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Jordan First Half 2019: Toyota Land Cruiser, Hyundai Tucson clear leaders in market down -2.1%

Hyundai Tucson sales are up 98.9% in a declining market.

New light vehicle sales in Jordan significantly slows down its freefall to just a trick at -2.1% over the First Half of 2019 to 15.041 units, helped by the return into official data of all German brands bar Mercedes. Toyota (+27.1%) and Hyundai (+18.5%) but also Ford (+117.9%), Isuzu (+55.2%), Honda (+54.1%), Suzuki (+40.1%) and Mitsubishi (+37.5%) all post fantastic gains going completely agains the general negative trend. In contrast, Land Rover (-61.8%), Kia (-60.8%) and Lexus (-48.8%) are annihilated. Model-wise, the Toyota Land Cruiser (+42.1%) and Hyundai Tucson (+98.9%) both advance one spot to #1 and #2 respectively, taking advantage of the demise of the Kia Frontier (-94.6%) leader over H1 2018 but down to #34 so far this year. The Toyota Hilux (+26.9%), Isuzu N-Series (+293.5%), Nissan Patrol (+68.4%), Hyundai Ioniq (+60.9%) and Mitsubishi L200 (+161.8%) also impress in the Top 10.

Jordan January 2010 – June 2019: All-Brands and All-Models monthly and annual data available. Contact us here for more details

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One year ago: Jordan First Half 2018: Hilux (+98%) helps Toyota reclaim #1, market down 29%

Full H1 2019 Top 35 All-brands and Top 50 models vs. Full H1 2018 figures below.

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