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Media post: 5 Tips on How to Shop For Aftermarket Replacement Truck Parts Online

Depending on how good you are with trucks, shopping for aftermarkets parts can be a quick chore or a weeks-long headache. If you’re buying truck parts, you’re probably a truck fleet manager, a mechanic, a truck specialist, or a driver. Which means you’re good at knowing when parts need replacement. Just by listening to your truck.

But while you know what needs replacement, you might not be as sure of where to buy the best parts. If you’re shopping in person, you can carry the truck part you’re trying to replace, then physically compare it with the replacement part. But what happens when you’re shopping online and can’t physically inspect the truck part you’re buying? Here are some tips to help you out.

1.    Check the website’s return policy

If the part does end up being faulty or flawed, you want to be sure you can send it back and/or get a replacement. Look at their refund / return requirements carefully. You want a longer replacement window. Why? Because if the truck is in transit, you may not get access to the part within a day or two. So look for aftermarket parts that let you return in 30 days or more.

2.    Confirm replacement costs

If you do have to send back the faulty part, will they cover the shipping charges of sending it back and mailing you a replacement? Will they give you a refund or a part of equal value? Will they let you top up and get a better part, or can they sell you a cheaper part and pay back the difference? Is this payment by in cash, credit, or gift voucher?

3.    Ask if you can collect in person

Yes, delivery is more convenient, but if you can pick the truck part yourself – or send someone in the know, there’s more time and space to inspect the part for flaws or defects. If it’s being delivered, ask the company whether their delivery person can wait as you evaluate your parts. .

4.    Get the exact specs, including code numbers

It’s easy to walk into an aftermarket parts warehouse and identify the part you need on site. But when you’re shopping online, all pictures look the same, and you might not even know which ones are physically larger. One part might be Spark Plug 776 and the next is Spark Plug 777. Without exact specifications, you’ll buy something that’s the wrong fit for your truck.

5.    Order in bulk

This helps you get a better deal, and you can even schedule shipping dates for better rates. It’s how aftermarket companies themselves get such good prices, which they pass down to you. So if you run the fleet, shop for everyone at once. If you’re a driver, talk to other drivers so you can order your aftermarket parts together. It’ll save money and time for all of you.

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