-38.6%242211
264Infiniti Q50L884-3.9%2894,106-21.9%282284
265Dongfeng Aeolus AX7876-68.4%23510,270-53.1%197162
266Geometry A874-18.8%4031,995-61.7%341272
267SWM X7874-26.6%2636,293-24.1%249266
268Dongfeng Glory 330/370870-46.4%2508,302-38.5%225198
269Ford Kuga867-11.0%3014,744-17.1%265310
270Yema Spica865424.2%2463,578117.0%298432
271Citroen C5 Aircross856-48.7%2624,163-55.8%280248
272Venucia T6083511.3%2208,83833.7%215243
273Nissan Lannia822-80.3%18313,507-56.3%167119
274Jeep Cherokee819-22.4%3144,105-54.3%283236
275Neta U818new3111,685new353 –
276Hongqi H780410.7%2733,766-57.3%293273
277Jeep Grand Commander802-27.2%2943,594-54.9%297263
278Buick Excelle798n/a –1,723-73.6%351308
279Skoda Superb785-52.9%2792,706-77.6%322204
280Bestune T77780-64.6%10216,086-41.8%151136
281Ciimo X-NV760new2423,188new305470
282Baojun 360741-78.3%2825,401-85.4%256106
283Bestune T99741new2266,127new250387
284Leap Motor T03739new2921,437new362 –
285Beijing EC-Series732-62.2%3042,991-71.8%312187
286VW Phideon724-53.4%2913,753-53.7%294265
287Mitsubishi ASX715-48.2%2684,657-61.6%268223
288ChangAn CS15703-51.5%2694,542-65.5%271210
289Chevrolet Blazer703new3103,255new303 –
290Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross695-68.9%2994,458-69.8%274192
291Buick Verano649-87.0%2545,121-89.7%25988
292GAC Toyota iA5609new3423,564new299442
293Chana Oshan6064228.6%2852,996-74.8%311258
294Jaguar XFL59847.7%2863,13736.3%306368
295Toyota Prado590-74.7%13816,048-27.7%152167
296Soueast DX5576new3202,852new318360
297VW Touran572-78.8%2664,490-55.1%273240
298Peugeot 4008565-65.3%2784,008-68.2%286227
299Foton MP-X560-24.2%3083,8204.7%290328
300Xpeng G3551-63.6%2754,753-57.2%264239
301Hongqi HS7548-29.3%3093,068264.8%307383
302Dorcen G60547-82.1%3126,317-8.9%248179
303Roewe Clever546new1794,056new284 –
304Kia K5531378.4%3851,297-50.9%368385
305Chery Tiggo 5522321.0%4062,838280.4%319399
306Haval H7516-9.2%3193,812-34.2%291276
307Dongfeng Aeolus E70506241.9%3241,555-82.3%358256
308Acura CDX501-31.8%3072,876-10.8%316340
309Acura RDX501288.4%2872,962-12.1%315337
310Peugeot 508490-21.2%2842,414-20.7%329366
311ChangAn Benben4891711.1%2714,41692.8%277426
312Skoda Rapid Spaceback470-11.8%3321,745-70.5%350302
313GAC Trumpchi GA6459-65.3%3023,899-17.1%289257
314ChangAn CS95441-46.3%2963,359-23.7%302330
315Buick Velite 7439new –439new425 –
316Mercedes EQC439new368953new393532
317Lark Q141432.7%3252,344-9.3%332374
318Soueast DX7401-55.9%3481,184-69.5%375370
319Peugeot 408400-70.0%2983,747-29.5%295297
320Ford Ecosport394352.9%3262,67021.3%323408
321Cowin X3381-57.6%3492,613-15.8%327301
322Beijing BJ212362199.2%3282,17335.1%339413
323Soueast DX3358-74.2% –2,389-72.4%331270
324Borgward BX5357-88.4%3303,790-80.1%292169
325Dongfeng Glory iX5357-57.7%3183,475-68.6%300246
326JMEV EV33524.1%3002,223-34.4%335363
327Hanteng X5348-66.0%3273,688-75.1%296199
328BYD F3338139.7%3352,017-81.4%340218
329Haima 8S324-69.0%3132,640144.0%325345
330Chevrolet Trailblazer311new2933,228new304361
331Aiways U5309new354516new421 –
332Hanteng X7302-53.3%3312,628-73.1%326242
333SWM X3300-6.3%3223,04518.8%308365
334BYD e3292new3441,110new379459
335Levdeo i5286new346767new404468
336Peugeot 5008281-69.2%3231,941-67.8%345305
337Ora White Cat277new –277new447 –
338Changhe Beidouxing/E274n/a2103,002-40.2%310320
339Denza X271new3402,194new338 –
340Baojun E100266-95.8%1998,552-63.1%221110
341Ford Everest26659.3%3511,051-43.0%383421
342GAC Aion LX239new3641,912new347476
343Zedriv GC230new363933new395519
344Beijing Senova D50225-85.7%3172,988-78.2%313238
345Maxus D90224-22.8%337863-51.7%399407
346Geometry C221new407265new448 –
347Borgward BX7220-89.1%3611,604-77.5%357283
348Levdeo i9217new355419new428 –
