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BSCB writes Special China section in L’Automobile Magazine’s Annual Bible listing All vehicles in the world

Now in its 7th year of collaboration with French car monthly L’Automobile Magazine, in 2019 BSCB was given full responsibility for a 20-page Special China section in what is referred to in the French automotive industry as “The Bible”: an annual, 356-page catalogue listing every single nameplate sold across the planet (over 3000). Called “Toutes les voitures du monde” (All the cars in the world), this Special Edition, in French, is available to purchase in all French-speaking regions in the world.

This collaboration has once again been made possible by Deputy Editor Alexandra Legendre who is in charge of The Bible each year. 2019 marking the 10th year Chinese manufacturers have been included in the catalogue, to celebrate this milestone this year we have added a 20-page Special China section including 91 local carmakers. Every word in this section was written by me, including a 2-page introduction where you’ll see my name and the BSCB logo as the source of all sales figures (picture above).

For the 2018-2019 edition, BSCB has upped its involvement, which now includes:

– From p.320 to 339: A 20-page Special China section including a 2-page introduction featuring BSCB.

– P.16: The best-sellers in the top markets in the world featuring BSCB.

– All commentary for the Japanese models not sold in France including Daihatsu, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki and Toyota.

I hope you enjoy reading this catalogue as much as I did working on it!

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      This is a very valid question that I also wondered – thanks for reminding me! I have asked Alexandra for this and will be in touch as soon as I hear back.
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