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France 1-20 August 2019: Demo sales lift Smart up 854% to #10, Fortwo to #8 in market down -11%

Smart Fortwo sales are up 1300% year-on-year in France so far in August.

Last August weekly update for the French market before full month results are revealed next Monday, and the market is worsening as the month ends with a -11% year-on-year drop over the first 20 days. Peugeot (+2%) stays on top ahead of an imploding Renault (-40%) and Citroen (-9%) while Toyota (+17%) manages to stave off both Volkswagen (-13%) and Dacia (-43%) to remain in 4th place which, if maintained until the end of the month, would be a new record for the Japanese carmaker in France. Mercedes (+53%) stuns at #7, as do Suzuki (+107%) and Smart (+852%) at the tail end of the Top 10, however these spectacular scores are due to inflated demo sales accounting for 35% of Suzuki’s total and a whopping 82% at Smart.

Model-wise, the Peugeot 208 (-6%) continues to take advantage of the Clio transition and remains at #1, yet its advantage over the Citroen C3 (-9%) thaws to just 17 sales. The Dacia Sandero (-35%) and Renault Clio Generation (-47%) both advance one spot vs. last week, knocking the Toyota Yaris (+17%) down to a still very impressive 5th place – an absolute record if maintained until the end of the month which is doubtful. Below, the Smart Fortwo (+1300%) reappears inside the Top 10 at #8 after doing so during the first week of the month, which means the new Renault Clio 5 is relegated to a worrying 10th place.

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Previous month: France July 2019: Citroen, Toyota, Mercedes help contain market loss to -1.8%, Renault down to lowest share this decade

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Full 1-20 August 2019 Top 10 brands and models below.

PW= Previous Week ranking

France 1-20 August 2019 – brands:

PosBrand1-20 Aug/18PWJulYTDFY18

France 1-20 August 2019 – models:

PosModel1-20 Aug/18PWJulYTDFY18
1Peugeot 2082,282-6%1122
2Citroen C32,265-9%2234
3Dacia Sandero2,025-35%4355
4Renault Clio Generation1,707-47%5711
5Toyota Yaris1,65217%391315
6Peugeot 3081,59816%6488
7Peugeot 30081,596-24%7543
8Smart Fortwo1,5491300%n/a648796
9Peugeot 20081,386-1%8677
10Renault Clio 51,368new91427 –

Source: AAA via Auto Plus

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  1. The French economy currently fares better than that of Germany and the UK. That said, it’s a global ‘spiel’ so predictions are hard to give, What we do know is that France is “closed” in August. September & October surely will be better indicators, f.i. if and when the Clio V picks up steam.

  2. recession coming…. things are starting to look bad.

    after 5 years of expansion of industrial products worldwide, now saturated markets, too few poor people can become middle class with huge homes prices , in usa health care costs etc. in europe too few high paying jobs etc.

    we are headed towards a contraction and companies sell the BS of electric and green just to cover the fact that demand is ending for now…

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