349Chery Arrizo 5214-95.0%392535-98.6%420116
350Cowin E3209-72.6%3561,549-59.8%359313
351Neta N01198-75.5%2744,333-17.1%279300
352Zedriv GX5196new339994new386538
353Citroen C3-XR195-53.9%3212,862-12.0%317362
354Citroen C6183-28.5%357784-34.0%403424
355Hycan 007178new380302new441 –
356Chevrolet Menlo169new386758new405 –
357Qoros 5 SUV166-79.6%2802,722-66.0%321269
358Changhe Freedom M50162-46.0%2972,276-26.4%334329
359Geely Borui GE161-84.4%3332,217-76.6%337234
360Maxus D60157-87.8%358978-24.0%388373
361BYD e1155-86.2%373925-82.5%396331
362Cowin X5154-62.1%3811,305-63.8%367316
363Yudo π115111.9%398450-63.0%424449
364Chery E315015.4%4151,254-16.5%371396
365Leap Motor S01145new359326new439 –
366JAC iEV6E143n/a367994-94.3%387230
367JAC iC5142new389406new430 –
368Dongfeng Glory iX7131new3912,298new333478
369Soueast A5 Yiwu118-80.2%3651,272-74.5%369335
370COS Cosmos108-64.1%295999-58.0%385384
371Jeep Renegade1075.9%3661,518-48.6%360357
372Beijing BJ20104-15.4%41160813.6%414457
373Chevrolet Tracker102-97.3%3691,071-83.2%382261
374COS 1°100-91.9%3052,663-61.8%324287
375DS 797-11.8%405200-69.6%461501
376Kia K495-15.9%353642-87.6%413371
377Dongfeng Fengxing Jingye S5088-40.5%422404-90.8%432334
378JAC iEVS487-59.5%409863-78.1%400372
379Bestune T3386new3032,736new320367
380JAC iEVA5086n/a384452-82.8%423411
381Beijing BJ8084140.0%382253-18.4%451514
382Chana Oshan A80084-83.6%3781,359-76.2%366322
383Hanteng V784-78.8%3831,367244.3%365379
384Beijing Zhixing83-92.0%4081,142-81.3%377325
385FAW Bestune X8078n/a375239563.9%456555
386Hyundai ENCINO71n/a372681-77.2%410378
387Changhe A668-37.0%3871,239-67.0%372341
388Peugeot 200867n/a362730-9.5%408500
389GAC Trumpchi GA866-45.0%352327-74.5%438455
390Chevrolet Orlando63-97.1%3797,960-48.2%230191
391Levdeo i363new393431new426450
392Haval H560-73.3%3951,073-21.8%381412
393Yudo π36033.3%418163-53.2%469507
394Mazda CX-856-61.4%394402-55.6%433472
395Weltmeister EX652new410172new468 –
396Karry K6047-86.5%424737-85.5%406355
397Lifan Myway45-87.8%443105-96.8%476393
398Jaguar E-Pace38-81.5%3471,091-10.0%380427
399Jinbei Viewpoint38-89.7%416679-21.0%411422
400Beijing U737-96.6%3711,816-69.9%348333
401GAC Trumpchi GA436-90.2%316978-87.3%389306
402Bisu T335-80.4% –296-66.4%443494
403Citroen C3L32new374250new452 –
404Haval H132-83.9%376975-13.5%390417
405Jinbei 7503214.3% –112-92.6%474448
406Karry K5030-65.5%401247-91.8%455375
407Beijing Warrior280.0%390863-25.6%401441
408Beijing EX-Series25-98.5%399734-91.8%407275
409Hongqi E-HS325127.3%419105-97.8%477321
410Everus VE-119new –646new412467
411GAC Trumpchi GE316n/a360419-93.3%429326
412JAC iEV716-20.0%43658-98.5%485388
413Ora iQ16-95.9%41480-99.1%480296
414Beijing BJ9015200.0%4295134.2%488531
415FQT Motor EX8015n/a421226-80.6%457452
416MG GS14-57.6% –19-99.4%498406
417Jinbei F5013-92.4%423188-85.7%464444
418Fukang ES50012n/a –12-99.0%502480
419GAC Trumpchi GS712-97.7%402880-71.5%398349
420Venucia e309new445141new472539
421Leopaard CS108-98.1% –8-99.9%511346
422Leopaard Mattu8-98.3%388212-97.3%459307
423Roewe MARVEL X8-90.0% –-14-101.2%535433
424MG GT7n/a –8-99.9%512347
425Foton Sauvana6-92.0%431149-49.5%470518
426Great Wall C306-92.2%397958-51.3%392403
427Citroen C4 Aircross5-98.2%412220-70.9%458415
428Beijing Hyosow H24-96.4% –4-99.9%522397
429Dongfeng Shuai4-89.2%43841-95.5%491496
430Maxus Euniq 63new43323new496 –
431Roewe 95030.0% –9-99.3%509479
432Dongfeng Glory E32new4499new510 –
433Honda City2-99.9% –2-100.0%526170
434Honda Fit2-100.0%43516,950-80.9%14556
435Leopaard Q62-81.8% –2-99.8%525477
436Cadillac XTS1-99.0%4481-100.0%530147
438Venucia T701-99.9%3411,776-79.4%349260
439Venucia T901-99.9%4171,411-78.0%363292
440VW C-Trek1-98.6%2323,986-61.0%287286
441Buick GL6-1-100.1%4464,344-74.8%278196

