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Canada January 2020: Hyundai-Kia (+13.1%), Ram (+24.8%), GMC (+19.1%) stand out in market down -0.6%

The Hyundai Venue tops recent launches in January. Picture Caranddriver.

Replicating the US situation we just covered, the monthly reporting stampede which started with GM in late 2018 has also spread to Canada with all manufacturers that stopped monthly US reporting bar Nissan/Mitsubishi now doing the same for Canada, leaving less than 40% of the market officially reported for January. However Desrosiers Automotive Consultants has continued to share informed estimates for the missing Detroit 3 groups (GM, Ford and FCA) as well as the missing brands. This provides enough information for us to take the relay with Detroit 3 brands estimates and all missing models estimates, which we will provide until they are adjusted with actuals every Quarter. Following DAC estimates and adding Telsa and McLaren ANDC estimates, the Canadian new light vehicle market edges down -0.6% to 110.470. In fact Scotiabank foresees a -0.5% annual drop in 2020 to 1.91 million units. According to Desrosiers whose figures don’t include luxury brands and Tesla, light trucks gain 6.7% to 87.183 and 79.5% share vs. 75.1% a year ago which at the time was an all-time record, while passenger cars sink -17.2% to 22.144 and 20.5% share vs. 24.9% in January 2019. 79.5% is the 2nd highest light truck market share in Canadian history, just below the 79.6% reached last month.

Ram sales are estimated to surge 24.8% in January…

In the groups ranking, Ford (+0.1%) just edges up to 14.7% share, keeping a fair distance on a very dynamic General Motors (+7.6%) while FCA (+2.1%) is more reasonable but also beats the market with an uptick. Hyundai-Kia (+13.3%) is the only group managing a double-digit gains, just as the VW Group (+6.6%) soars but Honda Motor (-10.5%), Nissan/Mitsubishi (-7%), Jaguar Land Rover (-6.3%), Toyota Motor (-3.9%) and the BMW Group (-3.9%) struggle. Brand-wise, Ford (-0.9%) easily remains the most popular at 14.1% share vs. 10.9% for Toyota (-5.8%) with Honda (-9.9%) and Chevrolet (-1.8%) closing a 100% negative Top 4. Ram (+24.8%), GMC (+19.1%), Kia (+14%) and Hyundai (+12.6%) lodge the only double-digit gains in the Top 15, with Buick (+31.2%), Lincoln (+30.3%), Audi (+13.5%) and Lexus (+12.8%) among the best performers further down.

…while GMC is estimated to soar 19.1%. Picture

Model-wise, the Ford F-Series (-7.9%) reclaims the top spot off the Ram Pickup (+27.5%) after a historical win by the latter in December but only 870 units separate the two nameplates according to our estimates. The Toyota RAV4 (+6.9%) climbs back onto the podium while the GMC Sierra (+28.8%) is estimated to snap the largest gain in the Top 13 to leap up two spots on last month to #4 overall, outselling its stablemate the Chevrolet Silverado (+6.8%). The Nissan Rogue (+15.8%) and Honda CR-V (+11.3%) also shine in the Top 10, while below the Nissan Kicks (+154.7%), Toyota Prius (+86.9%), Kia Soul (+64.3%), Toyota Highlander (+54.9%), Lexus RX (+42.8%), Kia Sportage (+37.2%), Subaru Outback (+36.1%), Hyundai Kona (+36.3%), Subaru Crosstrek (+26.4%) and Toyota Tundra (+20.8%) stand out. The Hyundai Venue (#62) tops all recent launches, distancing the Hyundai Palisade (#66), Mazda CX-30 (#80) and Jeep Gladiator (#102).

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Full January 2020 Top 15 groups, Top 40 All-brands and Top 275 All-models below.

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