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Hawaii (USA) Full Year 2018: Jeep Wrangler ends 15 years of Toyota Tacoma domination

The Jeep Wrangler becomes the best-selling vehicle in Hawaii in 2018.

Thanks to our partnership with JATO Dynamics, after detailing Full Year 2018 State by State sales in the U.S., we zoom in on the most significant States. We end this trip in Hawaii which, in line with its remoteness from the U.S. mainland – it is located 2.000 miles/3.200 km to the southwest in the Pacific Ocean, displays such a unique profile that it warrants a separate annual report. Hawaii is home to 1.4 million inhabitants and the only State that has never recorded sub-zero Fahrenheit temperatures, with its record low temperature being 12 °F (−11 °C) observed in May 1979.

There’s a bombshell atop the Hawaiian models charts in 2018: thanks to the new generation of the models which, as I predicted last year, was very generously favoured by rental companies, the Jeep Wrangler surges by a stunning +166.8% to easily take the lead, ending an incredible streak of at least 15 years of pole positions by the Toyota Tacoma. Wrangler is almost synonymous with Hawaii as you can see in our Cars of the Big Island 2016 Photo Report and the American nameplate continues to score its only State Top 10 finish here.

As for the Tacoma (-4.9%), it drops to #2, Hawaii remaining its highest performing State and one of only 5 States where its scores a Top 5 finish alongside Oregon (#3), Vermont (#4), Utah (#5) and West Virginia (#5). At #3, the Toyota 4Runner (-0.1%) snaps its only podium finish in 2018 and one of only two Top 5 finishes with Colorado (#5). Nissan rounds up the Top 5 with the Sentra and Rogue.

The USA Full Year 2018 State by State article is here

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Full Year 2018 Top 5 models vs. Full Year 2017 figures.

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