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Media post: Flexible Terms And Best Coverage Are Main Perks Of Liberty Auto Protection Plan

03, June 2020- As soon as a manufacturer’s warranty expires, car owners start looking for extended car warranties and services. Liberty Auto protection brings a wide assortment of protection plans based on the customer’s budget and requirements. Every plan offers the utmost protection to the car owner against the expenses involved in the repair and replacement of pricey car components. The best part of this auto protection service is that it offers protection not only for a single component but also for almost every component. A comprehensive package is designed for full auto protection, while a basic one is designed to offer coverage to the central element of a car.

Why Liberty Auto Protection?

Tons of companies are offering auto protection services, but when it comes to Liberty Auto Protection, you can enjoy many perks.

Friendly and Professional Staff – People searching for the best auto warranties, usually like to shop around. So, when you come across Liberty auto Protection, the very first thing you notice about this company is its efficient customer service. When you dial the phone number of this company, a friendly customer representative attends your call and try to answer your call in the best manner available. It’s the first point where many people judge Liberty Auto Protection companies as companies who care about their customers and make sure that their customers get the best response from their customer care department.

Best Coverage  – Liberty Auto Protection is among those companies that always stay ahead when it comes to serving their customers. Whether a person is seeking coverage for essential components or luxury ones, there is something for someone. The coverage isn’t limited to vehicles. The purpose of offering varied car coverage options is to ensure that they fit well with every customer’s budget and requirements.

Peace of Mind – No matter where on a road you experience car breakdown services, all you need to do is to dial the phone number of Liberty Auto Protection and ask for help. In a matter of seconds, a mobile service is there to handle your car problem. Sometimes, you are stuck on the car due to engine heat up, or other times, your vehicle needs major repair and overhaul. No matter the issue you are facing, expert technicians of the company will take care of your problem while offering you a free rental car, through which you can resume your journey and business. Everything will be paid and fully covered in an auto protection plan from towing the vehicle to repairing it. All such perks offer you experience the peace of mind while you are driving, as you know that if something goes out of hand, you can count on Liberty Auto Protection Services.

Flexible Terms – Whether you need coverage for five years or more, there is a plan designed for you. In case you are looking for a family plan or something specific, then you can dial phone number 800-599-9557 and ask customer service representatives what your available options are. Liberty Auto Protection makes sure that customers get those plans which add extra comfort and convenience into their life while offering them relief from expensive auto repair and maintenance charges.

Benefits of Liberty Auto Protection Plan

The company offers you four different plans, such as Select, Engine, Powertrain, and Powertrain Enhanced. The SELECT method unlocks the benefits of a rental car, roadside assistance, trip-interruption protection, and unlimited claims. Engine plan is suitable for older vehicles, commonly that is of high mileage. You can save yourself from the expensive bill of engine repair through this plan. All coverages are refundable with $100 deductible; you can enjoy the same benefits of Select program with Engine one.

Don’t know what plan suits your needs? Here is the phone number 800-599-9557 of Liberty Auto Protection. Call them and ask experts about the best plan as per your condition.

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