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Turkey September 2019: Renault snaps YTD lead off Fiat in market bouncing back up 82.3%

The new generation Renault Clio is about to hit the Turkish market.

The Turkish new light vehicle market seems to have finally bottomed up in September with sales up a stunning 82.3% year-on-year to 41.992 units, managing a first gain in 18 months (since March 2018). However September 2018 was down an abysmal 75% year-on-year an in actual fact this month is down -41.1% on September 2017 (71.352), and the year-to-date tally remains in doldrums at -38% to 281.209. It’s a very encouraging sign nonetheless. Quite spectacularly, 5 of the Top 6 best-selling brands for the month outpace the galloping market, starting with Renault (+129%) up to 17.4% share and snapping the YTD lead off Fiat (+265.1%) for just 118 units. Peugeot (+170.3%), Toyota (+128.3%) and Volkswagen (+97.8%) also gain market share year-on-year whereas Ford (+55%) loses some. Further down, BMW (+366.5%), Audi (+240.3%), Citroen (+219.3%), Land Rover (+217.8%), Seat (+209.8%), Suzuki (+195.7%), Skoda (+148.7%) and Kia (+108%) also shine by more than doubling their sales year-on-year. Notably, Dacia (-17.9%), Nissan (-16.3%) and Honda (-12.8%) actually decline.

In the models ranking, the Fiat Egea (+730.5%) signs a 10th consecutive monthly win at 11.6% share, in line with the 11.4% it commands YTD. The Renault Clio (+578.4%) returns to the 2nd place it holds YTD, scoring a fantastic 10% share for the month vs. 7.2% YTD. The Toyota Corolla (+293.2%) climbs onto the podium ahead of the Renault Megane (+43.6%), VW Passat (+48.7%) and Honda Civic (-7.7%) all underperforming. In the remainder of the Top 10, the Skoda Octavia (+1711.9%), VW Golf (+356.5%) and Ford Transit/Tourneo Courier (+170.8%) post the largest gains. Further down, the Audi A3 (+420.2%) and Seat Leon (+210.6%) make a rare appearance in the Turkish Top 20.

Previous month: Turkey August 2019: Fiat Egea (+65%), VW Passat (+51.1%) impress in market down -23.6%

One year ago: Turkey September 2018: Honda Civic repeats at #1 in freefalling market (-75%)

Full September 2019 Top 40 All-brands and Top 25 models below.

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