Source: CAAM

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    1. Hi Souradeep, these are wholesales meaning ex-factory deliveries of vehicles produced in China. Lexus doesn’t produce in China and appears in our China imports update, the July one is coming shortly.

  1. Addressing the brands that are down 100% or nearly as much (apologies if this is too wordy or contains mild inaccuracy):

    Lifan declared bankruptcy at last a few days ago, as recently as Friday (it was the top headline story on Autohome briefly; also their factory appears to be only building the LI One on contract and some SUVs for Russian export), and Zotye did so too recently (June/July) and supposedly hasn’t paid staff in a long while; Zotye’s owners also appear to have cashed out excessively huge amounts of money for themselves in advance of the filing. Dorcen may be affected by Zotye’s bankruptcy since their assets are tied to a subsidiary Zotye has tried to get rid of? It seems to have played a role in the premature end of the G70s, which was a rebadged Domy X7. Leopaard recently restarted some production after an extended shutdown (Oct-Apr), and is attempting to reorganise and sell off excess factory assets etc. – I think only the Mattu and maybe CS10 are rolling off the lines. Word is Leopaard and Lifan are both trying to court investment or takeovers from Geely. How true that is, who knows – all speculation and Geely hasn’t really commented. I don’t personally see anything much Geely would desperately want from either of them at this stage, both are behind technologically etc.

    I thought Bisu was already dead, yet they continue to drip a few sales per month. In June Dongfeng Yulon (Luxgen) decided to close according to reports (or rather, Yulon pulled out), though how that is going to work is unknown as Dongfeng owns via significant investment many Luxgen assets, such as platforms etc. Dongfeng Renault shut down of course, but I’m surprised the City K-ZE that they claimed would still be offered has also hit 0. Borgward is changing ownership structure again, perhaps back towards BAIC (SAIC was interested in Borgward and the car rental firm, but pulled out at the last minute, seems BAIC swooped in), as their owners over spring/summer are accused of fraudulent activity across their other businesses (primarily a coffee chain, I think called Luckin Coffee?).

    Not sure what’s going on with Brilliance and Landwind. Brilliance appears reliant on BMW for their income. Landwind supposedly cut production down to just the Rongyao, but it’s not clear, and they appear to be heavily involved in production of the Aiways U5. Haima as well is contracting production space out to Xpeng, and doesn’t seem to be getting much support from partner FAW with getting new models to market, though they do seem to be trying to enter India with the 7X and 8S.

    This all comes from articles read on Autohome, and other such places, working from memory now. Some are linked on ChinaCarForums but others, it’d be a nightmare trying to find them again. It could also be that at some point some of these -100% brands may have just stopped reporting sales, even if they happen, as in their shutdown state certain administrative parts may have stopped operating fully.

    Excellent coverage here though, I find these Chinese updates fascinating every month.

    1. This is awesome Joe thank you very much!
      As far as Renault is concerned I agree it is weird that even the K-ZE doesn’t appear but these figures being wholesales it is common for some manufacturers to stop production for a few months on slow-selling models in order for inventory to come down again at dealerships. It explains the on and off careers of the Jetour X90 and X95 for example. Our retail data is a lot more linear and this is logical as retail figures are equivalent to registrations.
      Haima is alledgedly manufacturing the Xpeng G3 but not the Xpeng P7 sedan which is manufactured in-house by Xpeng so even that production is slated to vanish too. Interesting what you picked up on Haima in India. It’s a very closed market, so they might need to set up a factory there in order to sell in significant numbers, which might prove difficult given their current woes at home.

      And thanks for the compliment!
      All the best,

    1. The total volume of French cars in July 2020 is equal to the sales of, say, the (not too popular) 508 in 2016.
      In my opnion it has become an unsurmountable task for PSA to survive in China, in particular given the dizzying number of fresh metal the Chinese brands introduce day after day.

      Here’s an interesting fact though:

      In 2020, VW loses €415 on each vehicle sold.
      Toyota earns €510 per unit.
      And guess what:PSA leads the pack with a €700 per car ……. PROFIT!

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