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Media post: 6 Tips for an Extended Road Trip

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Going on an extended road trip? The best tips for staying safe and having an enjoyable time will largely depend on whether you’re traveling alone or with friends, family, or colleagues. Keep reading for tips that apply to various road trip scenarios.

Traveling By Yourself

Keep Someone Informed

The No. 1 safety tip to follow when traveling alone is to always let someone know where you’re going. At the beginning of each day, send a text to someone you trust outlining your itinerary. Once you’re out and about for the day, if you sway from your plans, send a quick text letting this person know what you’re doing. You can even leave your itinerary with the front desk of your hotel. If something were to happen, the hotel staff can provide the police with your itinerary so they can look for you.

Avoid Traveling With Strangers

Another crucial safety tip for taking road trips alone is to avoid traveling with strangers. You will likely meet some very interesting people during your travels. It’s OK to converse casually while at an attraction or event, but never tell a stranger what hotel you’re staying at, and don’t offer to share a room.

Traveling With Friends or Family

Maintain Your Car

Always have your car serviced before going on an extended road trip with friends and family. A breakdown can cause a major inconvenience and added expense.

Familiarize Yourself With Local Traffic Laws

At the start of the trip, make a list of the provinces you’ll be traveling through. Have a family night where everyone familiarizes themselves with local traffic laws. Did you know, for instance, that you can be cited for trying to dodge a red light in Quebec? That’s right; if you cut through a gas station or restaurant parking lot to avoid getting stuck at a light, you can earn yourself a traffic ticket. Also, if you take a ferry to Prince Edward Island, you must honk if you’re going to pass anyone on the island.

Keeping yourself up-to-date on the latest traffic laws can help you avoid traffic tickets. However, if you find yourself with one, you can always fight your traffic ticket.

Traveling With Co-Workers

Carve Out Alone Time

The key to making sure everyone gets along on the trip is to carve out some alone time. Your days might be booked with events and meetings, but there are plenty of ways to spend time by yourself to maintain your peace of mind. For starters, you can enjoy breakfast by yourself each morning. You can also hit the hotel’s gym and work out alone in the evenings.

Keep an Open Mind

Another key tip for traveling with co-workersis to keep an open mind. Your business associates are likely to recommend various restaurants and attractions you might not be interested in. Tagging along, however, is a great way to try different things. You might even discover a new type of cuisine that becomes your favorite.

Extended road trips can quickly become tiresome and seem never-ending. By following the tips above, you’re sure to have a much safer and enjoyable time.

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