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New Zealand September 2019: Holden up 46%, Tesla Model 3 #1 private car in record market (+4.5%)

The Tesla Model 3 is #1 with New Zealand private buyers in September.

New vehicle sales in New Zealand are back up for the first time in 5 months in September at +4.5% to 14.525 units, a new all-time high for the month eclipsing the previous record established in 2017 (14.485). The year-to-date volume is now down -4% to 114.593. Passenger unusually cars lead the surge this month at +23% to 4.307 and 29.6% share vs. 25.2% a year ago, SUVs only edge up 1.3% to 5.978 and 41.1% vs. 42.4% and light commercials actually drop -5.6% to 3.575 and 24.6% vs. 27.3%. The year-to-date situation is very different, with passenger cars down -11% to 25.988 and 22.7% share vs. 24.4% over the same period a year ago, SUVs down -0.5% to 49.445 and 43.1% share vs. 41.6% and light commercials fall -2.4% to 33.865 and 29.5% share vs. 29.1%.

Brand-wise, Toyota (+2.1%) is undeterred at 20.7% share, way better than the 17.6% it commands YTD while Holden (+46%) stuns with the largest gain in the Top 10 by far to #2 overall, in stark contrast with the lowest ever volume and ranking it fell to in neighbouring Australia. The rest of the Top 5 underperforms and is entirely in negative, with Mazda (-12.7%) and Mitsubishi (-10.3%) hit the hardest and Ford (-5.7%) somewhat less affected. Hyundai (+21.5%) also shine while Kia (+1.7%) and Volkswagen (+1.2%) only manage a nudge up. Tesla (+952.8%) soars 16 spots on August to land in 12th place, by far its best-ever ranking in New Zealand. Notice also Great Wall (+120%), Mini (+100%), Citroen (+94.1%), Jaguar (+59%), Land Rover (+39.1%), BMW (+31%), Haval (+31%) and Mercedes (+15.1%) posting very solid gains while MG leaps up to #21.

In the models ranking, the Toyota Corolla (+15.9%) as usual reclaims the top spot as Summer approaches thanks to rental sales accounting for 73% of it September volume. It distances 3 pickup trucks: the Ford Ranger (+1.5%), Toyota Hilux (-9.6%) and Holden Colorado (+60.9%) with the Toyota Yaris (+97.3%) rounding out the Top 5 thanks to rentals at 71% of its total for the month. But the big event is just below: for its 2nd month in market, the Tesla Model 3 shoots up to #7 overall and #3 passenger car with 2.5% of the New Zealand market as years worth of orders are starting to get fulfilled. However when only taking into account private sales the Model 3 leads above the Corolla (275) and Mazda CX-5 (270). This is the first time an EV cracks the NZ monthly Top 10. The Nissan Qashqai (+60.6%), Hyundai Tucson (+43.7%), Holden Commodore (+40.4%) and VW Tiguan (+27.8%) also shine in the Top 20 just as the Holden Acadia makes its very first appearance in the New Zealand Top 30 at #23 thanks to rentals accounting for 63% of its September volume.

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Full September 2019 Top 73 All-brands and Top 30 models below.

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