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Media post: The Yamaha Niken and the Power of Three

Yamaha is not a company that gets swept up by market research or surveys. He likes to take risks, as he has done this incredible Yamaha Niken , a three-wheeled motorcycle that revolutionizes the way you take curves. Presented at the Tokyo Motor Show, the Yamaha Niken is a powerful sports motorcycle. Between his main novelty stand out his two front wheels of 15 inches, that guarantee a greater hygiene at the time of facing the curves. Its fork is designed to adapt to all the variations that the road may present, guaranteeing agility and aplomb. The technology called Leaning Multi Wheler (LMW), aims to be a reference in this segment. In the aesthetic section, it mixes elements that are already characteristic of Yamaha, futuristic features that impose a robust and sporty character.

At the moment the brand does not provide the official figures, but it is believed that it will assemble an 847cc liquid-cooled three-cylinder engine, already used by the Yamaha MT-09. The Niken would become the most powerful and largest three-wheeled motorcycle on the market.

When shopping for new accessories or Yamaha genuine parts. you may have come across Yamaha’s relatively new addition to their lineup. Far from the standard offerings, the Niken GT’s dual front wheels make it stand out from the competition.

Is this strange look just a gimmick to get more riders in Yamaha’s camp? Or is it a revolutionary new design that will change how purists view touring motorcycles as a whole? Here’s the low down on the new kid on the block to see if it holds up.

New Look

Dual front wheels aren’t anything new to motorbikes. Many vehicles have taken a three-tire approach, but most have spread them apart to provide a more conventional car-like footprint. The Niken takes things to a different level. With the front tires so close together, this bike acts more like single wheel variants, with the additional footprint providing extra traction when needed. Since it rides like a regular motorcycle, it takes little time to get used to the strange front end.

Better Performance

The Niken isn’t made to win any races and as a touring bike, it’s not supposed to. What it does is provide that extra traction in wet road conditions that long-haul riders usually have to avoid. To provide the power needed for its two-forked design, it features the same engine found in the MT-09/Tracer 900 GT, retooled a bit to make up for the additional weight. This means that Yamaha genuine parts can be used for maintenance, perfect for road warriors on the go.

Additional Features

While it might seem like an extra wheel is enough, the Niken GT has extras that keep it in a touring mindset. Heated handlebars and a well-designed seat keep you comfortable, and although the windscreen isn’t adjustable, you can get aftermarket versions that fit with Yamaha motorcycle oem parts designs. The Yamaha Niken GT is an excellently designed touring bike with a super-grip front end that won’t disappoint. Special order it today and shop for other accessories and motorcycle parts online while you wait for its big arrival!

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