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Vietnam May 2020: Market recovers to -30.3%, VinFast places Fadil and Lux A2.0 in Top 10

The VinFast Lux A2.0 ranks inside the Top 10 at home.

Vietnam has impressed with its handling of the coronavirus crisis with only 334 reported cases and 0 deaths as of June 16 for a country of 95.5 million inhabitants bordering China… Its new car market is already recovering at -30.3% year-on-year to 19.081 units leading to a year-to-date tally down -34.2% to 83.759. Toyota (-34.1%) reclaims the manufacturers top spot at 21.8% share above Thaco-Kia (-20.9%) at 20.2% while Honda (-8.8%) scores the best hold in the Top 6 to shoot up to 14.2% share vs. 10.6% so far this year. Ford (-38.1%), Mazda (-28.6%) and Mitsubishi (-50.3%) follow just as Suzuki (+1.7%) and Hino (+18.5%) post the only gains in the Top 10. Below, Peugeot (+3.1%) and Lexus (+67.4%) also stand out with upticks.

The VinFast Fadil tops its segment in May.

However these figures are not complete, as both Hyundai and Vietnam’s first domestic carmaker VinFast doesn’t disclose sales to VAMA and therefore haven’t appeared in these rankings before. Hyundai is in fact the most popular brand in the country with 4.833 sales for the month while VinFast sold 5.124 units in Vietnam over Q1 2020 and 2.161 in May, which places the brand at #5 below Hyundai, Toyota, Thaco-Kia ad Honda.

The VinFast Lux SA2.0 is inside its home Top 25.

Model-wise, the Toyota Vios (-8.7%) remains the best-seller above the Honda CR-V (+20%) and Ford Ranger (+6.9%). For the first time we can share with you registrations data for Hyundai and VinFast and it shows the VinFast Fadil at a record 4th place, outselling its archenemy the Hyundai Grand i10 for the first time (#6). The Fadil is in fact a rebadged Opel Karl Rocks with raised suspension, grey plastic wheel arch protectors and lower body cladding. Hyundai also places the Accent at #5 and the Santa Fe at #9 while the VinFast Lux A2.0 ranks 8th with 682 sales. For its part the VinFast Lux SA2.0 SUV ranks 22nd.

Clear V-shaped recovery for the Vietnamese new car market.

Previous month: Vietnam April 2020: Thaco-Kia back in charge in market down -44%

One year ago: Vietnam May 2019: Mitsubishi Xpander misses out on #1 spot for 7 sales in market up 18.7%

Full May 2020 Top 17 All-manufacturers and Top 60 models below.

Vietnam May 2020 – manufacturers:

18Daewoo Bus10.0%-94.7%16370.0%-30.2%1719
19Chevrolet00.0%-100.0% –1690.2%-86.8%1511
20Changan00.0%n/a –00.0%n/a1818

Vietnam May 2020 – models:

1Toyota Vios1,95810.3%-8.7%19,42311.3%4.1%11
2Honda CR-V1,5818.3%20.0%43,4934.2%-51.0%44
3Ford Ranger1,1766.2%6.9%23,5564.2%-17.8%35
4VinFast Fadil1,156n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
5Hyundai Accent1,128n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
6Hyundai Grand i101,076n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
7Mitsubishi Xpander6853.6%-68.0%84,0664.9%-30.9%22
8VinFast Lux A2.0682n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
9Hyundai Santa Fe665n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
11Toyota Fortuner6233.3%-47.4%62,8893.4%-37.5%66
12Honda City4952.6%-25.5%192,1652.6%-48.1%910
13Mazda CX-54732.5%-47.7%32,0102.4%-62.3%119
14Kia Cerato4682.5%-51.1%72,5053.0%-51.2%78
15Toyota Camry4072.1%8.2%121,7452.1%11.6%1314
16Kia Soluto3872.0%new52,4272.9%new819
17Suzuki Ertiga3852.0%n/a309041.1%n/a2331
18Kia Morning3461.8%-59.9%131,8002.1%-61.0%1211
19Mitsubishi Triton3321.7%43.1%278231.0%-19.1%2627
20Toyota Rush3261.7%503.7%161,3261.6%44.3%1521
21Ford Everest3241.7%-55.9%231,4091.7%-51.3%1412
22VinFast Lux SA2.0323n/an/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
23Honda Brio2961.6%new281,1641.4%new1829
24Mitsubishi Attrage2561.3%-24.3%111,2871.5%51.6%1632
25Mazda CX-82231.2%new141,0021.2%new2030
27Honda Civic1881.0%-67.3%211,0781.3%26.5%1920
28Suzuki Super Carry1871.0%-22.4%151,2761.5%51.2%1734
29Toyota Hilux1871.0%-18.7%178321.0%-37.5%2524
30Toyota Yaris1780.9%-35.5%255770.7%-54.2%3123
31Mitsubishi Outlander1760.9%-24.5%348861.1%-41.7%2418
32Ford Ecosport1720.9%-58.5%336780.8%-63.3%3016
33Suzuki XL71670.9%new551680.2%new45 –
34Toyota Innova1660.9%-84.8%92,0662.5%-59.8%107
35Honda HR-V1390.7%-50.7%377890.9%-6.3%2825
36Toyota Corolla Altis1250.7%-58.1%187900.9%-50.4%2717
37Toyota Wigo1220.6%-76.4%356860.8%-77.2%2913
38Kia Sedona1140.6%-59.6%245720.7%-52.3%3226
39Ford Explorer1110.6%236.4%403310.4%-26.4%3948
41Mazda BT-501010.5%24.7%225260.6%-39.0%3333
42Suzuki Carry880.5%-71.6%439811.2%-32.4%2122
43Kia Sorento840.4%-19.2%294290.5%-26.4%3540
44Kia Rondo820.4%-18.8%314110.5%-20.5%3642
45Mitsubishi Pajero Sport750.4%-5.1%392250.3%-33.6%4147
46Kia Optima700.4%2.9%323520.4%26.6%3849
47Ford Transit660.3%-85.8%413690.4%-82.8%3715
48Toyota Avanza260.1%8.3%471270.2%-58.8%4653
49Toyota Land Cruiser250.1%733.3%46850.1%107.3%5157
50Toyota Prado180.1%-70.0%481140.1%-65.1%4850
51Suzuki Swift180.1%-85.6%52240.0%-94.4%5736
52Isuzu MU-X170.1%-37.0%421830.2%7.0%4454
53Mitsubishi Mirage120.1%-82.4%441250.1%-64.5%4751
54Isuzu D-Max120.1%-70.7%50800.1%-60.8%5355
55Honda Accord100.1%n/a49800.1%n/a5258
56Ford Tourneo90.0%n/a511000.1%n/a5059
57Toyota Alphard60.0%-76.0%54250.0%-43.2%5660
58Suzuki Celerio50.0%-93.8%451880.2%-68.2%4335
59Honda Jazz50.0%-96.4%53780.1%-81.6%5444
60Nissan X-Trail00.0%-100.0%362740.3%-45.5%4041

Source: VAMA,

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